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TPBM is being held hostage


TPBM has a boner
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Whew. I feel bad for the mod that just got e-mails from all the people I reported in this thread. Way to copypaste, fellas!

Epic Fail
It's ****ing Hitman. You know, one of the most badass games ever?
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I have yet to play GTA 4 but the others have all kinda let me down. The sandbox gameplay is fun for a bit, but the missions are dull, repetitive and often not worth the effort. On that same note, if I want fun sandbox gameplay, I'll go play Mercenaries.

Can't wait for numero deuce
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Oh ****! Someone get that atmosphere sucker upper from my garage! Quickly, run!


*holds up weird vacuum thing....

even though gas can't really do that....

**** you, I can make things up*
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Yeah, I just went there.

Too bad I'm in the ****ing ATMOSPHERE. WHAT YA GONNA DO 'BOUT THAT?
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Thanks for evaporating me bitch, NOW I'M A GAS, TRY TO GET THAT.
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*throws those cool trappy nets with weights on the bottom*


Form off, WATER!
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No! Hes escaping! Seize Him!!


*Undresses Self*

really? that totally bummed me out, i havnt played it yet and was C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER.
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but holy shit

i found a better one.

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Had nothing to do with nuclear weapons.

America, FUCK YEA.
Why do people think Zunes are more difficult to use? iTunes is the suck.
Zune. Better screen ftw.
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For some reason i cant be bothered going to see the movie because of the title. Seems to bland and uncreative

...... Iron Man bland and uncreative? You my good sir have never read the comics, have you?

Truth is....

I AM Iron Man

excellent movie

I love how that fit in with the ending song.
That movie gave me hope for superhero movies.
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Donald Trump
Dick Cheney
American Idol
Kim Jong-il
Las Vegas

I see what you did there.
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..... u ignorant or just plain stupid??

homosexuals r attracted to the same sex.... if they got turned on by their own dick.. they wudnt be gay..

if u had ur dick chopped off... wud u be attracted to it?


alright... wat im tryin to say is... that if ur attracted to ur own penis.. then ur not gay.. cos... ur not attracted to another man.

and with the dick choppin off bit.. i was implyin that if he had his dick chopped off and made into a vagina (somehow) wud it turn him on as i asume his not gay...

...... My grammar senses are tingling.

That's not the only thing.
This is why I love Dean.
Zune = Zen > iPod
So? Tradition is tradition. There haven't been any accidents and everything seems to go perfectly well. Don't meddle with their beliefs if they're not hurting anyone.
Yo mama so hairy, she's got afros on her nipples.
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never get on here again if you get a freaking game notice the websites name

Never get on here again if you never notice the freaking forum's name and subject matter.
Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body's thirst
One month in the grave
twisted and half decayed
She turned a putrid yellow
I pisse din her maggot filled asshole

****ing the rotting
My semen is bleeding
The smell of decay
Seeps from her genital cavity

The smell was unbearable
As I unburied her
I cum blood from my erection
I feel it run
down her throat, swallow

Eyes glassy and vacant
body dug up to play with
Skin greasy and naked
tounguing her rotted anus

I need a live woman
to fill with my fluid
A delicate girl, to mutilate, **** and kill
her body exceptional
she thought I was normal
but I wanted more

I came blood inside of her
chocking on the clot
gagging on the snot
gushing blood, from her mouth
bloody gel leaking out
Body buried in a shallow grave
Unmarked for none to find
The sickness I have left behind
Undetected go my crimes
The greatest thrill of my life

Violnet, climax
Serging serum
on my skin

Back from the dead
I am resurrected
to spew, putrefaction
Can't see **** captain.
I'm making a list of some famous, inspirational, just plain awesome quotes from songs. Care to help?

I already some stuff from RATM and KMFDM, I need a lot more if what I'm planning to do is to work.
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Pixelatedkmfdmrape more like it.
I am a goggle fan.

EDIT: To alkaline
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um the ebay auction ended a while ago. its too late.
Actually, no.
Hold on, I called someone a pothead whose life is going nowhere and didn't get flamed?

The Pit is getting better from its sickness.
I'm a pussy cause I can't tell this girl that her current boyfriend is a pothead whos life is going nowhere and is only in it for the ass.
Those metal versions are nothing:

There's a video where they explain where it came from.

Nice try, I've memorized the link.
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It's called "Snuff Box" someone posted this clip earlier

Thank you. Sorry for the repost.