I'm down for a poetry style But what about if we each make a brand new poem, you choose the subject
Throne of fire

I'm sitting on a throne of fire.
A broken king with severed septer
Mind filled with aesthetic value
Eyes clouded with a vast magnitude.

Blind to the world outside,
A hidden insight, burns in my mind
Left there for nobody to find

Must leave my mark here,
On this empty soil of waste.
Proving my excistence,
as the world goes towards its end.
Hate's claws have got me
Darkness is all I see
Trapped in my mind of black
I've got to break free

Hellbent on acceptance, the way to power.
Pleading to the very mass, I wish to destroy

Trapped in this steam, of everyday life.
Can't seem to break, free!
Hellbent, on building the, world!
As it's destroyed, in my image

I'm sitting on a throne of fire.
A broken king with severed septer
Mind filled with aesthetic value
Eyes clouded with a vast magnitude.

Can't wait for the end, no, I'm stopping here.
Theres not a soul in this world that's truly there
So no big loss, as I bring this to the conclusion.

Succumbed to the fires, death's construction
Your screams only, make me, make me stronger.
Falling clouds and hellbent rage
Destruction of one's inner self

Told you to submit, you struggled
Prepare to meet your ****ing maker
Broken free from the shackles of this world.
Your screams makes me stronger, MAKES ME STRONGER

Makes me stronger.
Your life will last no longer
Feel this hunger
Blood pours from your soul
I have reached my goal
Makes me stronger

A song I wrote for a school project. The song was a metal song, and I wrote what went with the melody, and the melody was pretty flawed due to no coherent arrangement(I wrote the damn thing). But either way, here it is.
Ummagumma is pretty strange, but it's has sort of an appeal for me. Just listen to it a couple of times, I find I like the floyd better each time I hear their records. I can play Dark side 4-5 time in a row, then switch to WYWH, and play that 3 times, go back to dark side for 1-2 runs, and it'll still move me just as much. I only have DSOTM, WYWH and Animals, so I often switch between them Actually, when I sleep I put on a record on repeat, so I have DSOTM on monday and WYWH the next day and so on and so forth.
The obvious answer, Dark Side of the Moon!
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"And I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be frighted of dying? There's no reason for it, ya gotta go sometime."

And after the vocal solo, she responds "I never said I was frighted of dying"

That's brilliant! I like Great Gig even more now!!!

BTW; I greatly enjoy It's a Miracle on Amused to Death, especially after reading the whole "Webber ripped off Echoes" thing back in this thread, I've been reading it from the beginning, think I'm about at page 80 now
Truth is, technique has nothing to do with feeling. Of course, when you learn techniques you get new arrays of ways to express yourself, but it's the feeling you get on the inside that counts, no matter how it sounds coming out of your guitar! I had an almost religous experience whilst playing the guitar two years ago.

At the time, I had been playing for half a year, and I had just learned to bend and one position in the pentatonic scale, I bent out of tune, and played sloppy by conventional means, but goddamn, the feeling I got!!! Was incredible, I'll never forget that moment, the moment that I realized that this was the thing I wanted to do the rest of my life.
What the hell is that whispering in Great gig in the sky? I think I replayed that part about 10 times without hearing what the whispier was..
Can you explain to me which aspects of it made it a nice try, and what made it not very cool? :P What can I do to improve? I doubt I will ever wank effects, and hit the damn bongo drums ever again, but it would be nice to see what I could improve upon
Hey! Recorded this song in the schools studio with a bass dude for some project. Check out what you think about this
In an mp3 I have, the intro is a backwards kinda guitar that flows into the intro, and the ending is modified with a powering down effect, so this is kinda an early version, but good enough

Thomas & Lars - Landscape:
Hey! Just made this "song", had a pair of bongo drums, an acoustic guitar and a sing star mic, so i went crazy. My main inspiration creating this..."thing" was "On the Run" by Pink Floyd What do you think? Because, honestly, I have no idea my self :P
Oh, and "Septer" is the name for my bogus recordings, I put it on everything, and I made cover art too, cause I can't sleep right now :p

Septer - End of all kings:
My brother just introduced me to KC a couple of weeks past, so I just got In the Court of, and I ****ing love it, so glad I got introduced to them, going to go chronologicaly thorugh their catalogue
Quote by Novacane...
Track 8 off () Sigur Ros.

Damn, man ! That whole album is so ****ing beautiful, I've been listening to it every night the past week !
Eclipse - Pink Floyd
In the court of the crimson king - King Crimson
Just don't be a douche, drink beer and enjoy yourself, don't be nervous, even though it can be kinda hard not to be at the first jam session, but you'll get there Don't diss yourself if you make a mistake, just be chill. Play to the best of your abillity, if it's not good enough, keep practicing, if it is, then congrats

Oh, and bring pot :P
No, it'll be mahogany I have the RG 321MH. How would I go about doing so?
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Fanboy alert.

