Hey, man! Cool video! Very creative and great guitar playing. As a whole, it would have been cool to see some more dynamics in the rhythm of the tune. Just a tip if you want to extend this. But very good job!
@theogonia777 Because black metal is so 1994.
@Baby Joel: Never thought I'd say this Baby Joel! I must say, I like the cut of your jib recently!
Vaping isn't such a hipster thing in Norway, though. It's more of a means to an end.
Some things never change! Love the Pit!
Let me know what you think guys! The music starts at 2:20. I'm the guy playing the strat!
This sounds awesome! As others have noted, I love the way it builds up and how the intensity of the guitar is linked to this build up. There's definitely a 80's vibe in this song, but you manage to keep it from feeling cheesy (which is always a pitfall when your song is influenced by 80's ballads). There is a laidback flow present in the track which makes it pleasant to listen to, and overall I enjoyed it very much! As for constructive criticism, the only thing I can comment on is your vibrato. I think you still have some room for improvement in this department. If you work a little more on your vibrato, your tracks will become even more pleasant to listen to. Keep up the great work, man!

Would appreciate it if you would comment on my thing:
Great track! I agree that the high end is a bit much. Great playing, and I love the dynamics in the tune. The playing is also very tight, and I think the sound of the guitars are awesome. So overall a great track, but I would agree with the poster above that the mix needs some work. I found this tune very enjoyable, and it really isn't my genre, so well done!
Bumping this yet again! Three months since last time, so I guess it's legit
The improv starts off interesting, but further on in the improv it starts to sound a bit random. I would advise you to make some longer, connected phrases. This is something I struggled with myself, but just try by yourself to make some longer runs that you can have. I also feel that your dynamics are a bit stale in the way that you use the same dynamic too much. A way too add dynamic would for example be to start off the guitar clean, and then use the wah effect later on for emphasis. Think of the improv as a narrative. John Mayer actually has a very good video on this topic.

Overall nice playing, but as always there is room for improvement. Keep posting videoes of your progress. It would be cool to follow you on your journey.

I would really appreciate a critique on this:
As I've said before, Aaron! Your tunes have a certain signature which are present in every track you present. I mean this as a compliment!
Save me from myself was a bit too weird for my tastes, but the manic feel of the vocals fit the lyrical theme very well. You manage to conjure up a unique atmosphere in the song, which is very positive. You better believe 2 had some really cool instrumental parts, but overall I found it a bit difficult to "get into the groove" of the song. A common denominator in both of the songs is that they have a bit too long introduction, for my tastes.

This is all in my opinion, of course.
For some reason the board displayed this thread as "0 replies". So I'm sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comments, aaron! Will check out your tunes right now
Update: New song entitled "Paragon" showcasing our progressive metal sensibilities
Hey guys! Underwing, the band I play guitar in (strat) just released a new track. It's our second track and compared to the first, this constitutes a more elaborate song, both in length, structure and techniques.

We would really appreciate it if you could comment on the quality of the song itself (structure, lyrics etc.) and the general quality of the audio (mixing & mastering). I will of course C4C with pleasure!

Thanks in advance!
Damn, that is awesome stuff! Loved "World Corp"! Funny thing, Sylvia Massy also produced the debut album from Bulk, my brother's previous band. Great producer!
Thanks for the critique! I really like your track, and I think your production sounds pretty good all around.
Great guitar parts and the changes makes the listen constantly engaging. Great work!
Awesome old school cover art, man! The overall sound of the track is very good. Great guitar sound, same goes for the drums. This is not exactly my genre, but it sounds like you successfully use some of the genre conventions while also mixing in some outside elements, which makes this more interesting for me than other more conventional thrash songs.

Would be cool if you could check out my band's tune:
The instruments sound tight, but the sound production could perhaps use some work The drums sound kinda dull, and the guitars are not articulate enough in my opinion. This definitely sounds like something I've never heard before, so that's definitely a compliment! Overall, I find the song itself interesting, but the production lacking.

Would appreciate it if you would comment on my band's first tune:
Very nice intro, great guitar work. I feel that the vocals sit pretty good in the mix, and I really like the different layers of the vocals in general. The vocals are great, as well. Really good singer. At times the song sounds a bit messy, a bit too much going on for my liking. But that is just my subjective opinion. At some points I got a Foo Fighters vibe, which is a good compliment coming from me. The guitar solo at the end was a nice touch, and was played well. But the placement was kind of random in my opinion. Overall, great job! Looking forward to hear more!

