You have a very good feel. I agree with the guy above, timing is slightly off sometimes, I notice it during the verse chords, just ever so slightly. I also think you should work more on the solo, especially on the vibrato and bends. But I have to say I think you did a very good job (a hell of a lot better than I can, as well).

Critique mine?

I am really frustrated with my soloing style at the moment, and would love some critique. I will take all the advice I can get! So I would really appreciate your feedback!

This is a improvisation over a funky bluesy backing track, and it is my first conscious attempt at trying to blend the major and minor scale together (I usually just use minor pentatonics). I would really appreciate if you could listen 2-3 minutes in! I will, of course, C4C


I'm in, once again! Be prepared for another ****ed up entry from me

1: Raindrops
Determined footsteps. The weather was grey, moist and wet. His footsteps emphasized the dullness of the weather. No recourse, he though and continued to walk aimlessly determined down the road. Days had gone by and he was none the wiser of the events that had occurred during the last couple of days. He had been living up in the forest for a few years now. Watching the trees change colour each season. Watching trees against the dull grey sky. Shielded from the noise of the freeway and free to do what he pleased. No lamplight would disturb his perfect moonlight, and no noise would pollute the perfect stillness one can only acquire in a, more or less, deserted location. His house was rather modern, if trendy. He did not know exactly, he was not the one who designed the place, but he was its only resident. The previous owners had never set foot in the place. He guessed they were aiming to sell it off and make a profit. Nevertheless, things had not gone as they expected. So he was the sole occupant, and it had been like this for a couple of years now. He got into his car. He had decided to own a car, despite rejecting certain modern conventions. He thought it wise to be mobile. In order to get to the places he needed to get to. Today he was determined, as emphasized by his footsteps. Determined to do what, he did not know.

All his life he had been making choices. Choices that influenced him and people around him. Now he was driving. Raindrops smashed against the windshield and were slowly dragged across the glass in front of him. The sky a white blanket above him, uninterested and uninteresting. The weather had stayed the same for the last few days, seeming unwilling to change. It had irritated him after a while, so now he was determined to get away, to get some change in scenery. Ah, change, he thought. No matter how fast he drove, the sky remained the same above him. A chain-linked fence at the left side of the road, crossing a bridge over a few desolate housed below. The land was barren, likewise the sky. He had killed a man, for the first time. It was necessary, and he had tried to avoid doing it. Nevertheless, in the end, that is what he did. That was a few days ago, and still the weather had not changed. It was about time, he thought to himself. He had not moved the body, because he had killed the man in the middle of the woods. People never go here, he thought. His assumptions were based on his experience living in this part of the country for a good number of years.

The autumn leaves will bury the body, he thought. Alternatively, perhaps it would be eaten by whatever lives out in the forest, never given a chance to rot, or decompose. Still, he had not thought about it much and did not think he needed to either. He had done what had to be done, and that was it. He pulled over into a parking space. He had reached civilization, at last. The sign said “Katie’s goods”, and referred to the fact that this was a general store, where the general population in the area could get their needed goods. What he needed, he did not know. He just knew he had to get away for a while, away from the barren land, barren sky and empty existence. Upon his entrance, Diana, Katie’s sister, wished him welcome. She said she hadn’t heard from him in a while. He thought to himself that she was right, but he never talked much to her anyway, so why did it matter to her. He went over to some shelves to try to find something to soothe his mind.
He’s always so aloof, she thought to herself. Diana had always observed Gerald with a keen sense of suspicion. There was something off about him, and she had always thought so, even when he was just a boy. Something off about him, one way or another. What it was though, she couldn’t quite explain. She had talked about this with Katie, but she had brushed it off, saying the he’d been through a lot in his life. Diana remained suspicious.
I'll sign up for writing a short story.
I fail to see the reason why this band get so little hype around them. I was hooked after I heard "People forget".

Antemasque - People forget
Love how you changed the dynamics in the solo during the song. All together, this is a wonderfully put together solo, and it makes those 72 seconds feel longer than they are(in a good way), because you take us on a journey with that solo. I don't need to tell you that your technique is awesome, because you should definitely know that by now. Really liked what I heared, and I will definitely be checking out your channel!

edit* Some dude said this "The solo was like a composition in itself which is always good to see and hear" And I totally agree! Great job man!

