Really nice opening with the acoustic guitar. The electric part that follows it really helps establish a certain atmosphere, and I love the way it builds from that point on! The solo that follows is really cool. I like your choice of notes and it fits the overall song very good. The rhythm part that follows the first solo was really cool, progressive sounding. The thing coming in at 3:22 could probably have been built up at bit more before coming in. As of now, it sounds a bit abrupt. The ending was really tastefully done! I have to agree with a commenter in your soundcloud, this sounds like it could be on The Last of Us soundtrack, which is really a huge compliment to you! Great work, man!
Thanks for the crit, aaron!

Break through this barrier:
Very cool synth opening, grand and epic. Then it get more into Pink Floyd land, and I love that. It then continues to a more 80's kinda vibe, before you a bit Bowie-ish around the two minute mark. I love the synth solo towards the end. Very unique track. Nice work!

The game of life:
The introductory solo could have been done in a more subtle way, I think. The tone of the guitar that riffs along with the vocal could also have been differently, I think. I love what you're doing on the synth though, and Toni's vocals are awesome.
Man, this was way up my alley. I loved the different layers that you used, and the chords wow, really nice work. Some nice vocals on top would really add to the song, I think. I can't say that I love your tone, it works, but with a different tone it could work better in my opinion.

Rain Gorilla:
Nice work greating a groovy rhytthm throughout the song. It's like you're combining elements of jazz, pop and indie into one thing, and it sounds really unique. Awesome job on this one!

Ocean Breezes:
I agree with BeatlesFan that you create a very nie atmosphere in this one. A very well played track that share some of the jazz elements of the former songs, with a kind of surfy nostalgic thing thrown in.

I have to say this was really unique, the songs you've recorded reveals some of your signature, and I have to say that I am a fan. Looking forward to hearing more!

Hi man! Really liked the track. You've found yourself a very good vocalist! The tone on the main guitar riff sounded a bit too weak for my liking. But it checks the 'stoner box', and your playing is good throughout the track. The guitar parts from 2:38 to 2:50 sound a bit unimaginative, and I think you could've done something more creative. But the vocals kicking in from 2:52 work really well. The solo after this is fitting, and the tone also fits as well. Overall, it stays a bit too much in one place for my liking. But the song is a nice mash of stoner and pop, works well, but the overall structure could need some work.

Would really appreciate it if you would check out this:

It's a bit in stoner rock country as well.
I felt that throughout the track you created a great ambient mood, which is sometimes a good trait in the Black Metal genre. The tone of the lead guitars in the track felt a bit out of place, and detracted a bit from the overall ambience created by the other instruments in my opinion. The chords and overall feel of the track from 1:09 to 1:22 was really cool and is something I feel you should expand on. I felt that the drums from 1:55 to 2:09 felt very out of place, and that the track would be better with a different usage of the drums. Overall, I feel that the track didn't feel that it was going somewhere, but there were some very good parts, like the ones I mentioned above. But I feel that the tune needs some more progression.

I would appreciate it if you could comment on this one:
Hey guys!

I would apprectiate if you could check out this new song my band and I made. It's an excerpt that consists of a chorus, bridge and a conclusion. Let me know what you think and if you want me to comment on your thing. Cheers!
Quote by João1993
hum what you mean sound false??
I will find a teacher soon
and record this again I think I can do better, I hate recording..

thank you

I mean that the pitch of your vocal and the pitch of the guitar does not match, due to you singing out of pitch. I believe I formulated myself a bit badly there. I think that it is great that you want to keep trying. The more you practice the better you get, you will only get better One tip, though, try playing the vocal lines on guitar and try and sing the notes as you play. I think that will help you correct your pitch. Best of luck, man!
Nice track, man! I really liked what happend towards the end there. Great playing throughout the track. I have nothing to say about your guitar playing other than that it is great. However, the arrangement of the song could probably have been improved upon. One way of doing so would perhaps be to cut the length down to 4-4.5 minutes. Other than that it was a very nice track, and I have to say that I love the sound of a classical guitar, and it really fits the theme. It would be really cool to listen to a version where you go with your initial vision of the song.

