Albatross by Corrosion of Conformity, so stoner it justs grooves you out of this world and hits you like a ton of bricks!
Hi, I've just ordered the Ibanez RG 321MH, since my Ibanez GRG-170dx has ****ed me over just about too many times, so I'm ready to upgrade to the true RG series, with the real Ibanez Wizardry awesomeness neck, and I want my new RG to stay healthy, and avoid ****ing up the input thingy so it doesn't end up like my GRG. I've used the GRG almost everyday for two years playing VERY much on it every day, everything from 2 hours a day to 10 or 12, so it's no wonder why it got so ****ed up, but I want to take real good care of my new RG, so tips would be appreciated.
My ****ing Ibanez GRG-170DX ****fest edition guitar resumed making it's trademark "buzzing" noise, you know the one you often get when you're plugging the jack in? I get that when I'm moving around etc. the input is tighten very good, and I just had some guy fix the wireing, and it STILL makes the ****ing noises, could it be a wiring problem? Input? or the jack is ****ed?

Damn, I'm so pissed now, I always have a ****ing problem with my guitars, DAMN!!
the songs are of course more diverse than just 3 stirng chugging, but this perticular riff is like that, and loosening up definetly helped, any other tips? Should i continue working on the speed of the downpick riffs on a metronome?

Sorry about the bad typing and lack of grammer, I'm totally beat now, so I'm not really giving much effort into my english typing :P
I'm playing in a band now which is very heavy and fast on the down picking side, and I'm a bit more used to the Alt. approach, so I wondered if anyone had a good way of improving down picking. I'm using a metronome on the bandsongs now, increasing/decreasing the tempo of the songs etc. But some other tips would be great!
Vulgar Display of Power.
That's a "slaying" good argument you've got there

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Yes, because King makes the butcher cuts called "movies."

The books are amazing. The movies are not.

Well, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption were pretty amazing though, the latter I place as the greatest movie of all time
I'm reading Stephen King's IT, and I'm thinking, damn! I wanna write a novel, my own story, in a King style manner. Anyone else wanting to write something? I think it would be a great workout in a vocabular sense, and a generally productive thing to do, so anyone? :P
Just thought I'd contribute to this "great" forum, and this pool of bull****, so here it goes.

Mental Incarceration
My mind's full of grand thoughts
but I've got no direction!
No moral compass to guide me in life, It's personality disection!

Once I was full of ignorant bliss
but i lost my innocence
My eyes were blinded by one big haze, It all changed of one big blaze!

My eyes opened! I was free, free to ****ing see!
That the world was my new prison, and I'm serving life with no parole!
It all doesn't matter to me anymore, cause I ain't got **** to life for!

Putting thougths together is stress, all my words are one big mess.
I feel walls closing in, all I think is ****ing DO SIN!!

My eyes are open! I am free, free to mother****ing see!
That my head is my holding cell, and I'm serving life in my personal hell!
Does it matter, at all? It's my brain's that colour the bleak wall!
I've blow'n it all, I've lost my chance, but last I did it with elegance!

Just something I wrote in one go now, I'm feeling "creative"
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this i didnt understand

I'll help you, i have a MG amp already, I know how much it sucks, and even though my amp had damages due to...blows, it still sounded awesome with the POD, squeals were clean and sounded like pure zakk wylde crazyness, twas awesome!
I liked the tone, just wanted to get others opinion, but I tend to like tones that other people hate, I love Dimebag's & Zakk Wylde's tone
What do you guys think of this? I'm getting the MG amp for about 130,- and the Pocket Pod is about the same, i tried the Pod out with my MG15DFX amp(It's pretty ****ed up, input ****ed, it has sustained several hard blows to the front, but it caused the volume buttons to **** up too), and I liked the sound, squeals sounded mean as ****, and the sound was smooth & heavy, and i thought 75 more watts would mean louder mean sounding squeals etc. so what do you guys think? MG is a hated brand, and I know ALL ABOUT IT, but when the Pod got plugged in, it sounded amazingly better!
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Dopesmoker - Sleep.

Go torrent it.

The only Dope there is!
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- Eat is much as you want. What can you lose?

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And Sandblasted Skin is in G.
Learn your facts before you run your mouth.

Not a bonafide G, though.

EDIT* And unless you have a interview in which Dimebag states this, I do not believe it,you can play the song in any tuning you want, just adjusting the fingering, so I still think dime sticked to the D or possibly C.
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I think Dimebag tuned to G on Sandblasted Skin

Lowest tuning is probably Sunn0))) though, even though I don't know what pitch it is.

Bull****, he was tuned to D standard, C# on that record :P
Cool, but awful sound, and some of the riffs sounded kinda sloppy.
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Me neither! But try doing some of them by ear, Max uses a lot of dropped tunings, drop D, and drop C, and you can play some of the songs in Eb too, just feel your way to it!
The first song that comes to mind to me is...Come sail away and Floods, how about you?
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I still don't see it. Being inspirational has nothing to do with how much 'soul' you put in.

No, but how you act on stage both in persona and playing does.
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Ignorance is bliss!

Let me know when you, (or COC for that matter), write even one song that equals anything that Zeppelin did.

We'll all be waiting.

Hear Deliverance.
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Prove there is more soul in it, I want official charts and graphs. Else GTFO!

How about ****in history man? Shows they've done, statements they've made and people they've inspired?
You might think he's better, but when it comes to being an all around musician, and techniquely? He can't stand shit to Zakk Wylde, who's a far more versitile musician.
The reason my nick is "Wyldelife" is because of Pride & Glory/Book of Shadows Zakk Wylde, not the BLS stuff. In my opinion those records have more soul and heart than any Zeppelin record! Iommi, Clapton and Van Halen all did those things too you know, just smoother, better, and with alot more soul(Well, Iommi and Clapton anyway).
All he did was play at the right time in history, I've watched several live preformances of their songs, especially Stairway to Heaven, and he manages to mess up on the bends etc. making very many amateur mistakes, he's really nothing special compared to the other greates of the seventies! It seems to me that he doesn't love his instrument, his sloppy playing is a testament to that.
I think he's one of those guys, who learned guitar to make money, and when he first knows a few things, all they do is party etc. and neglect practicing, so in my book, **** Jimmy Page, **** Led Zepplin, **** music history, **** your opinions. I'm gonna go listen to some Corrosion of Conformity now, bye!

They announced it 18.October I think, any thoughts?
The movie is Anti-Racism, some of the signs are the scene with Ed looking the mirror seeing his swaztika, and covering it with his hand, get this ****ing straight guys!
I like the hybrid way, that is 010 on the EAD, and 09 on the GBE!
My guess is a mixture of lemon and...
Yes, and know you know!
The "Russell, what the ****!" thing
It all started in the "I got jumped" thread!
I've played it, check it out in my profile, i got about 75% of the song recorded, without a backing track, but please check it out!
I also saw Dimmu Borgir at the Hovefestival, they were actually playing, at the beginning of the show they said "We're here to spread some joy!", it was hilarious, they played great, and we're quite entertaining! They don't take themself seriously, the world does!
Gaahl was attending the Hovefestival 2008 in Arendal, Norway, and i saw him outside a McDonalds with his 17 year old boyfriend, i went wtf :P I also saw him at the festival.