Would be grateful if you could comment on this:
Really dig the guitar on both songs! Really creative things going on in both songs, but I have to say that guitar theme in the Poe song really gets to me! I really like the atmosphere going on in Poe, as well. After listening to a few other songs on your cloud, I can say that I definitely like the direction you guys are going in, even though your other songs sound pretty stellar, as well. Looking forward to hearing the final version of there songs! Great job!
Hi, guys!

I would really like it if you would listen to this song I recorded using my Fender strat and my Tanglewood acoustic. Some of the guitar parts are really inspired by John Mayer.

I really don't know where I'm going with this song, but it would be really cool for me, if you guys would take the time to listen and comment

I will of course C4C
Up untill 1:20 I was unintrigued, but after that you really got it going. Nice work!
On the first song you sound kinda like Roger Waters effected voice! I like that. This is not really my cup of coffe, but I can hear that you've found your style, and you're good at this kind of music, so kudos to you!
You got great skills, man! I hear the Zakk Wylde influence in you, and it's really cool. Great vibrato, and some great bends. What you(and Zakk Wylde for that matter) can continue to work on is coherence in the solo(not that it wasn't coherent, but it could be more so). All in all, nice work! You're a great player! Let me know when you upload something else, always a joy to listen to great players.
YakiStar, for some reason it got removed, don't know why :O

Here's a new link:
To say the least, I concur with the gentlemen above me! Great ****ing playing! So clean, and the shred parts were very cool! You got great technique, and an awesome tone!

Would love for a talented guy like yourself to critique my thing here:
Your playing on the first song was very impressive, very good technique! I really love Steve Vai too, so it was awesome to see your great rendition of Crying Machine! It's really fun to listen to playing that's so clean as yours. I really dig the emotion you bring into your preformances!

Overall, you're a very gifted player, and your technique is light years ahead of mine, so I've got nothing constructive to add, I'm sorry, hehe Looking forward to more videoes from you!!
Thanks for all the lovely comments, guys! Really fun to read. The tone I used is a pre-made tone on the PODHD500 called "cooking tubes". I really liked it, and figured it was fitting for this tune, but I did not make it, hehe.

b3! I'm checking out your tracks right now!
The beginning is really chill and relaxing to listen to, but I really loved what happend from 01:05-01:15. After this part, the song got a lot more interesting. Your lead playing is really telling a cohesive story, which I think is really cool.

Personally, I felt that the fuzz guitar was a little misplaced, but I guess a thing like that is subjective
I like your technique, and I like your tone for the clean guitar, the fuzz guitar could probably have been a little more 'smooth' in some way.
Thanks for the comments, guys! Hitman, I really get what you're saying about how things get a little repetitive in the solo. And to answer your question, I didn't do the rhythm too, this was a backing track from guitar techniques

Checking out your track right now
Hello everybody!

I recently recorded myself improvising over this texas style blues backing track, so I decided to upload it to youtube. I would really love some constructive criticism from you guys on my playing. I know there's a lot of faults here, but I also think there's some good parts.

Of course, I will C4C, so that your time will not be wasted

Texas style blues jam

Thanks in advance!
Hey y'all!

Recently, I covered this wonderful tune! To do this recording I used a great backing track made by the magazine "Guitar Techniques".

I know there's a lot of mistakes in this rendition, but still I think it's better then a lot of youtube covers. There reason behind me uploading this cover, is that I want to receive some constructive criticism from the great minds on this board, hope you'll help me

And, of course, I will C4C as soon as I have the chance

Thomas- Lazy (Cover)
Very good work! Nicely done, you should put out some more songs here
I ****in' love mr. seagull! What he said!!
Hey man! Did you learn this song by ear, or did you follow a tab? From what I can see in the video, you bend strings using one finger? I would recommend bending with two(or three) fingers when you bend. David Gilmours guitar playing relies on a lot of soulful and powerful bends. I also see at some point in the video that you slide down on some notes, instead of bending up to them. I would recommend bending up to them, as this is the Gilmour way and it sounds better and gives you a lot more room to go crazy with emotion.

Another thing I think would improve your playing is if you focus on working on your vibrato. A good vibrato is what seprates the men from the boys. David Gilmour is one of the premier guitarists to look for when it comes to vibrato. Listen to his playing in the opening solo of Shine on you crazy diamond, for example. Your vibrato is a little shakey, it's sounds a little stressed out, where as Gilmours vibrato is smooth and in control.

