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Quote by p o e
does the cat DNA let me have sex as kinky as they'res?


Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night

Its..... metal......






It's just so damn awesome.
Quote by freddaahh
Facepalm due to obvious cretinism.

You're probably a Denis Leary fan. Or one of those anti smoking activists he so rightly tears to pieces.

No, Eddie Izzard thank you.
Petaganda, blegh
Quote by leftajarandy
Bill Hicks provides a good overview of this kind of idiot LOL

Bill Hicks is a dumbass irl troll.
Can't stand his "comedy".
Quote by FloyDZeD
Fuck AK's, I want an M1 Garand. Or a Thompson SMG.

M1 Garand?

I <3 You
Quote by jmilli2

Quote by SlinkyBlue

They ruined Sunglasses at Night whoever did that remix.
Quote by mikepark89
if ur american, just shoot him. Isn't that how stuffs normally solved over there?

Only in the more.... distasteful areas


If you want to introduce a bit of metal, try KMFDM or other industrial metal bands. They're usually good to move with. Megalomaniac in specific, it's not really metal.

Also, White Zombie is always good to dance to.


MDFMK - Rabblerouser

Heavier than the others, but still completely movable to
When I don't lube my gears with oil.

That really grinds them.
13! Hell yea.
Quote by JBizzle Da Truf

Bat Out Of Hell, Meatloaf:
Another classic. In my opinion, Meatloaf is underrated. This is a great song, off of a great album. I like the guitar part in it.

I cannot express the amount of +s I wish to give you.
Dream Theater? What's next, Sonata Arctica? Opeth?

..... Guys, pray to what ever god you worship. If you don't worship one, write letters.
Quote by Colgate Total
For the statement they were making, you'd think they would have made a way to free him.

That's what I attempted at first. Shooting the very edges of the ropes don't work
Quote by Colgate Total
That's it? I thought there was something else you had to do. I feel ripped off, and for once I wish I had shot him straight away.

Morals my ass.

A computer game (a shitty one at that) does not compare to shooting an actual person.

No, but it was made to make a statement.
The words we speak need filters,
The man in Washington explains.
Constraints upon our freedom,
Using logic to warp our brains.

Political correctness is a joke,
A fancy word to hide the truth.
They dare not say stealing rights,
For they care about that booth.

True, words can offend,
Hurt people and turn them away.
But opinions are what matter,
For they are our foundation on which we lay.

The cobblestones of the world,
Peoples’ opinions intertwined.
Yes, there are bumps and cracks,
But aren’t they also in mankind?
Quote by Colgate Total
How? I shoot tumbleweeds for about two minutes before I finally got bored of waiting.

You press escape.
Quote by Colgate Total
You can't win, I didn't want to shoot him right away, so I tried shooting the post to see if it would break.

Bullshit if you can't win.

Yes you can.
Quote by andyd93
Lol, always shoot the governer as he lines up with JFK himself, so he gets injured, and the bullet ricochets of his seat into JFK's neck, then shoot him in the head, just like it was lol. Then have some fun shooting police off their bikes, agents off the side of the security car, and then the driver of the presidential limo x)
Shooting the front car driver does it for me.
Quote by andyd93
This kinda reminds me of JFK: Reloaded... I must download that again, that was a good game.

Except it didn't really tell you "Bad boy"

I love messing with the physics in that game. Car crashes ftw!
Sarah's Song

But I doubt 90s video game music was meant to woo women.
Quote by figsandbobo
I'm so confused. You have to play twice? The mother****er is STILL DEAD.

Yes. That's the point.
Quote by FireandFlames
Goddamnit, I LOST.

I did too, I did too
Quote by Twisted Magnum
Downloading it will give you a virus.

MmHm... that's why the only thing it does beside play the game is put a file in the registry called HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Game Maker\

BTW: You can delete that if you want to win.
Quote by CrackAddict2000
There's no way you can win but to close the game. Pretty lame, I don't want games to have a moral, games are for doing things that you can't do in real life (like shooting people).

I think the same, but that still invoked thoughts of something permanent.

Now, there are two rules.

1. YOU MUST play the game twice. You can play more than that, but only two times is necessary. Do not worry, it will only take a couple of minutes.
2. DO NOT read any replies to this post or any of the replies on that post until you have played through the game. Doing so would completely ruin it for you.
Last year (I was 13) I took the official ACT for some special program and got like a 23
Great shoes except for the fact that they flatten your f*cking feet.

That's why I wear vans. Comfort and style!
Quote by WeezyToaster
how do you smell fire i ve smelled smoke before but fire?

how do you make sentence i ve made word before but sentence?
One Band, Two Words:

Quote by CorvetteRick
America will become a third world country and will take Canada down with it. 50-100 years tops

Third world? Never. Depression? Most likely.
Quote by metaldud536
"I did it for the lulz"
"Keep walking around tall grass and carry only your strongest pokemon."

4chan 1st
Keep the chick, experiment.
Kick him in the jewels. Sounds like someone needs to learn their proper place.