Would really appreciate it if you could critique my thing here:
I still think you need to work on your vocals. As of right now you vocal sounds false, or out of tune. When the guitar parts of a song are repeated throughout the whole of a song, the vocals get a lot of responsibility of carrying the song, keeping the listener entertained throughout the song. Like I said in the previous thread, I would advice you to try out with a capo and see if you can utilize your vocals better in a different key.
Nice track, man! Not really my cup of tea, but this cup is definitly a well-thought out track! It sounds like you are using a lot of cool and weird chords, which is cool. I think you did a great job with the solo at the end, creative note choices and it fit the mood of the song. I would agree with weorge that it would be cool to have a note being held for the fade out.
I always dig your songs, aaron! They're always unique, and these are no exception. "Do You 2" was awesome in its delightful weirdness. I loved how the guitar parts and the drums and synth contributed to creating a nice atmosphere. One thing I would advise you to change, is to remove some of the "poing" noises that divert attention away from the vocals. Your vocals are very good on this one, so I think it would serve the song if you highlighted the vocals a bit more.

High speed space warp was cool, digging the atmosphere. Very spacey stuff!
Woah, this was something else! I really enjoyed this track! I feel you used the odd time signatures to your advantage, because those parts sounded really awesome. The guitar playing was top notch throughout, and your tone was impeccable! I love prog, granted this kind of prog is not usually my everyday cup of tea, but I have to say that this track was very enjoyable to me. The mellow parts of the song very used to great effect, and I really liked the transisition from hectic to mellow.
As you can see, I don't have anything constructive to say, because I couldn't find any faults. Really looking forward to part two!

And thank you for the feedback on my thing =)
The guitar parts in the track are quite good, but I agree that you have to work on your vocals. It sounds a bit out of tune, and is too low in the mix. I think you should start recording them seperate as you note above. You could also try and mess around with a capo and see if you can express yourself a bit better in another tuning?
Holy shit! That was awesome! Your guitar work is impeccable throughout the whole thing, and is very enjoyable to listen to! You create a kind of travelling atmosphere that really fits the mood of the song. What kind of guitar are you using?
I really love the vocals on this track, full of emotion, and the distortion is a great touch that really gives the vocals a fitting impact. Overall, you did a great, GREAT job! This is really good and I want to listen to more!

I only have one complaint though, the part that comes in at "0:37" is chord progression I have heard a lot of times before (I think System of a down used it also at one point). I think you could improve the song by changing up those chords, making it even more unique! Nevertheless, you have made an awesome song that did to me what awesome music does, make me feel something. So congratulations on an awesome job!

And thank you so much for the feedback on my thing
Hello everybody! I recently recorded a funk improvisation using my strat. Would love to get some constructive criticism on it. Lately I've been working on developing longer phrases and more creative note-choices, so hopefully you will hear some of that in this improv.
I will of course C4C

PS: Please excuse the horrid video quality, it was recorded on a Nokia smartphone worth 25 bucks :P
Here's a more recent clip of me playing, I tried to incorporate more speed in my playing:
Thank you all for very good responses! One thing I'm having a hard time with is motivating myself to learn the major scale, dorian, mixolydian and all these types of scales. In my mind I always say to myself: "I can use all these notes in the pentatonic scale, why should I bother focusing on these "scales". I find this to be a destructive way of thinking, but I'm having a hard time seeing the usage of these scales. Sometimes I "fantasize" about trying to "forget" the pentatonic scale and only play the shape of mixolydian (for example), but it ends up being way too boxy and formulaic to be called musical (my playing, not the scale itself).

And another thing, does anyone know a solution for my weakness mentioned in the OP?
Tony and reverb, thank you SO MUCH for your replies! Very helpful!! I will check out your suggestions right away, reverb! Once again, thank you for taking time to help me!
Hey, guys! It's been a long time since I asked for advice on this forum, but this time I really need help.

Where I am, and where I want to go
I've been playing for 9 years, and my style has changed a lot in those years. In my earlier playing years, I used to play moderately fast, but these days I feel I've become a bit too slow. I feel that my solo playing needs more dynamics, and speed is definitely something that would spice it up. I want to blend some slow playing with some bursts of speed here and there. If you want to get a listen of where I am at the moment, listen to this improv:

How I plan on doing it
The way I want to go about this is practicing the pentatonic scale with a metronome using various different exercises to connect the different boxes etc. I want to start at a certain BPM, and then increase the speed as I get it cleanly. After working up my speed, I plan on making some fast licks that incorporates a lot of the different boxes at a fast pace, and incorporating this in my playing.

