Look for LTD's with fixed bridge. The 1000 series should be in your budget, and those are great guitars. The EC-1000, H-1000, and so on. Schecter makes good stuff as well. 

If you are willing to go used, you can probably get a Gibson explorer or flying V with EMGs for this kind of price. Or maybe even a full fleged ESP. 

TBH, there really isnt a big shortage of emg equiped metal-y guitars for 1k, and at that price point, they are all going to be pretty solid, so it really comes down to your prefrences. All major companies like ESP, Ibanez, Schecter, Jackson make a hardtail with actives for this kind of money. Quality control can of course vary a bit, so its still smart to actually try them out in person first. 
Quote by diabolical
It also destroys your good tone

Im really interested in the logic behind this statement.

Anyway, OP, it depends. Cheap effects sound bad, and so do cheap multifx units. Mid priced effects pedals sound good, while mid priced multifx really depend on the pedal itself. Some excel in some areas and suck in others, and vice versa. Expensive single pedals generally sound good, but in my opinion are overpriced, and top of the line modelers like Helix or AX8 sound great as well. 
At this point it sounds like user error. There is a learning curve to setting up modelers, like using eqs and setting up cab blocks. Also, they dont sound like "amp in the room", because thats pretty much impossible. 

EDIT: I just realized i didnt offer a solution... Try putting an eq block after your cab block. Set a low cut at around 100Hz, and a hi cut at around 10-12kHz, then adjust to taste.. The low cut will tame the flubby bass, and the hicut gets rid of the fizz.

You can also fiddle with the cab block itself, with mic choice and placement, and you can also eq the middle frequencies to bring out a bit of the guitar flavour.
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Car buffing & polishing would be fine, but please don't polyurethane it. I've seen people do it & then they hated it.

How come? All of my guitars have a factory polyurethane finish on the neck and I love it
Well, yes and no. I started out on my dads acoustic, and I still have that. Its a Fender DG-5. Id sell it, since its not very good, but its not mine, so I keep it around. My dad only takes it if he has a party with his old camping buddies or something. 

As far as my firs electric goes, I sold it after like a year of owning it. It was an Ibanez GRG170DX. At the time I figured I should upgrade to something better, and i really wanted an LP shape. In retrospect, it was an amazing guitar for the price, and it took me a few years before I found something that i liked as much as this guitar. 
Hi guys,

So ive been playing guitars with a glossy neck finish all my life. And all was well and good for a while, but now im slowly but surely getting more and more into teles, strats and other guitars, that have no neck finish, or have a satin one. Now i know i cant make a nonfinished neck feel like a glossy one, but is there a way to make a satin finished neck (like on the Fender Player series for example) into a glossy one? Im thinking i can just use some polish paste and buff it out, but is there any reason why i wouldnt want to do that? And are there special guitar polish pastes, or does the stuff i use for my car work just as well?

Basicly, longer scale = higher string tension = you dont need to use bridge cables for strings. That would be the most obvious answer, BUT there are long scale 6 strings as well as normal scale 7 strings, so its not quite as simple as that. 

Disclamer: this is my reasoning, and what I learned by playing 7 strings, so for other people it my be wildly different. 

When you tune a 6 string down to B or A or G, you loose some range in the higher end. Its annoying to me. With the 7 string (tuned to B or drop A) you dont loose anything. And for that reason, i also find that playing chords and extended runs is easier on a 7 string. Since you basicly have a standard tuned guitar + low string for chugs, it has a lot more chord voicing options than a downtuned 6 string has. Now, im not a music theory wizard or even that technicly proficient, but I still found it easier to figure out interesting and "proggy" riffs on a 7 string rather than on a really low tuned 6. 

So thats really my reasoning for using a 7 string. Actually the whole extended range thing is much more important to me than longer scale, since I have a 25.5" scale 7string anyway. 
Well, if you just went with what you absolutely need, you would live on bread and water and play an old squer from the 90s trough a tin can, while living in a wooden box.

So no, you dont "NEED" a 4x12. Just like I dont need a 120w 5150 and a 2x12 and 8 guitars and pedals and a Helix and so on. But if you like it, it absolutely doesnt matter. 
Try lubricating the joints, of the pedal, thats probably whats squeaking. A bit of wd40 might do the trick as well, but im not sure how safe it is, if it gets into the electronics. 