Personally, I didn't like your tone, I find it too..."cottony". But to each his own, I see you got some positive feedback on it in this thread, but I think this solo needs a sharper edge to its tone.

Don't take this critique the wrong way, I think you did a decent job in the video, but you've also got a lot to improve on(which is not bad at all, that's the fun thing about guitar). I also love the Floyd and Gilmour is my favorite guitarist, we've got a lot to learn from him in terms of technique.


It's a compilation of me playing four PF solos, but just choose one if you don't feel like commenting them all :P
Thanks for the comments, and as promised I have commented on your vids! I can see what you're referring to in regards to Time(though my guitar strings are a bit to blame, cause I had some really dirty old strings on).
Holy shit, talk about flawless! I digged your tone, and awesome playing. You're really talented at important things like vibrato and all the other crazy shit you pulled off! This is not exactly my kind of music, but I used to play with a guy that played a lot of this kind of music, but this was really impressive! I can't really give any constructive criticism, because to me it seems that construction is completed!

PS: Thanks for the comment on my playing, and by the way, awesome filming(was really cool to watch!)
A hundred people have wandered into your thread, watched your video, and then declined to comment due to the fact that you kicked ****ing ass in that solo! Clean playing, nice sound and cool video, man! I looked hard for something that you could do better, but unfortunatly I could not find anything. Awesome work, you're a good guitarist!
Hey gais!

During the week I recorded some Pink Floyd solos with my singstar mic So I thought I would share these with you, so that you can say what you think of them. I'd like it if you could critique my technique, cause I always want to improve

On Shine on you crazy diamond(SOYCD) I chose to record the second and third solo before the chorus.

Thomas - Four Pink Floyd Solos

I hope you like it, and I will C4C!

Thanks in advance!
Zaphod's approach is what I'm currently doing, and it serves me really well. What helped me break the box shapes was the "Hopscotch method", search it up on youtube! A guy named Joe Cifeo or something made the lesson, and it's really useful!
Well, some months have gone by, how are you doing in regards to the practicing?
I have an AM STD strat and I'm really happy with it, best guitar I've ever played and it's the one I'm keepin' till I die! Couldn't ask for a better guitar! Good for funk, punk, blues, rock and even metal. I've got an 2011 model, with the 2012, you get Fat 50's pickups, and they've been getting plenty of good reviews. I say go for the standard, but you should try the AVRI series and EJ & EC first, because strat people seem to worship those guitars!
First off, I hope you're using multiple fingers while bending?
For distortion(playing southern blues) I usually use position 1(bridge) and 5(neck), 1 for the fast sleezy parts and 5 for the more slower groove smooth parts. When playing Hendrix, it's usually 5 and 1, and I use the tone knobs a lot. To be honest, lately I've been using 5,4,3 and 1. I find using the PU's and tone knobs gets you a lot of sounds for a lot of moods, so I guess I use all of em(except 2, that one's only useful for finger playing and 'Sweet home alabama').

A Strat is a damn fine guitar, I love mine!
John Mayer, SRV, Hendrix and John Fruscieanwhatthehell all use this quite a lot! A very nicew tool for playing interesting variations of barre chords and for using a little soloing between chords(think "Little Wing" by Hendrix, "Slow dancing in a burning room" by Mayer etc.)

After I learned it often use it in my own songs, and I find it very useful to spice things up.
If you know the "Thumb on E bass, ring finger on D, ****you finger on G, and point finger barre on B and E string" chord that both Mayer and Hendrix use constantly, you can find lots of ways to solo with these chords, really useful! Check out Mayer's "Waiting for the change" for reference.
Really digged the playing, and I agree, you got a very good sound on the playing. The vocals weren't for my tastes, really. If you get a vocalist with that instrumental music behind it, it could be very good!
Geez, don't be so angry, Mr. Goldfish!
I really liked the singing, and the guitar compliments that good. Didn't quite like the playing at the beginning. Such a good voice and good guitar skills too, keep at it! I look forward to seeing more from you
Good technique, and interesting melodies! Keep at it man, looking forward to hearing more!
Thanks for listening! The backing track is very Pink Floydish, hehe
Thanks for listening to my track, Aaron! I liked the intro for Scorpionfish, really cool 80s vibe in that song! I feel the same way about how do you feel, really 80s-ish. Really cool vocals on that track!