New one, couldn't help myself.

Pointless story, but I feel like sharing.

I had a mate in high school who pretty much stuffed around in maths classes since Year 8 or so and he left after year 10.
He tried getting a job as an apprentice and his interview went something like this:

Interviewer Dude: So you just fill in this aptitude test and we'll decide when you can start.
Mate: Sure. This'll be piss easy.

About 15 minutes later...

Interviewer Dude: Are you right there? What's the matter?
Mate: What the hell am I meant to do here?
Interviewer Dude: You mean the fractions sum there?
Mate: Yeah.
Interviewer Dude: Add 2/5 and 3/10 together.
Mate: But how am I meant to do that?
Interviewer Dude: ... You're kidding right?
Mate: Seriously, is this a trick question? Cause I'm not answering it if it is.

Needless to say, he left there that day without a job.

Moral Of The Story: Do your math. You may need it one day.
I'm hoping to buy a ticket...

Or steal one.
I'd just installed GTA: Vice City on the computer when I got a call from my Aunty telling me to turn the TV on.
Mum and Dad were painting the lounge room.
It was on every channel, live.
Doesn't seem like it was 7 years ago though, holy crap time flies.
It's also my little cousin's birthday on September 11.
SafeSearch - Page 1
A lot of people like the Saw movies, a lot of people don't.
I personally like them. Always have.
I love the way each sequel ties up loose ends and plot details from the previous movie/s as well. The writers sure know what they're doing (unlike alot of other movie sequels...), though I hope they don't go downhill from here on.

And to answer the question as to 'When will it end?', they're planning on doing 6 films, so I'm guessing unless someone tries to make more, that'll be it.
Your first post describes my current lifestyle to the hour.

I've been working on it for the past few days and I've come to the simple conclusion: If you can't force yourself to fall to sleep (Which is extremely hard for me), force yourself to wake up early.
Just hear my theory out - By waking yourself up early, say 10 o'clock for starters (Don't jump in the deep end just yet) your body will recognize the lack of sleep and begin to get tired. Not so much at first, but give it a few days and bring your alarm forward 15 minutes each morning and your body will soon start to go ape-**** and crave for sleep. Start this tonight, regardless of what time you end up falling to sleep, even if it means 3-4 hours of sleep.
You'll feel like crap for a while and have no energy, but soon your body's Circadian Rhythm will begin to go back to normal.

Hope this helps you out.
Quote by galbracht
Not Artists, I mean like people who draw Art

Lol, I don't get it...

In response to your question, yes I can draw rather well, although due to it being 3:06am here I'm just about to go to sleep.
So if you're still interested in the next 24 hours or so message me or something and I'll see if I can help you.

until then, nighty night.
Okay, so here I go... *Prepares to lose all dignity*

Pregnant Stomachs - Laugh if you will, but I have no idea where this one came from I can NOT stay in the same room as a pregnant woman for any longer than a minute without freaking out and leaving. But don't worry, my counselor and I are working on it at the moment.
Touching the inside of a chip/crisps packet - Cause it's so oily and shiny...
Flushing the toilet with the lid up - If there is no lid, I piss and run. Usually houses have lids on their toilets so I'm pretty safe with number two's...
Going to the toilet in a public place - If I'm not at my house or a close friend's house, I'll hold on (for upwards of days) until I reach a safe haven.
Putting a dry toothbrush in my mouth - Yeah, I'm as confused as you are about that one...

Oh God, I could go on for days, please stop me while I'm still sane.
1. For the social interaction on the forums
2. For the tabs
3. For that other thing
4. For something else
5. ...
6. For money

And that pretty much sums it all up.
I decided to stop at 100. I could've kept going though.
I'm not really sure, but even when you discover this information, what do you do then?
Healthier than you are.

Want to play 'Hide and go suck'?
Quote by binjajer
Well, I think I'll get the surgery... The money is not the problem, it's the risk of failure. The aneurysm is, as the surgeon said "really had to clip" and the sugery "is going to be one of the most delicate and dangerous in my (the surgeons) career". That scared the everliving crap out of me.

GET A BETTER FoCKING SURGEON THEN! One with more experience in this field.

And I'm really sorry to hear that dude, I wish you all the best and hope everything goes well.
Happy Birthday, I got you the letter G

Saw Superhero Movie, thought it was okay, but laughed regardless.

Tried to start up a conversation with this girl I think I like... It didn't really go the way I'd planned.

I also found a free burger voucher for Mc Donald's, so left school early to get food.

Average kinda day though on the excitement scale.
I should be writing a speech that's due in English tomorrow, and I haven't even started (It's 9:30pm right now )
Weezer - Beverly Hills

Because people have sex in Beverly Hills?
Musicians: Mike Patton, Wes Borland, Adam Jones, Corey Taylor, Chad Gray, Brandon Boyd and a tonne of others...

Actors: Adam Sandler, Michael Rooker, Heath Ledger, Ben Stiller, Vincent Ventresca, and a crap tonne of others.

Can't really think of any at the moment, but that's a few anyway.
Quote by TheBurningFish
You're aware that the song's length has no relativity to when you die, right?

It doesn't?

The Song That Never Ends...
I'd like something for Valentine's Day, ANYTHING would be good.
Do you have any actual proof of this? Have you spoken to a legal adviser about it or are you just interpreting it yourself?
I started back at school today and I'm doing Advanced Art which means that I can choose basically any type of Art to do for the year and I've decided to focus on a few of my favorites, Airbrushing, Graffiti and Tattoo Design/Body Art.

