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I have my camera ready and I'm going to a cemetary a couple of blocks away from my university. It's public so I don't expect to get in trouble for trespassing.

So what are the harms of going by myself after midnight?

Woaoaaaah, a graveyard, scary.

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This reminds me of a phrase people used to say at my primary school "Death or magumba?" it means "Death or 1000 dicks up your ass?"

Either way you're ****ed.

If you say no, [death], she will come looking for you and kill you [which is death BY magumba, 1000 dicks up the arse.

If you say magumba and **** her, you're gonna die by the 1000 dicks up the arse anyway. So yeah.

Magumba isn't 1000 dicks up your ass....
I <3 ZZounds.
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I was actually ****ing my girlfriend when her baby brother came downstairs and saw us.

thank god he's two and didnt know what the hell was going on.

Congrats, you traumatized a child.
In b4 America bashing
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Just saw Hard Boiled. It had both in spades. But overall, guns akimbo is awesome...especially combined with motorcycles and explosions.

You name scares me for some reason.
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im a canadian, so we have House of Commons,not Congress, and they cant do that... if they no whats best for them jk

It could still effect Canada.

Not the UKers of course.
I've recently received quite an interesting email.

PDF Info:


Don't let the Orphan Works Bill Pass! Or you will lose rights to your work as artists!!

Basically, all the work that you do, all the copyrights on it will be VOID.
Quote, "if Congress passes this law, YOU WILL LOSE THE RIGHT TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR OWN CREATIONS! [...] Our government is NOW WORKING AGAINST US by allowing our own citizens TO STEAL OUR CREATIVE WORKS" (Simon, Mark).

Protect your rights and let your voice be heard! If not, and we do nothing, the bill will be passed by this summer

WRITE to the government! :
Online Petition :

Now, I only dabble in art, but this is nonsense. What do you all think?
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change strings/frets as needed

Obvious troll is obvious.
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Im just waiting for some kid to say sweet child o mine..... lol.

Sweet Child o' Mine

Black Betty by Ram Jam
Eiffel 65 - Blue
Stratovarius. I almost cried when I saw it on the front page.
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not in Goldeneye, which is what I'm talking about. I distinctly rememper killing those Russians with a PP9. Of course you have the gun, so you'd know =).

btw, his is what I'd wan't. Just need really big pants.

You want a Barrett to? HIGH FIVE!
Cheese puffs....

Cheese puffs....

Cheese puffs....

**** I'm addicted.
First full song was Mad World by Gary Jules
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Yeah, heard about that.

Now I guess we just wait for the stoners to come in here and go "it's all propoganda!"

Too late
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i dont have a PC but my friend just started using Safari on his PC and he claims its kickass.

as for all you haters, Firefox has a MAJOR security issue. if your computer is on and accessible, anybody can look at all of your saved passwords in firefox.

and macworld had a browser showdown this issue. Safari and Flock won.

Of course a mac originated browser would win at MACworld. You think they do those things honest? They over-analyze the competition, then fail to completely list flaws in their own.

Now, there was a contest at another, more fair site where firefox won.
Ween - Mutilated Lips
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I vant to vuck your bvood!

You want to fuck my blood? What?
Guys, he needed two. We delivered 100

most the same answer

St Louis Arch?
Intermediate is what he's looking for I think.
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+1 =D

I think of the Gorillaz when I see yours...that line from Feel Good Inc. "Laughing gas these hazmats" yeah, I'm strange

That's exactly what I said.


Sorry dude, it's the avatar.

(To Joey)
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I haven't played much of the previous games yet, so I wont be getting this one for a while in fear I wont comprehend the highly cerebral story line.

Please tell me you were being a sarcastic jerk-off.
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Ermmm. "What's a Sonata Arctica?"


This is a guitar forum.
Music is very popular at said forum.
Think about it.
I'm interested in starting Krav Magna and if I were fit and wealthy enough, I'd consider finding a place to learn the monkey style of kung-fu.
Talk about having bite.


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Does that penis have TEETH?
Guys, it's been answered.
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hey hey we need Lord Petrucci... he could be like Satan... and Emperor Satriani is making Master Vai and Yngwie and *random other shredders* kill people and get their souls to free Lord Petrucci...

they should be like a group.... (i'll think of a name later)... and this guy (i vote we call him Oblivion_Rps ) has to learn from buckethead...

OH AND BUCKETHEAD WILL GET MIND CONTROLED BY SATRIANI!! so Oblivion_Rps ( ) has to go and free his mentor as well as stop this evil shred group from bringing back Lord Petrucci...

Edit: n i'll think of a way to include nudity later :P


Lord Petrucci is infact the LOL WUT pear in disguise!!! and Emperor Satriani somehow manages to free him in the end.

and the LOL WUT pear releases his horde of LOLcats on the world. So our hero must find the magical mudkip, ask all the shredders if they liek it. Then do a barrel roll through the horde of LOLcats and grab the ICYhot and rub it on the scrotal area of a newfag to destroy the LOL WUT pear and bring back Petrucci!!!!

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