Would really appreciate it if you could comment on my band's first song:
This is Underwing

We're a relatively new band that is currently writing and recording music. Our sound contains both familiar stoner rock sounds, as well as more progressive elements. Our newly released single highlights the former:

We will be releasing more music in the not so distant future. So if you like what you hear above, you can look forward to more ambitious, genre-crossing music coming soon.

Be sure to like our Facebook page to be updated on the latest news on the band.
Hi folks!

The band I am in (Underwing) just released our first song, "Reaper", and for the song we made a music video (which is a bit out of sync at some places :p).
We would really appreciate some constructive criticism on the song itself and the sound quality of the song (mixing and mastering). If you want to comment on the video itself, that would also be welcome.

Anyways, we want to share this with you, so I hope you enjoy

Quote by gregs1020
yeah then that may not be the way to go.

getting back to the point though, since you have a 2013 american standard strat so why not just upgrade it?

His strat is a lemon. Just check out his 10-15 threads on the subject :P
I looked over your threads. Ryan. About 70% of those threads pertain to problems you have had with your strat over the last three years. I say get rid of it, and find a guitar you love. Too bad you could not get that 2011 stratocaster you were talking about some years ago :/
This is UG, home of "what you need is a new amp". However, I suggest going for the guitar that you want. A great feeling guitar is going to facilitate more playing, and more comfortable playing. So I say go for that. You can coax a good sound out of a lot of crappy gear, but a big factor is whether or not you can conjure up some sweet sounds using your fingers. A good guitar goes a long way in my experience. Go after that Les Paul ;D
Bumping this in hopes of getting some more critique
Hey man! I'm very much into this style myself, and I have to say that I think you have a really cool song here. I think it would benefit from a build up. First acoustic, then more layers added as the song goes along. Nevertheless, some really nice chords and melodies in that tune. Great work!

Would appreciate it if you would check out my improv here:
Dig the epic feel on this one man. Really like the build up. I usually don't like really epic things, but this one was to my liking! The sounds you use really makes you envision a medival setting or something. Love how it really kicks up a notch around the 1:08 mark! Good Job!

Would like it if you could crit my thing:
Hey man! Great solo! You're shredding it a lot more tasteful than ol Zakk Wylde does nowadays (and that's sayin' something comin from me, look at my username :P) Perhaps you could work a bit more on the slow parts? It seems like you got the fast parts nailed down, but I still feel you could make the slow parts a bit more interesting. 0:59-1:06 for example could be improved upon. Otherwise, killer playing. Btw: is the video shot in 60 fps or something? It seems kinda weird in a way :P

Would really appreciate it if you could crit mine:
Thanks for the crit! Bumping this in the hope of more responses
Hi, aaron! Thanks for the crit! I can't say that 'What are you asking for" was my cup of joe. Love what you do was really cool though. Really cool and driving beat. The chorus is fucking bad ass, really cool vocals! I think this is the best song that I've heard from you. Really cool work!
Hey man! Thanks for the crit!
This is not really my genre, but I dabble in some metal! I really like the riffs you have here. Especially the ones you have in the beginning, and those at the end are killer. I'm just not digging the drums. It could be because this is not my genre (I don't know if these kinds of drums are usual in death metal), but everything else was very nicely done!
Hey guys! Would really appreciate it if you would check out this Sunny-ish improvisation. I would love some critique, and tips on how I can improve my playing. I will C4C, and I am looking forward to hearing your tracks as well.
Rest in peace! This is really turning out to be a really bad start for 2016..
Beautiful guitar, man! I'm hoping to get a Les Paul in the future, the 2015's seem to fit my style, as I like a wide fingerboard! Enjoy it in good health
Forgot to comment on the music itself, sorry! The riffs sound nice, kind of like a mix of Megadeth, Metallica and the thing Pantera got going on on the CFH album. So good job!
One advice, work on your tone! :P Sounds like you have Treble on 10 and 0 Mids.
A thousand bucks for an Indonesian made guitar sounds way too steep! What about returning it and getting a nice Gibson Les Paul Studio? I think it would handle your genres, AS WELL as handling a lot of other genres that you may get into later.
Great track, man! It's one of those backing tracks that work for me. I find that some backing tracks can be hard trying to get into the groove, but it was fairly easy on this track. The audio quality is also very nice. Great job!

Thanks for the crit, man! Love the solo licks in the beginning, very stylish! The riffing at the beginning of the song is not really my cup of beverage, but the riffing coming in at 1:15 was very cool. Really nice track, though. You've got some skills on that git!