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Yes actually that is how i leaned to spell.

But I can remember one time my friend was sitting in the chair we where both on Oxy Cotin and he was overdosing that day not a real bad over dose but one to wher he felt horrible. And he was trying to sleep and my teacher came to the back of the classroom to wake him up and I said I dont think thats a very good idea. He is overdosing on oxycotin and is not really in the mood to have to sit through this stupid bullshit class just so he can put down on his transcript that he learned how to make a matrix. So my teacher said okay and walked back to the front of the class. I can remember one day I was being questioned about smoking weed in the parking lot and the principle was like well we saw you on tape walking high. So I proceeded to ask him if he would be so kindly as to show me how you walk high. The principle got up and did some stupid looking walk. I told him ahh so you do know what being high is like your a pot head and for 5 min every time he said something i told him my mom told me not to talk to drug addicts. He got so mad and just sent me back to class and nothing else ever happened.

One time i was in the locker room and I had brought some coke and me and my friend kept taking turns going into the stall and snorting a line.
Damn so many stories so little time.

ur such a badass, eye want 2 b juuuust lik u
I Have no Mouth and Need to Scream.

Look it up if you like adventure games.
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We should raise money on UG and buy it all!

3 millions dollars wouldn't be that hard to raise....would it?

I'd love to say yes but

A. It may be sold by the time we get a chance.
B. UG Missle Silo Group has mind controlled me into saying no.
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I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of music that guy has.

It's a shame he has to sell it .

Yea, 2-3 million records is a big ouch
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if someone bought it today, it would probably be ruined by some DJ scratching them...

or am I thinking wrong again???

Not quite sure
I've been denied all the best, ultra sex
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I just home with book about 20 minutes ago and kept debating whether i should read it or go to the pit... I chose the pit but I'm gonna read it when I go to sleep... He is Awesome

Read it. Now. That book is awesome with a capital COLBERT.
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Imagine how many rubber dildos that snake became after the shooting of that movie was over....

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Any porn from Japan... seriously, I haven't seen so much horrible actresses ever in my life.

The girls don't even know how to have sex.

Don't know what you've been watching. They may not be sluts that beg for it, but they know how to have sex.
Penumbra. All of it.
Used to be on before the mods took over the place. Twas a pretty awesome community.
Wild Arms. One of the best PS RPGs ever.
blues 76 HURT
rock 113 HEAL
Rock- 119
Blues- 80
Rock 101
Blues 98
rock 100 HEAL
blues 99 HURT
Rock - 100 Heal
Blues - 98 Hurt
rock 98 heal
blues 103 hurt
Rock 87 Heal
Blues 112 Hurt
rock 77 Heal
blues 116 HURT
jazz 6
Ass Jockey
Rock 55
Punk 40 heal
Blues 84 hurt
Jazz 20
Rock 51
Punk 44 Heal
Blues 81 Hurt (lol)
Jazz 23
Rock 49
Punk 39 HEAL
Blues 48
Metal 21
Jazz 22
Grunge 15 HURT
I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert

One of the greatest autobiographies <i>ever</i>.
Holy $#!7! He HEALED rap?!

Rock - 24 HEAL
Punk - 20
Blues- 23
Metal - 24 HURT
Jazz - 21
Grunge - 20
Ska - 20
Emo - 18
Country - 17
Holy $#!7! He HURT metal?!

Rock - 24
Punk - 21 HEAL
Blues- 23
Metal - 24
Jazz - 21
Grunge - 20
Ska - 20
Emo - 18
Country - 17
Rap-8 HURT
Sonata Arctica - The Misery

Not really guitar though.
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'MAB plays real music!'

He does
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I went through my albums and I found one or two that was just unusually funny. Some are just weird.

But this takes the cake,

C'mon share those album covers that you find funny, absurd, nonsensical or just dumb.

That's funny how? Stupid, slightly. Funny, no.

+That's a single, not an album

Edit: Damn it, beaten again
Sonata Arctica's Kingdom for a Heart really bugged me.
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Nice signature my friend.

Yes, yes, thank you