Count on it !
I'm bleeding Zakk til the day I die!
..without removing the bridge or anything like that. I'm thinking of removing the strings, then sanding it 'till it got its natural wood color, how can I do this without removing the bridge or anything, and what kind of sandpaper should I usa, and what kind of...oil thingy do i have to put on it for it to..become nice and natural again? :P

Thanks for the help in advance
Trust me get the metronome ! Better than getting the tuner, lose the tuner, and get better at ear training and tuning your guitar by ear, and start working on that metronome. It's the best thing to improve your speed and timing !
Bull**** that you sound like Zakk Wylde ! You might THINK your pinch harmonics sound like his, you might THINK your pentatonic licks sound like him, but unless you prove it, that you have the speed, agility, abillity to make the guitar scream like a mother****er, I'm calling bull****, either way, open your mind, I listen to anything from Pantera, Zakk to Kris Kristoffersen and Elton John, embrace music and **** everything else !

Just kidding, but calling his solos wankery is total bull, he did what felt right to him, and it sounded damn good and not out of place at all, he made some nice slow solos too, like Floods etc. But everything he did after Pantera, that means after he and Phil Anselmo split, is crap, seems like Phil was a good musical influence on him..
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3 inches of blood
morbid angel
lamb of god

are the only ones worth remembering

Pantera?? You lucky ****!! :P

For me, those worth mentioning are:
Cavalera Conspiracy(The best one)
Bullet for my Valentine
Killswitch Engage
Avenged Sevenfold
Slayer(Pretty good)
Satyricon(Pretty damn good)
Dimmu Borgir(Saw 'em in a dark forest at round midnight, it was an incredible atmosphere!!)
Flogging Molly

And in June I'll be seeing Faith No More, Disturbed(YUCK!) and Ozzy And possibly more!
That "The Roads Of Excess" band to one of the users in tnis thread was really good, reminded me a little of The Doors. But my faves of The Doors are the debut album and LA Woman, the latter is just fantastic, Jim's whiskey fueled voice is just mind blowing!
****, hard to choose! But 1994 for me: In Utero, Far Beyond Driven, Welcome to Sky Valley and probably something more I forgot!
Alice in Chains - Facelift
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
All other records I can think of, are bands that never did make it in the first place, like Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity and the likes. They didn't reach mainstream popularity.
Kyuss, Sleep, Electric Wizard, COC, Down and Bulk(
The 53 year old male hung himself with his bootstraps, and died shortly after.
Well, it looks like the boots..
wore him out!

Vanilla coke! Truly loved that ****, but plenty of folks disagree, but that aftertaste left heaven in my mouth.
Anyone else read this as "Dick Image"? :/
The Doors - The Doors
Kyuss - Welcome to sky valley
Pink Floyd - WYWH
Pantera - TGSTK
Down - NOLA

I enjoy psycedelic rock, groove metal, stoner/sludge metal, southern rock, pop etc. you name it, but the albums mentioned above are very close to my heart!
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You take that back!

This thread needs more Urehgano
Then you don't love the instrument enough! If you sleep 8 hours, scrap 2 hours, play guitar, and get some good 6-hour sleep! You need to dedicate at least 1-2 hours a day for your instrument, or else, you're not going to go anywhere...unless you're playing punk, though...
On my Ibanez RG321MH I've been noticing that I've gotten more marks quicker than on my previous guitar, which used basswood instead of mahogany, could this have something to do with the fact that the RG guitar has a very thin mat finish?
My Ibanez RG321MH is called Trendkill :P
Economy & Sweep, and down strokes, you don't know down strokes until you can play Reign in blood purely with it
When playing a solo, or something fast, i tend to use the neck, but when im riffing hard, i go with the bridge!
that you can play triplets really fast? either way, it could be good or bad, some mean it in a "you cant play with feeling kinda way", and others mean "holy crap your good,!"
what's a locking washer? where exactly is the nut? :P Can you just tape the wires to the metal arm thingy? :P
Zakk Wylde is my main influence, but I also take a lot from Dimebag and Pepper keenan, I enjoy the groovy solos of Dimebag and the stoner riffs of Pepper, Josh Homme etc. And Zakk just ties it all together so nicely for me, I love his style, and my soloing is starting to sound a bit like it, when I play a few slow solo notes, I make 'em squeal with feeling, just like he does, first it was a goal to do it, now it's my second nature, It's a good thing!