The more pressing issue however, is that your guitar is out of tune. Plese tune it. 
Tried both. Also tried a Radial JDI's XLR Out to interface. No change.

Well i gave it a quick go... Seems fine to me. I got this tone out of it with just free plugins and IRs. Im fairly certain your issue is just dialing in the tone in the sim, not the playing or sound interface.
Quote by Aaabii
What disturbs me about the di is, because of its bassiness (if its a word) i have to add a tubescremer pedal in front for all the amp sims or they are muddy as hell. 

Thats actually normal procedure. On real amps and on modelers. An overdrive is put in front of an amp like 99% of the time for these kinds of tones. Put an overdrive in front of the amp sim, gain to zero and level to 10. That tames the low and and makes the sound way tighter. 
Quote by Aaabii
Thanks for checking out. I used almost all free ones, got Th3 and now using Fortin NTS. And to be honest i can get good good to great tones with them. My problem is the missing highs. Dont you think there is a huge difference between my di and the di on the video ? Its far more tighter and present. And it doesnt makes sense because they should sound identical. (Same guitar, same interface etc.)

I also listened to your DI and it sounds fine. At least to me, it doesnt sound any different/worse than the one Glenn put online. Just your average DI really. Maybe make it available for download so we can try reamping it ourselves? 

But anyway, if you are missing the highs.... just dial in more highs on the sim? The issue could also be the cab modeling. Try a different IR, and see if that makes it better. Or, on the other hand, the issue could be that you are getting to much low end, not to little high end. Try dialing back the lows, and maybe put an eq after the amp sim, and do a highpass at around 100hZ. That tends to clear up downtuned hi gain tracks quite a lot.

 Dialing in good amp sim sounds is actually a bit harder than dialing in a normal amp, so im pretty sure thats where your problem is. 
Quote by jazzmonkey420
Main point is I’ve just grown tired over the years of sharing the sonic space with another guitarist and having to deal with their creative input and all them at comes with that.  

Might have just said "anyone tired of playing with musicians". Nothing wrong with not wanting input from other people, but thats not a strictly a guitarist issue.

Anyway, i like it. More than single guitar bands. I dont mind doubling up parts, they sound bigger that way, and there is so much potential for making 2 guitar parts and harmonies and lead/rhythm combos.... I love playing with other guitarists, its just finding the right one thats the trick.

Also, ive played with quite a few guitarists, many of them better than me. And (at least from my perspective), it has never gotten competitive. If anything, it pushes me to be better. You guys just have to keep your egos in check i guess. 
Well-Hung Are you high? So far i have installed straplocks in about 15 guitars. The replacement screws that comes with them have ALWAYS been thicker than original screws. With schaller and dunlop locks. Even with noname brand locks. ALWAYS.
And even if they didnt, it wouldnt hurt to use some common sense and fill the hole with some material and then screw a smaller screw in. If you cant handle a simple thing like straplock instalation, no matter what kind of screw it is, you are better of taking it to a tech, because its literally the simplest modification one can make. 

AND ANOTHER THING. If people install them wrong, how then, is any sort of failiure the fault of straplocks? Btw, if the actual strap button comes loose, its not a "straplock fault", its actually the fault of whoever cant mount a simple strap button on the guitar properly.

I have to say, human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
I had straps come of plenty of times while being a bit more active while standing. I usually caught the thing, but one time i dropped it right on the output jack, and i had to fix the cable and replace the jack. Since then the first thing i do on a guitar is always install schaller straplocks. All of my straps have them, so its nice that they are interchangable. 
Why do you keep making this threads? At this point its just embarasing dude. 
jazzmonkey420 Well, then its not for you. I mean, there is no deeper meaning or appeal to it, besides that  
I was never much of a pedal nerd, so i can relate to that. Why would I spend 400€ on a tube screamer if I can get a Bad Monkey for 10x less and its still an overdrive? Its also why i got myself a Helix. 

