Great playing, a little bland at times, but you have a very good technique! Good work, man! By the way, is that a HD28?
Thank you so much, awesomeo and moostifur(btw, I put in a comment on your band, awesome stuff!)!! It's really nice to hear!
And Gar Tint, I will check it out!
I really liked Mineral Man, liked the massive feel! I dig the riffing, melodies, how massive it sounds. How dynamic the song is throughout, it doesn't get boring. Loving the riffing, this was AWESOME! Elastic was also cool, some pretty awesome drumming and guitar parts in there! You guys are very talented! Cool solo! Keep it up, I thought it was original and cool, it gave me a spacy vibe, something Pink floydish in a wierd way
I think it's a good thing that you want to post this tomorrow, that way we can, as you said, tell you if you're on the right track. Good luck man, it's good to see that you're invested in making improvements in your playing!
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! Very good useful tips from the both of you!!
Solider Poet, I will listen and comment on your recording tomorrow(I have a busy day/night ahead of me).
And Gar Tint, I really know what you're saying about running towards the fast licks, thank you so much for useful observations, I will work on it! Do you have something you want a comment on?
I really liked this! The riffing is heavy and the tone is awesome(good sound quality throughout), great solos and good technique as well. I would've extended the clean part a little bit, it sounded really cool. Also, I think some cool pinch harmonics would've spiced it up along the way. Other than that, great job, agree with the guy above, you should add some vocals!

It would be cool if you could crit my solo here:
You've got some cool licks in here(I think it would be cool if you studied some of Clapton's playing on "Key to the Highway" from the Layla & Other assorted love songs album, and threw some of that style in the mix). My problem with the recording is the tone, the vibrato and the bends, this is something you can work with, getting more control over it and such. I think you're very creative in the lick department, and as said, all of your licks flow into each other in a good natural way. You've still got things to work on, but then again, don't we all?

I would appreciate if you could C4C my improv here:
Blues Improv in G

Here's a little improv I recorded on my Am std. strat. I think my tone turned out pretty crappy on this recording, but it helps with the sustain. I would really appreciate some comments on my technique, and my improv in general! Was it good? Boring? Predictable? etc.

I will of course C4C, so lay it on me!

Thanks in advance
Quote by Mephaphil
Ok thanks. My bending is in pitch, and in regards to the first video, that's just a riff from All along the watchtower. It's in time with the riff, including the bend. It's exactly the same as the riff.

The vibrato yea, it needs work, and yea I should use three fingers when bending, but that's an easy fix. I'm not sure what else I am doing wrong when bending. The bend is in time and in pitch with the original riff, what more can I do?

What you sound like, is what 90% of the youtube "guitar heroes" sounds like. I don't need to be mean, but you need to stop and smell the roses. Slow down your practicing, focus on your technique and accuracy, and do as you say, speak to your teacher. Ask him to be as critical as possible to your playing(by being constructive, of course). Many guitar teachers have different strong points, one may be a killer at finger playing, and a douche at killer guitar solos, and the other way around. Are you certain he can help you evolve as a player?
The problem is that your vibrato is stressed. Think of the guitar vibrato as a vocal vibrato. Listen to David Gilmour(the intro solo for Shine on you crazy diamond, for example). THAT is how you do a vibrato. Your bending also sounds amateurish, you NEED to correct these things(check out the aforementioned song for tips on how to do it). I've been where you are now, and I'm very thankful for getting out of that place.

Try slowing down your vibrato to a fluid, slow fingering, you lack control over bending and vibrato, if you fix those things, your playing will sound 40% better, I promise! There's probably plenty of videos on youtube about this subject, and it's very important. In my opinion, the quality of bends, vibrato and phrasing is what separates the men from the boys in guitar playing.

edit; Also, I often use three fingers when bending and using the vibrato, that way you get more control, feel and power into the playing
Listen to Mr. Seagull! Let's say you're playing an A Minor Pentatonic scale, you begin in the clichè fifth fret, do this box on the first fret, and you're playing in F. To connect the scales, and to be able to jump around the neck, I recommend the Hopscotch lessons on youtube by Joe Cefalu. They certainly helped me with my playing, here's a link:

Also, even if some adjacent notes are not to be found in the scale, if they sound good, USE THEM! That's a general rule of thumb, because you don't need to be a theory necromancer to be creative!
My brother has a Martin HD28, and it's one of the sickest guitars I've ever heard! The fullness of the sound and how it plays with such ease. Great guitar, you should look closer at Martin!
The Classic Vibe series seem very sweet!
The best part is when he tosses the '54 strat down with the "others" haha

edit: Is tosses a word? **** me
I'm nicer in person, really
Quote by Glenn Guitar
Only thing that frustrates me with the topic that someone "doesn't deserve the gear" because they submitted a half-assed youtube cover which probably wasn't very good but was played on say, a LP Standard.

They paid for the instrument, and if people bought what was relative to their skill level, i'm pretty sure every boutique guitar company or any high end model would go flat.

