i'm looking for a quick, not too hard piece to learn...
we try to play a little of every thing. lately: Guns n' Roses, Flyleaf, Lamb of God, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Protest the hero, Human Abstract...
Me and the band are looking for more songs to play in drop d. any suggestions?
I can't find this anywhere! anyone know how it goes? pls??

- peace out!
I have looked all over for a tab of Gasoline by Kicking Harold, and haven't found ANY!! My computer can't handle guitar pro, so i can't have a guitar pro tab. Can anyone help me find a tab??
thanks a lot! the E idea sounds much better...
either an existing song or an original, it doesn't matter.
My friend has a tapping riff at frets 8, 11, and 15 (on high E string). he wants me to find him a song that he can play it with, but i haven't had any luck. Anyone got any ideas? if the riff needs to changed, please tell me!

peace out!
I have looked all over for this tab and i can't find a single one, and my computer won't handle guitar pro. Can anyone find a tab???