Playing long is quite fun, and you feel good about yourself when you do it too I've had a few 6-7 hours sessions sometimes, and in that time, you can do the warm up, jamming, technique practice, then jam some more, and just have fun doing with what you're doing!
Honestly, you link us to a beautiful emotional piece of guitar music, and you discuss his hair? I get goosebumps each time i hear this song, so beautiful!
Kyuss, best stoner rock band of all time! Beats the living **** out of mainstream QOTSA!
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That tequila-piss switcharound story is fucked up!

If he was already drunk he probably couldn't taste the difference

Ah yeas, the old switch-a-rooh!
What is it?
Share some positivity with the pit, too much negativity here now :P
Just got a haircut too, i hate it! Never cutting it short again!
How 'bout a crazy wedding? And something happens, and dudududu
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The way I see it, you have 2 options.

1. Buy better gear.

2. Stop crying about it and deal with it.

Sorry, thats how it is

I'm crying whilst dealing with it :P
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Give Eddie Van Halen a guitar that goes out of tune all the time and he'll be ****ty.

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The best way and most joyful way to learn is to play in the company of another who you can inspire and aspire with.
Ever had a truly awesome jam with another ? once you have you realize how powerful playing the guitar with another can be.

I have had that, and this is not a question of guitar playing, but the joy of it being diminished by poor gear, and how it's ****ing up some of the aspects to my(and perhaps others) playing.
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Jimi Hendrix was no ordinary human, my friend.
Have any of you guitar players at UG felt that your crappy gear is holdning you back, and making it less motivating to play? I'm have a guitar that won't stay in ****ing tune, and the bridge is also ****ed, and the strings are old and rusty, and my amp is a MG, and it's got a volume problem, and the tone is horrible, and im too poor to fix any of this ****, it's quite depressing for me, indeed...

Anyone else have had a similar experience?
I've been thinking about the name thing, but the guitars were priced exacly the same...
Skills before gear bro, i figured, that a cheap guitar is good for beginners wanting to learn, im poor, and i've come a long way since i first started 2 years ago, and im so ****ing sick of the GRG now, it never stays in tune, and when playing a tune like CFH by Pantera, it buzzez like crazy, but the Richwood guitar doesn't buzz at all during that song, and it sounds much clearer and better, that's what promped me to ask this question...
But shouldn't the Richwood still be inferior in quality?
I have a Ibanez GRG 170DX, and i have a Richwood Vendetta guitar, i believe the Richwood is a copy guitar, it was because of this i found out to my suprise that the Richwood, actually sounded and played better than the Ibanez guitar, i thought Richwood was an unknown copy brand of guitars, is there something i don't know about? :P
I love whiskey, it has feeling compared to Vodka etc.
And im 16
Gonna bump this one up, i added the song Shedding skin too
Cowboys From Hell solo, Floods outro, Revolution is my name and Mouth for war! Check 'em out, and rate them.
Straight pantera riffing? Regular People, it's got some awesome riffs in it, and a cool solo to top it off.
When playing pantera songs etc. with high gain, i always get some hizz noise, which ruins the song, and makes it feel untight, got any tips on PM tech's? I usually pick above the neck humbucker, and a little over when standing, does it have something to do with this?

I'll cast a shadow - Pantera
The Doors - Break on through

just to **** with the people there, yes? YES?
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i'll be honest never heard that song in my life..

Me neither, but we've both heard drent things
This recording was made on my 6th month on guitar, so it's been about 16 months since i made it, and it contains several mistakes, but please, judge!

And if you have time,
I have a problem with my hair, im trying to grow it to Fredrik Thordendal style, with long straight hair, but the hair over my ears are curly, so it totally ****s up the style, does it work if i shave the hair at the back, and over my ears off? If not, im ****ed right?
I really hope you get a great month!! But if things go sour, the next time we speak, we'll be rocking up there with the late greats like Dime and Jimi!!
Porcupine Tree
Pink Floyd

All good!!
Cool, i know my limits, i was just looking for others experience, with this very crappy whiskey =)
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How about you grow up first?

Not an option
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but it in a beer mug and chug. you won't regret it.

P.S.- whiskey is a pussy's drink- i drink moonshine straight from the bottle.

I, sir, is from Norway, here we are all pussies!
How much of this, does it take to get me ****faced? I'm thinking of mixing it with coke(a-cola)

It's the most mainstream whiskey, and i want to get ****faced...bad, so it's a good thing...even if JD is ****ty:P
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