Hey guys! The band I'm in, Underwing, just released our new single! Our drummer did all the mixing, mastering etc. himself, so this is a pretty independent release. Would love to hear what you think of the sound and the song in general!

Guitars used: Fender Am. Std. Stratocaster, Fender Am. Std. Tele an Ibanez and a Chapman Ghost Fret.
Our bassist usued a Fender Precision bass.
 There's been a lot of discussion about whether or not single coils are suitable for metal.
Well, in my (and my co-guitarist in Underwing) opinion, they can provide some pretty cool sounds!
Our drummer/producer is of the opinion that we should switch to humbucker to fatten up the sound.

What do you guys think? I'll show this thread to the other guys in the band to settle this "dispute" once and for all!

Submitted for your perusal; A band using two classic single coil guitars, a Tele and a Strat, in a metal setting.
 Hi people!
Just discovered this on the side of my fretboard on my Chapman Ghost Fret with ebony board. It's new to me, but its one of Duncan-equipped 2015 models.

(Invalid img)

Is this something to worry about? 
BeefDrapes I know that advices don't magically make things happen, but they do get you thinking about stuff that you didn't think about before. This can be very useful and in this case, there have been some replies that have gotten the ol' nugget going  
BeefDrapes Thanks for checking it out, Beef! Appreciate the input! Could you elaborate on how our movements look forced?
theogonia777 That's more like it! Thanks for checking it out!

JustRooster I've walked away with plenty of good and valuable feedback!

A big thank you to all the people who have provided their perspectives on stage presence!
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You're just going to get trolled in the pit.
Try posting here :

Thanks, UltimateGuizar! But that place is like a cemetery. In the pit, you'll get perhaps 8 troll posts and 2 posts that are actually relevant.
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nice clickbait

How so? This is a question I'm seriously wondering about. While The Pit may be an off-topic section of UG , the users are primarily musicians who have seen countless other musicians performing on stage either on tape or in a live setting. What I'm trying to figure out is what people consider to be good stage presence.
The band I am in taped our last gig with an iPad which got me thinking: what is considered good stage presence?
I'm thinking more heavy oriented music primarily since there is a huge difference between a metal band and a jazz band.

So I would like to know how you guys define stage presence and if you could provide some video examples!

Here's the video we recorded by the way
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The singer is good (which either makes or breaks a band tbh) but that riff just doesn't have groove. A bit too "start stop" in the first part of the riff so it's a bit boring. Maybe speed up the tempo?

Anyone else in the band do backing vocals? Since the singer is quite raspy maybe have someone singing without rasp in the back?

Thank you so much for that constructive comment! Yes, the tele player also does backin' vocals
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Please do not "like" my comment, wyldelife.

I pressed "like", but in a sarcastic manner. Is that alright?
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I don't know what's worse, the video or the "music"

Let me know when you find out ;D Btw, you didn't rate it! 
I’ve posted about my band here several times before. We’re back with a new music video that we did entirely on our own. Would really like to hear some feedback on the video and the song itself!

Your vocals sound strained and out of tune. Perhaps you could try singing it in another way? Cool title, though.
Zaphikh Thanks for checking out the video and writing your feedback! Much obliged!
Deliriumbassist I know, but in our defence, we did do the dramatic stops a bit differently each time, right? 8-)
Thanks reverb66 !
Deliriumbassist : I believe we did the whole "whole band dramatic pause" thing three times max, not 17 times :P
The4thHorsemen Thank you for chiming in and I always love getting constructive criticism! Where did the song feel artificially long for you?
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Worst outfits ever. I don't really care much for the look of a band but all of you dress distractingly badly that's the only really unkind thing I have to say! You seem competent on your instruments and the performance was good considering the room wasn't exactly high-energy.

In my opinion, if the crowd are that dead then maybe they're just not in the mood. Engaging them more would be best, but those guys didn't exactly look ready to rock!

My main genuine criticism of the whole thing is just that the song was way too long. There was a moment at 3.00 that seemed perfect to end it, which would have made it a perfectly good, dynamic, fun rock song. Instead it became people showing off at the expense of any fun for the viewer/crowd.