But im compensating this lack of pedal love with increased interest in guitars and amps.
jazzmonkey420 The appeal of the floyd is that you can do crazy floyd tricks. But a good fr bridge will stay in tune for a long time, just like a good hardtail guitar will stay in tune for a long time, if not longer, since the strings are really clamped down on both ends, and cant slip like on normal guitar nuts. 
the 60 over 85 any day. The 85 is shrill and sharp and just all around bad. The 60 is just an all round better neck pickup. 
The thing with floyds is, you have to try them to see if you like them. I had an RG550 with the Edge bridge, which is suposed to be a really good floyd. And to be perfectly honest, it was fun to use. But. It just makes everything so much harder. Tuning is harder, string changes are harder, intoating is harder, setting the action is harder, changing string gauge is harder, and you can forget about using different tunings. Standard to drop can be possible, but other than that, yeah, good luck. 

So it all comes down to, is the ocasional divebomb and flutter that important to you, that you would get a floyd and go trough all the aditional hassle? For me it wasnt, so i sold the guitar. 

BUT! You can always block it. My bandmate had a dean razorback with a floyd, and he simply blocked it with a piece of wood, and it worked for him for years. 

So thats it. If you like the look of it, and dont mind spending a bit more, go for it, since you can always simply block it. If not, dont. After mine, i never got another guitar with it, and i dont think I ever will. 
Mainly comes down to the bridge and the looks. I like the looks of the tele better. And i like fixed bridges better. So there you go. But then it also comes down to the pickup configuration, and how the thing even plays. 
I owned one. Its ok. Its not gonna break any records, but its fine for home playing and some jamming with friends. If you change out the speaker it can get even better. The cleans are nice, the crunchy and somewhat hi gain sounds are good as well, but if you want to do balls to the wall br00tal metal, you will find it kinda lacking. Tbh, id rather get a Katana nowdays rather than the Bandit. 
Fuck, this guy again. 
A lot of people do. Slipknot, Machine Head, Amon Amarth, In Flames are just some of the bands that i can think of at the top of my head.

But i think the bigger reason is not sacrificing the top range of the guitar by tuning lower. There is a reason that 7,8,9 strings are called "extended range guitars". Basicly a 7 string gives you the option to do br00tal low tuned chuging, while still being able to play all the chords in standard tuning. With a downtuned 6 string its kind of a compromise between the two. A lot of the new prog music utilizes the entire range of the 7 string, and it cant really be done on a 6 string in the same way. 

Second is longer scale length. Sure you can get a baritone 6 string, but they are way less common than longer scale 7 strings nowdays. A majority of 7's now come in 26.5" scale (which is actually somewhat shorter than the 27" baritone scale). That makes it easier to downtune. I own a 25.5" 7string, and i think drop G is kinda the limit of where you can realisticly go, and thats using cables for strings. A longer scale means you can tune lower. And now there is a big number of fanned fret 7 strings as well, and those are actually great because of this exact reason.

Third, and to be honest, this might be the most important reason: They are cool. Its a trend, and as all trends, a lot of people are jumping on it. And i cant blame them, 7 strings are cool as fuck. 
I was in a band with a similar setup. Each guitarist had a 2x12 in front and a 1x12 (or 2x12, i cant remember) on the side, where he stood during practice. I cant say i noticed the sound being "fatter". It was just louder, and the sound was more evenly distributed trough the practice room, but it didnt really sound much better than when they just used one cab.

Double and quad tracking fattens up the sound because of distinct performances, not because there is simply more sound sources.
After a year. But i think the second guitar was actually worse than the first one, but it was les paul shaped so whatever. Then it took me like.... a few months to get a better one. And ive never stopped since then. 

Buying guitars is fun. If you have the money, go for it. And after you build a stockpile of them, you stop hemoraging money, since you sell old ones and buy new ones. 
The easiest way is an overdrive pedal into a 5150/6505 into a cab with V30 speakers. Or a good model of the same setup. Thats pretty much it. 
Oh yeah, you can get the SLO head, and some sort of loadbox, like the Shure Reactive Load or Torpedo ReLoad or something similar, into some IRs, maybe into a mooer radar or something similar. That would work, and you would have a real SLO head to crank trough a cab when you need to. Pricey, but it would give you exactly what you are looking for. 
Well, then you really have no other choice but to try preamp pedals/modules/whatever. But tbh, i really really doubt that any pedal will sound better than the model on the Helix. I have a helix as well, and its wonderful. 
Are you aware that the Soldano SLO-100 head has volume knobs? Seriously, just turn it down. I used an engl Powerball 120w head with a 4x12 cab at bedroom volume. And a 5150. Just turn it down.