Now over the course of the year I'm going to be painting massive wall murals on some of the school buildings for my major assessment task in Graffiti and I was thinking of doing a few album covers amongst some of the other things like giant game sprites, but I got to thinking earlier and I don't know too many 'graffiti-able' album covers, so I come here to ask you for some suggestions.

What I'm basically after is something along the lines of the cover for 'Light Grenades' by Incubus, which is the only one that came to mind right away. Here it is for those who don't know what it looks like.

Does anyone else know any other covers that have a similar design to them?
Any suggestions would be appreciated (Regardless if it's an album cover or not, I'm still looking for other things to do).

Thanks guys.
Quote by Svea_Trollblod
Then tell the others what happend and laugh about it, what is a retreat?

The retreat is where they take all the year 12's out of town and it's kind of like a bonding thing between friends and such and it helps getting everyone to relax before all the schoolwork starts for the year too.

In a nutshell.

EDIT: ^ I wish.
Who knows. Maybe it's just because I'm a little nervous about going back that I'm so worried about it (Not that THAT haircut isn't anything to worry about) but yeah.

I'll be right, maybe I'll start a new trend at school

(I doubt it )
Quote by Svea_Trollblod
skipp school? say you are sick or whatever, and then instead of going to school, go to the pretty barber and do a mohawk! Thats cool!

I've thought about skipping school, but it's a fairly important thing going on the retreat and I can't/don't really want to miss it.
Nope, I shave the old fashioned way.
I have no way of shaving it off now though, it's 10 at night and I don't even know of anyone who owns clippers.

Rabid- No it's not an undercut.
Quote by rabidguitarist
Oh my god... with the shaved bits above the ears?

Well, you could try parting it at one side- so you've got a side fringe and loads of hair on one side, and the other side is shaved. A lot of people do that... It might not be your style, but it's probably better than that.

I'll keep thinking.

Yeah, but not quite as high, only a little bit above the ears.

Thanks for the suggestion too, I'll think of something in the morning I guess

Quote by Silky Smooth
Thats why you should never get hair cuts

Might as as well bust out the buzzer and buzz it down man.. it'll look better then the shemp cut

I don't look very good with buzzed hair... Although it's a suggestion I'm considering right now
Quote by rabidguitarist
Can you post a picture? I'm sure we can think of something.

Sorry, I haven't got a camera, or I would.

Maybe I can find a picture of a similar haircut on the net an post it...

EDIT: Heck, this is pretty close to what it looks like (Not me, random Google image)

Bit of a rant, just thought I'd warn you...

I start back at school tomorrow after leaving in April this year and to tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous about it for a number of reasons, one being that we go on retreat for 3 days out of town which is a big thing.

So to (Try to) make a 'good impression' on everyone I thought I'd have a shave and whatnot to look a bit more presentable (Or 'handsome' as my Nonna would say, bless her) and right at the last minute this afternoon just before all the hairdressers in town closed I thought I'd get a hair cut.

I went into the usual place where I get it done and talked to the girl there (She's really pretty too, that's one of the reasons I get my hair cut there, lol ) about fitting me in on such short notice, but there would be no appointments until Friday morning, which wouldn't suit because I wouldn't be here. So I left there and went into the barber's across the street from there where you don't need an appointment and sat down.

Now I just wanted my hair 'Neatened up a little around the sides and back, not too much of the length though', and those are THE EXACT WORDS I USED WHEN I TOLD THE STUPID WOMAN WHAT I WANTED DONE. 5 minutes later she's cut my hair and I don't know how she got the words:

'I'll pay you $15 for you to cut my hair so that it looks like you've sat a bowl upside down on my head and trimmed around it with some craft scissors'
out of
'Neatened up a little around the sides and back, not too much of the length though'.

So my hair looks ****ing ridiculous right now and it's less than 12 hours until I leave for school and I have no way of getting anyone to fix it up for me because she cut it WAY too short and crappy and now I'm gonna look like a 4 year old tomorrow.

So much for trying to look good and making an impression...
This is looking really really good, I like the way you're showing us the process of making it too instead of just showing us the finished product

A friend of my Dad's has about 20 arcade machines (Original ones that he got insanely cheap a few years ago) and I'm trying my best to get one off him. He has a 4 player NBA Jam tabletop in his lounge room too the lucky bastard!
One of my friends calls a printer cartridge a 'cartlidge'.

(I just realized how weird the word cartridge looks and sounds)
Quote by af_the_fragile

what a pointless thread!

then again, its the pit!

Yeah, I know, but it got me thinking and my curiosity got the better of me in the end
Added poll.
I had a rather (Sadly) serious argument with a friend of mine today about whether or not we wash out hair the 'right' way in the shower.

I say I wash my hair the 'right' way, but he argues that he washes his the 'right' way and my way is wrong.

So now I want to ask UG which way they think is the 'right' way to wash your hair in the shower. Do you:

A. Tilt your head backwards to rinse off (The way I do),


B. Tilt your head forwards to rinse off (The way he does).

Elaborate on your answer and explain your reasons if possible too.
I went and saw My Chemical Romance in Melbourne late last year and the 'official' shirts were really dear and I had little to nothing money on me to buy them.

Then after the show there was a guy out the front selling them for half price. They looked, felt, smelt, tasted and sounded like the original ones... until I washed mine and the writing came off the back of it.

I was really annoyed.