One of my weaknesses
I have noticed that my fingers are slower when playing descending patterns ( like when you play an A minor pentatonic scale from the beginning; "E: 5-8, A: 5-7, D: 5-7 etc."), then when I'm playing descending (once again like A pentatonic: "E: 5-8, B: 5-8, G: 5-7"). This often causes me to rely heavily on descending patterns making my solos predictable and one-sided. So I want to improve my "ascending" fingers. tdlr: I'm playing faster going from the high E to the low E, than the opposite

This turned out to be a longer post than I intended, but I really want to gain some speed in order to enhance the dynamics in my solos. I would be really grateful for some advice, in advance, thanks! I would appreciate it if you would listen to the soundcloud link, in order tpo get a sense of where I am now.
Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it, man! Really cool song! The riff creates a nice cool backdrop, and I have to say that your vocals really contribute to making a twisted atmosphere around the whole thing! Some bits of this reminds me of Pantera. Both in the riffs and the vocals!
Really good job man! Would be cool to hear you do something in a faster tempo!
I figured out all the Pantera tunings 7-8 years ago, man :P They had a habit of tuning it just a cent off-kilter.
Hey, man! Thank you so much for the constructive criticism on my song, I really appreciate it! Really exciting tune you have here. There sure is a lot going on in this one. I hear where you go jazzy, and where you go bluesy. Pretty cool touch! I really enjoy your lead playing on this one, sounds very 60-70's -ish. Nice tune, man! Good job!
I agree with everything Kevatuhri said, but I also have to say that you did a great job with the whole thing. I mean, a solo is supposed to "say something", in a way tell a story. I think you did that really well! Your technique is very good (dat phrasing, man), and it sounds very soulful! Good job!
The vocal sounded a bit flat at times, in a bad way, and other times, in a good way :P If that makes sense. I definitely got a punkish vibe from it. I really liked the lyrics, and how they were used throughout the song. I think the song could use a bit more dynamics to make it a little more interesting for the listener.

Around 1:38, where the vocals start to rise in intensity, I think the song could have benefited from a bit more intensity, more aggressiveness. As it stands now, it sounds a bit.. I don't know, I feel like it lacks a exclamation point in a way.

Keep in mind that the critique above is coming from someone who is not that acquainted with the genre. However, I do recognize that the song is not bad at all, but it needs more dynamics, and a bit more intensity in my opinion.

Would really like it if your would critique my song here:
I thought the lead guitar was a bit too high at times. If you could bring the drums a bit forward in the mix, it would sound better and give a better impression. Some of the leads were impressive to me, but overall the song sounded a bit too random, but I guess it fits with the theme ("Losing function"). I think the soundclip would have benifited if you left out the lead coming in at 0:48 to 1:02. The clip definitly shows that you have skills. I listened to some of your others on soundcloud (loved "It was supposed to be jazz"), so keep working on it, I'm sure you'll do something cool with it.

Would appreciate if you commented on this:
Great playing. I loved the intro. The acoustic riff going the first minute or so really reminded me of Pink Floyd ("Dogs"), and several times it reminded me of the newer style of Steven Wilson. Good work, man!
Lovely guitar work in this one! Really good technique, and your acoustic sounds wonderful as well. Your vocal work could use some work in some places. In the verses I prefer the way you end your sentences more than the way you begin them, if that makes sense :P Overall, a very nice tune. It gave me kind of a John Mayer vibe, due to the great guitar playing and folky atmosphere. Overall, a very good job

By the way, thanks for your feedback on my song
Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. As I've said before, your vocals are very cool and often remind me of Roger Waters at his most stylish. "Pack up and go to" was a bit too far out for me. I get a definite feel for the atmosphere you want to create, but it doesn't quite gel with me. On the other hand, "What's it now coming to" was more to my liking. Really digging the synths and vocals on this one. Especially in the verse. You sound very badass at the beginning of the verse!
Quote by PSimonR
Should sound good when complete. Suggest you don't over-process the vocals.

Thanks for the feedback! By over-processing the vocals, are you referring to the amount of vocal layers? I had two vocal tracks in the verse, and a few more in the chorus, in order to emphasize certain things. Perhaps that is a bit overkill, but it felt emptier with just one vocal track in the verses.
Thank you for the feedback, Steve!
Listening to your track now. It sounds really cohesive, and I definitly think I can hear some of your influences. I really like the middle section of the song, with the slowing down and stuff. The song, in general, reminds me of the 70's prog stuff. I feel like this would be a good song to listen to when floating through outer space (especially with the riff that comes in at 0:50). Overall, very interesting song, I think you captured some of your influences here. Looking forward to hearing more from you
This is the first song where I try doing some vocal stuff. I recorded this song without using the metronome, because it is really just a barebones sketch of an idea. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism, and also just hear your thoughts on the song. Also, it ends a bit abruptly, I have planned a definite ending, but haven't had the chance to include it yet.
Hi, guys!
I'm trying to "get into" Rush's music. Could you guys recommend an album that is a good listen? Do they have some songs that are fun and challenging on guitar?