As far as doing other stuff goes, the only thing that would probably beat the Helix is either a Kemper with some soldano tones loaded onto it, or the Synergy module. But with synergy, you either have the amp, that you feed into a cab, and you then get the same volume "problem" as with a real head. Or, you just use the preamp module, and then you still have to deal with impulse responses and so on.

As far as other sims/pedals go, i honestly dont think you can get much better than the Helix. The models on there are pretty great.
What do you mean, whats the catch? Its a midrange guitar (i guess that midrange is like from 400 to 1000€, so its like a.... lower-mid-midrange guitar). Most of the guitars in this price range are decent. Quality can vary a bit, and you can get a great instrument for the price, or a real lemon. Most of them are average, but play pretty well with a quick setup. You dont need to pay thousands of whatever currency for a good guitar anymore. 

As far as online reviews go, DO NOT TRUST THEM. They are always positive and outstanding and say that its the best guitar ever. Its not. A lot of the "reviews" on youtube are made by stores that sell the guitars, and obviously they are going to try and move as much product as they can by saying its awesome. Then there is the written reviews by people who bought it, and they are usually people who just got their first guitar that isnt a starter pack guitar or a 150$ ibanez Gio, so of course they are going to like it. And then there are the people who just say its good because they have to somehow justify the purchase to them. I have been guilty of both to be honest.

Basicly the reviews that I trust nowdays are the whole "unbiased" reviews on youtube, where the guitars are funded trough Patreon or whatever, and the reviewer is free to say his actual opinion. And sometimes you have to take those with a pinch of salt as well, because of the quality difference between guitars themselves, and how the reviewer tests it out. Some guys just review the thing out of the box, and then complain about the strings and setup, while other actually change the strings and do a setup. 

Anyway, that was kinda off topic, but whatever. I have actually played the 84 explorer before. Its ok. The neck was kinda chunky, which i was suprised about, but there were no glaring flaws with it. It does tend to neckdive a bit, like all explorer shapes. Its a decent guitar, but nothing special tbh. If you can get a used epiphone Thunderhorse, i think that would be a better deal, i loved those way better.
No idea. Honestly, the best way to learn is to just sing. Sure, excercises are good and all, but if you are just starting out like from complete zero and you have never sung before ever in your life (which is kind of sad tbh), then just do it and fuck everyone else. 
Sooooo, apparently a music store opened somewhere close to where I live (a fucking miracle if i ever saw one), and i was checking trough their website, and lo and behold, they carry some electric guitars. But they only carry the VGS brand. I have never heard of them before, and I can find barely anything bout them online. They seem to be the guitar brand from Gewa. All I know about Gewa is that they are a german brand and that i had a few straps from them. 

They caought my eye because they have a few LP models, and the Eruption Pro seems like something i would love to have. So if anyone knows about them, a word is not a horse!
Quote by dannyalcatraz

RailHammer and the others all sell directly from their websites.  I don’t know how their prices might be affected by import duties, though.

Yeah, nobody does really. Importing stuff from the EU is a non-issue, but from everywhere else, its a toss up. Things might go trough fine, or you might have to pay some sort of import fee thats 2x the value of the item. Or you just dont get it and it gets lost. I know people who ordered the same item multiple times, and every time the customs process was different. Its a total crapshot. 
Quote by metalmingee
Check out the SD Pegasus and Sentient.  

I also thought that the 57/66 was supposed to be pretty versatile, respond well to rolling off the volume, etc.  can’t split them though.

Arent the pegasus and sentient like full on metal pickups? I mostly see them in low tuned and extended range guitars.

