I generally am these days. Damn near ten years on this site, three bans and no interest in guitars anymore.

I'll post occasionally, but my golden days in The Pit are gone. Also, sup guys.
As someone who used to be mad into it, it was never quite this bad. I got into it really damn early (before the brony label was even a thing) and back then, at least for me, it was just a show I liked but couldn't explain why. Then I found other people who were into it, and they were pretty normal for the most part. We'd watch Breaking Bad, we'd watch ponies.

But then more and more people got into it. People with issues were attracted to the 'tolerant' community. Fedoras became an icon. I met more and more of these people. The show then started going downhill and most of us left, because in the end, we just weren't that into it? When a show turns to shit, you generally stop watching or at least your interest in it dwindles.

But the others stayed, making more fan art, more jokes, more pages, etc. despite the 'golden age' of the fandom being long gone. It's a sad pile of social awkwardness these days and I'm glad I'm no longer into it.

tl;dr used to be into it, got in before the brony label was even a thing, millions of autismos eventually took over the fanbase around the time the regular guys left, now it's a piece of shit fandom, yadda yadda

Now I'm just a bastard who watches anime and modifies cars. Represent.
If I still lived in Melbourne, I'd probably have offered you a room, but I moved to Sydney in February. If you're ever up my way (Cronulla) and need somewhere to stay, chuck me a message. You owe it to yourself to do some decent traveling in Australia. Sydney's only the next city over, so not too far. Hell, my girlfriend and I got bored the other night and just decided to drive to Melbourne, sleep, and then drive back.

It's just dawning on me how long I've been a member here... and how little I bother logging in these days.
...I move to Sydney and now everyone has a pony avatar. The **** is happening?
Haven't watched Madoka yet. Just realized I have all of it in dual audio on my external. Non-biased opinion, is the dub any good? I'm drunk as **** and can't be ****ed with subtitles right now.
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>still has link to equestriadaily in his sig

4/10 you tried

Nigga, you can't make money from that shit. Economy 101
I've come back to the weeb side. Sold all my pony shit. Made like, $300.
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leviathan remember the time i cosplayed from KLK

oh wait u dont cuz you dont have me on fb

Who'd you cosplay as?

Also you're a nightmare on Facebook.
Took me this long to realize that Kill la Kill had an episode 25, so I watched it earlier today.

Getting back onto the feels train.
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Your bitterness will consume you. There is a war going on in your mind. The morning becomes the day. The moon becomes the night.

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Similar. But not the same.

Yet still awful.
If anything by Madeon doesn't instantly put in you in a great mood, there's something wrong with you. Especially this track.

EDIT: And also Porter. Turn it uppppp
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but from what ive seen of America, Australia, and the other 'big' countries, you'd be pretty naffed without a car if you wanted to go out of the city you live in.

Pretty much. The closest city to mine is over 800km away. And from Sydney to Perth is almost 4,000km. You're ****ed without a car if you live outside of the major cities here.
Anyone here seen what's out of season 6 yet? Is it worth watching? The show really fragmented and went off the rails midway through season 3 for me.
I used to know a heap of people's names here and then I stopped posting for a while. As far as I'm concerned, you're all ****ing strangers to me.

Except for a select few. You know who you are.
$14,890. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Just enough to fuel the car and eat food each week.
I'm a pretty passionate revhead, so I can barely go most days without at least one drive in my car. As for whether I could if I was forced to give it up, then I probably could. Melbourne has some great public transport, but not having a car would limit my freedom like crazy. Public transport is only really convenient for city traveling, not for suburbia where I live.
'dad fucks dead daughter'

And that's enough internet for one day.
Yeah, probably.

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what is this

it looks very jhonen vasquez

Daria. Come on, mayng.
Obviously alcohol.
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Great delivery service

My god, I just checked my trip computer for average fuel usage around town since the cam change.

20 liters per 100km. That's... incredibly poor haha. Man, I need a retune bad.
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Do you have a lift to do all those things?

Nah, just a jack and some stands. Everything I've done to this car so far has been a real backyard/bush mechanic job haha. It's a really simple machine, so working on it isn't very difficult thankfully.
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Can't wait for the manual conversion. That sounds like no small feat

Nothing a weekend with a mate and a carton of VB can't take care of.

You got any videos of your Bimmer, btw? Keen as to check that thing out.
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Inline 6's sound so good ! Nice and original car you got there ! I think you mentionned a manual conversion, right ?

Yeah, I'm looking to convert it to manual in a month or so. It'll make future mods a little easier. This cam doesn't like the auto very much haha.
Vegemite master race.
Pretty much like, every time I sleep.
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^nice straight 6

how long did it take to do the cam?

Thanks man Love my straight sixes ever since I owned an old '77 Mercedes 280SE. It took about five hours to do the cam, springs and the general dismantling/rebuilding, and then a further hour to tune. Still needs a follow-up tune though, it's a little weak between 2000-2500rpm and is using so much fuel haha. But it's a blast to drive now. Getting a lot of looks from people who know why it sounds the way it does too, which is nice.

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Why did you go with a fairlane ? Genuine question, I really want to know more about it !

Honestly, I'm a sucker for luxury and prestige. While it isn't the definition of that anymore, it was back in the day. I love the leather interior, I love the fact that everything is electric. I also love the engine. There's so much potential locked away in the Aussie Falcon I6, and it doesn't take a lot of work to really awaken it. I guess I just have a thing for big, thirtsy, powerful RWD sedans haha. Not to mention, I'm on the Ford side of the Holden vs. Ford rivalry here, and my family has always owned Falcons.

Here's a quick idle video if anyone wanted to hear it.
Got my Fairlane cammed yesterday. A new 1645b cam and brand new performance valve springs with a custom tune. The car is a whole new animal now. It hits 3,000rpm and takes off like a rocket, and the sound is to die for (dat lumpy idle.) So happy with the results.

Atheist. Parents are atheists, sent me to a private school for a better education, that strengthened my non-belief. Had a religious girlfriend who turned into a psycho because of her religiously authoritarian mother, which further strengthened my non-belief.

I don't give a shit what you believe in, but just accept that I'm not religious and never will be. Don't force your beliefs on me and we won't have any issues.
Usually a 700mL bottle of scotch in 2-4 days when I've got nothing on. But uni has started and I've begun working out again. Something about regular exercise makes me drink far, far less. So at the moment, I'd say one beer a day?
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Crap, second post was supposed to be this:

Jesus christ, that's brilliant.
Dat Bimmer. Love it, Xiaoxi.
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Holy shit.

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^you should take some in-action pics while you're workin on the car

I might just do that! Might be pulling the auto and installing a manual conversion as well. That'll give me an extra 10kW, less weight, more fun and far less issues. The 4spd auto boxes that come factory in Fairlanes are some of the worst gearboxes ever made, I'm convinced. This car has been through five of them. Granted, they only cost $250 each secondhand and I don't give them a particularly easy life, but still haha.
Got a big cam, new injectors and a retune going into my land yacht next week. Can't wait. Should be making a lot more power by the time it's all done. 4.0L i6