In advance, thank you.
I have a RG321, which I guess is the six-string version of that guitar. Mine is really good, great neck and a great sounding guitar once you remove the stock pickups (which isn't a problem for you anyway). I say go for it!
Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
As ever, solutions and opinions are presented here with no reasoning behind them given.

The key to understanding this solution is to know what the problem was to begin with! It would seem that the problem for TS was a lack of understanding about the relationship between notes and intervals and chords; a theory problem, which can absolutely be overcome by effective practice and application of knowledge. This time TS has managed to overcome it by using the keyboard to gain a different perspective on the same thing, since it's all theory irrespective of instrument.

Physical ruts again require practice, although it will almost certainly mean a different kind of practice than you're doing already. Physical ruts absolutely happen because your practice isn't right in some way.

Creative ruts... well that's a whole massive thing that I really don't want to get in to. There are so many different things that can factor in to a creative drought it's pretty crazy.

Again: understanding solutions requires understanding the problem. You're all talking about things that really have had no real explanation, since the word "rut" can mean so much to different people.

Great post with good points!
Quote by vayne92
What.. no it's not. EVERYONE gets in a rut sooner or later. Practice habits have nothing to do with it

There is no reason to speak in absolutes. Practice habits can definitely have something to do with it. If you practice the same scales, arpeggios and chords for five years, and do not feel you are progressing, you might be in a rut. A bad example, but I hope you catch my drift.
Quote by steven seagull
The guitar doesn't make music, neither do the scales - the guitarist does.

Your problem is simply that you're assuming that the guitar is inherently different to every other musical instrument and it isn't.

And that's not what you do, so you'd be right and are indeed approaching things the right way. Like I said, the guitar doesn't play the music, the musician does. What you've described there is indeed a backwards way to approach it and not really helpful when it comes to developing as a musician.

Every fret on every string on your guitar makes a sound, that's all a scale is - a collection of sounds. When you play music you have sounds you want to make, how you make them is up to you - with your mouth, with a piano, with a clarinet, with a guitar. The instrument doesn't matter, the creative process is still the same. Knowing a scale and the intervals it contains is helpful as if helps you remember sounds.

If someone describes a sound as "well it's the fifth fret on on the D string then you go to the the fourth fret on the G string." that's incredibly convoluted and not the easiest thing in the world to process, however if you tell me it's a major third then I know exactly what you're on about. Likewise if I know what that interval is called it's also a lot easier for me to use it myself when I'm playing. I know what it sounds like, I know how to describe it and, thanks to a bit of basic scale knowkledge, I know how to find it on my guitar.

So to answer your question people don't learn scales to "tell them what to play", they simply help you find the notes you've already chosen to play.

This! This forum should be grateful for the wisdom provided by the seagull! Seriously, guys! When you see the seagull avatar, you read, take notes and do what it says!
Nice to hear that the keyboard inspired you! I've been in several smaller ruts over the nine years I've been playing. The thing that got me out of ruts was "suiting up" and stop being lazy. If you're in a rut, I believe you're either too lazy to use focused practice to open up new musical territories or you need to find a band to be dedicated to. This is, of course, my personal opinion, based on my personal experiences. Ruts are hard, but they're there for a reason.
The vocals are too aggressive for my tastes, but I have to say your playing was really tasty! ****ing awesome guitar playing! The shots of the singer in the vid looked kinda wierd, but the guitar playing in the cafe area was pretty cool! Very good quality video, the angles, the high definition etc.! Overall very good! If you could check my stuff out, I'd be very happy, seeing as you are a very good player!

Nice song! I like the eighties vibe you create throughout the song! Your vocal can get a bit pitchy(?) at times, but I'm a fan of your vocals. I have said before that they remind me of Roger Waters, but you've got a personal touch that really makes it cool. Like the guitar solo in there as well.
Nice atmospheric intro! Your chugging riffs sound pretty bad ass. I love chugs backed up by some aggressive drums! The chorus vocals sound pretty cool, but on the whole they're not quite my cup of tea. In the verses they get a bit too, I don't know, in my ears they would've been better if they'd been more melodic. On the whole, this is a pretty bad ass song, I dig the intro and outro, great bookends for this song. You've done a really good job!

Now for something completely different: c4c this?