If it ended at 3:00 and then the final few minutes were another song altogether, it would have kept my attention way more and I'm not really a fan of this style of music. That break would have been a good place for that audience engagement too. Anything kinda loud and not too reliant on cliche would have been great I think.

Anyway, overall this was way better than I expected, just needed a little more brevity and fun and a little less indulgence and pretence

EDIT: the irony of me telling you to make your thing shorter isn't wasted on me

First of all, thank you so much for the long, interesting reply! May I ask how the clothing is distractingly bad ? And how do we add more brevity and fun and how do we reduce the indulgence and pretence? We really appreciate all the feedback we can get
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It's the thumbnail.

JustRooster The hat is hardly visible in the thumbnail. The hat can be mistaken for a  very round haircut or a black halo or something
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0/10 for that hat.  Didn't watch the video.

But how would you know about any hat if you didn't watch the video? :O
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I'd prefer to hear a studio version of this. The sound is crap.

The performance though.......4. The crowd looked bored. Try engaging them next time. 

Thank you for checking this out! How would you suggest engaging the audience?

And a big thank you to Badluckpalms  and Rickholly74! We really appreciate your detailed responses!
N8dagreat3 Thank you for that detailed feedback, N8!
Aww! Thanks for that mr. Lainad!
Hey guys! The band I am in released a live clip of us performing one of our new songs. Would love it if you could rate our performance from 1-10.
If you've got something nice, nasty or constructive to say!

Please, lay it on me!  

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you should be more annoyed at the fact that the articles themselves are bad

That's a bit too obvious though, don't you think?
Not very, but it is so lazy of UG. Am I alone here?

I put this in the Pit because I figuered this was the place for a healthy, constructive conversation.  
Just wanted to give you all a heads up that our entire EP is now on spotify, itunes and soundcloud
This really hurts
Thanks, gonzaw! The track was mixed, mastered and produced by our drummer. He was learning throughout the entire process, so we're really pleased with the work he has done.
drdoom8793 Dude, me too! I've been a part of this page for a decade now, and I know that the pit can get a bit "trolly" at times :P To tell you the truth, I'm a bit moved by all the positive responses. Really appreciate the constructive criticism given as well!
Antimage27 Thank you for that piece of constructive criticism! What do you mean by " and come up with a riff to challenge my grams plxxx "?
Thanks for the constructive criticism, it's always refreshing to hear!

UFC on VHS: The budget was around 1k

N8dagreat3: The effects on the lead guitar is first a flanger for the first part and then a delay for the rest of the solo
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Actually a lot better than I expected. Nice job.

Please tell me you aren't the dork wearing sunglasses at night tho

Thank you all for the great responses! We really appreciate it!

StewieSwan, I'm the other dork wielding the stratomacaster!
..and it feels so good til finally have it out there! Would really love to hear what you guys think about the song and the video!

Hey guys! Check out this clip of me and my band playing live!
It would be awesome to hear your critique and thoughts about the performance! :d
I will of course C4C!

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thought provoking question:

strongest: learning songs. Knowing I can play it exactly as it is played on the cd regardless of style.
weakest: frustration with speed. Though I do have some speed not as much as I would like. Sounding "muddy" with no clarity on my notes some times (slow or "fast").

Chances are that what you perceive as "exactly as it is played on the cd" doesn't sound completly right. Any particular solo/riff etc, that is giving you trouble? If so, one thing you can do is practice that particular part after a metronome. Start at a speed where you can play it cleanly and go up. This would help with speed and also the process of eliminating muddiness.

Your guitar practice should be varied, which is good for your fingers, as well as your enjoyment of playing guitar. Therefore, I would advise you to use your practice time to cover other areas as well. Chances are (as with most players), your vibrato is subpar. This video: goes into great details explaining why. This is also something you can spend time with.

csch2 made a good point about improvisation, which can be a lot of fun. Which scales do you know, and do you know them to such a degree that you can switch positions flawlessly and such? Soloing after backing tracks is a great guitar work out as you can work on different aspects of your playing such as vibrato, speed, dynamics etc. at your own pace.

Do you have any video or audio of your playing? If you could provide that, it would be easier to come with some more detailed tips.
I think working towards certain goals are very motivating. Some goals could be learning certain songs, techniques etc. What would you describe as the strongest and weakest aspects of your playing?