Happily, the world isn't filled with Monotone personalities and people love quality guitars and don't mind if they "Aren't worthy" for the instrument.

That's a very good post/opinion. Even though I do not agree with it. I just find it silly that people who bend strings like a 3 year old Kirk Corbain on Heroin, buy 3000 dollar guitars that they like to masturbate to and play occasionaly to pretend that they're Dave Grohl...
I live in Norway, so I adjusted the price to dollars, 10200 NOK = just under 2 grand. When you go all economy crazy into it, it's about the same, for us it's cheaper in the states. The price I got was actually a lot cheaper than other stores here in Norway. The guitar was worth every penny though, ****ing amazing axe!
I have three guitars, but I only play my fender, the others are dusting. I have 2 Marshall MG amps(got them very cheap, and I know the sound is shitty). My philosophy is **** amps, I just want to get ****ing awesome(skilled) on a incredible guitar. Which I am by now. I've played 6 years, and I don't give a shit about tone, my belief is that the majority of tone is in the fingers. The reason I invested 2000 dollars on a guitar, and 100 on amps is because the guitar is what REALLY matters IMO. And more on topic, people who can barely play and own a shit load of expensive gear are very funny people, I think it's kind of pathetic, really.
I kinda think it resembles a bit of Band of Horses-ish on some parts, in a good way, hehe. They've recorded an album, which will be coming out soon. Do you have any specifics on what you think is bad and what is good, hehe? I'm just curious Thanks for the replies!
Hey guys! I wanted to share this with you: Metal heads with broken hearts

This is not my band(!), but I'm very close to the people making the music(don't know if its allowed to put up here in this case, but I hope it is). The band consists of three people from a metal band, that decided to give alternative pop music a try. I recommend listening to the teasers, as this is, in my opinion, very good music I would love to hear what you guys think!

My strat also came floating, now we sail everyday, and we couldn't be happier together! Gibson and Fender share one thing in common, they both rock! Btw, my fender is flush now
Thanks a lot, very good comment! I posted a comment on your song, which was very good, by the way!
Really nice use of voice, especially in the chorus, tasty guitar fills and the guitar in general. In my head, you could've perhaps added more dynamic fills to the track, something to spring the listeners attention, but you have a really nice voice and the song has great potential!
So here's the link: removed. It would be nice to hear what you think of the overall playing and the song in total, bear in mind that it's a bit messy due to the hellish nature of editing on my POS computer :P
Every time I hear San Dimas, my head goes to Bill & Ted and their excellent adventures, but be sure to check out some used MIA strats!
Very good post! Excellent advice all people should follow!
Quote by Dio10101
This is a big part of it, and listening and trying to make it sound like him as closely as possible works. if you're any good at fusion and prog, you know how to sound like that style, and it's the same Idea to get this kind down. It takes practice, I did the same thing, coming from the exact same position as you, and I was able to pretty much master it. Just practice getting the mechanical aspect down and then learning how to really express the notes the same way.

This is really the best advice you can get. There's also a lot of videos on youtube that can explain it easily. Justin Sandcoe(or something like that, has a really good video on it.
I would agree that this song is very much mainstream, the rest of the album(which is available on spotify) sounds more stonery and metal-y.
Do you feel that it's boring because of no guitar solo? Very interesting reply, Zeletros!
My friend recommended me this new norwegian stoner metal band that just released a record. Curious to see what you US people think of it:
I bet you probably have some issues with your playing that you're unaware off. I noticed after reading this forum that my left hand moved way to much when going from the high e to the low e on the chromatic scale. I fixed it by using a metronome and carfully addressing the problem. My advice is record yourself, watch your hands, look out for anything you can improve(that includes the way you bend, vibrato, your legato, hammer on's and pull offs).

After that work on your ear training, that will definately help your improv too. Playng with other people is the BEST way to improve your playing, that I know for sure
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Get yourself a Highway One Strat. They're US made and IMO, have a much better tone than the American Standards. They only go for $699.99 US and are worth it.

With real Indonesian hardware too..
Brokeback Mountain's theme music is very similar to the intro of Blackbird..
I would recommend that you try some strings like ELIXIR! They're coated with some anti-rust magic thingy that really increases the lifespan of strings.
The RG series is great for soloing and metalriffing, that's what I feel after playing Ibanez guitars for almost five years now. The great thing is if you try different guitars, you can almost instantly tell if the guitar you're playing is suitable for you
Thanks for the tips!
Hello! I'm currently working with learning arpeggios and stuff, and I was wondering how I could use these argepeggios in a solo, for example in a backing track or something.

If a song contained the chords D, G, D, C, D, A. Could I switch between a D arpeggio to a G and so on?

And what kind of arpeggio would you suggest i focus on? Theres a ton of different ones, and it's kind of hard figuring out what kind of arpeggio I should focus on.

Is it possible to make it sound good to combine it with a pentatonic scale, and mix it up?

SWIM is feeling prettay groovy reight about now..