And yes, the 66/57 are indeed good pickups, but i put them in a different guitar, because i wanted to sell the 401 originally. I still use them for metulz. They arent as "passive" as actuall passive pickups tho.
dannyalcatraz Oh yeah, i forgot about the Mastodon pickups lace has, those might be a good bet. Dont want to go with Deathbuckers tho, im trying to get away from the EMGs at this point. Otherwise id just leave the 57/66 set i had in there. Companies like RailHammer and Rio Grande are kinda hard to come by in europe tho, but i think Lace actually has an european based online store. I might look into the Gibson Dirty fingers or 498T's, i remember having those in two of my guitars and they were pretty great for this kind of things. 
Hi guys,

So i've been transitioning away from just metal and im trying to "refresh" my guitar collection a bit. I still have a 7 string, and an ibanez loaded with emgs that I will use for the harder stuff, but i also need some more mellow things. I got a Yamaha Pacifica 611 a few weeks ago, and its great, but the SD custom 5 hb in the bridge is not really the thing for higher gain stuff. At the same time, I didnt relaly know what to do with my EC-401, so i wanted to sell it, but since it had a few issues I got it fully fixed first. And the luthier did a full setup, and a fret job, and the guitar now plays amazing. So, instead of selling the damn thing, im considering just swaping out the pickups. Its currently loaded with a 81-60 set, and im looking for something more versatile, but i still want it to rock. 

So basicly, id like the pickups to be able to do stuff ranging from like Ac/Dc and GnR to Alter Bridge, Coheed and Cambria, Velvet Revolver, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth.... I use a Helix for pretty much everything, so I have all sorts of different amp sounds available to me. It would also be nice if they were splittable. Im not gonna say no actives, but i really cant imagine any actives would fit this descriptions. 

So, ive basicly been thinking about the good ol' JB4 and 59 set. But honestly, i have little experience with pickups like this. I know Claudio from C&C uses a Nailbomb in the bridge, but thats pretty much the extent of my knowledge. 

Id reallly not like to kill myself with the budget, but ill spring for mainbrand pickups like SD or Dimarzio, but id rather not spend like 300€ for a bareknuckle set, unless there is really good reason for it.

I like him actually. I cant really take the songs seriously, its like listening to Lonely Island or MC Hawking, there is no way not to laugh when listening to that shit, but its entertaining. 

And then there is this gem:

Well first of all, what you recorded is hardly singing, it sounds like someone lethargicly talking and then sometimes changing the pitch a bit. Also sounds like you are scared of someone hearing you, which i can absolutely relate to, but it makes you pull back on the volume and phrasing and everything. When you sing, you gotta sing with fucking intent! It doesnt have to be super loud, but louder than quiet talking for sure. Im not trying to be mean here, but it really sounds like you are holding back and giving up before you even start. Like Cajundaddy signature says: "Anybody can play. The note is only 20 percent. The attitude of the motherfucker who plays it is 80 percent." Its the same with singing.

Anyway, there really isnt any other way than to get a good teacher. Getting a place where you can yell and sing without anyone hearing you, while you do youtube exercises is a good start, but its not going to have the same ammount of effect as a good teacher will. I sung in bands for around 4 years before I started lessons, and in a few months of lessons I made more progress than in all 4 years beforehand. Singing is not like playing guitar, because you cant see what you are doing wrong. A teacher can hear your voice and see your body and then correct you until you get it right. 

As far as range goes, im a baritone as well (most of men are), but I can hit pretty high notes, to the point where i can sing Queen and Iron Maiden songs. Takes some practice, but its doable. And thats with normal voice, if you go into mix and head and falsetto, the range is almost endless. The voice classifications are more of a description where your voice sounds the best, not what notes you can hit.

Now i could throw a bunch of technical terms at you and tell you how to position your breath and vowels and so on, but honestly, there is no point. You need to book at least a few hours with a teacher, to make sense of everything. After that, im sure you will progress quickly.
Well, everyone is going to say "NO", seeing as how its a 24,75" scale, and tbh, its not ideal. But just get thick enough strings and it should work. You might have some issues intonating, and you will need to use a wound 3rd string, but i know its possible because ive done it. Just try it, you cant really damage your guitar, and all it costs is a pack of new strings.