Dedicated forum for that make/model. And buy some tools!
Agreed with everyone else. Bite the bullet and ****ing do one.
When I go for my morning piss and catch the arm of my dressing gown on the door handle. I think I'm about to be sucked out a plane window. Everytime. Then I slip on the last step when I go for breakfast, and feel like I'm falling off Mt Doom. Also, everytime.
Refreshing Watermelons Are Refreshing.
Also, will trade for hardtail Superstrat.
Ashdown Fallen Angel 4x12 Cabinet. Great Condition. from Dorset, will ship and meet halfway. £170
Price drop to £170, still open to trade.
Economic and comfortable, can't argue with that
Ouch, stinger.

Personally, I'd use that money on a track car like you said.

How is the Zetec?
I was completely unaware about the s2000's being built outside of Japan! I need to research more

Ah that's a shame, what you driving at the moment?
Honda S2K? I'd call it JDM, but depends on your take on JDM I suppose.

@Tom. Are you getting those 1.2 micras for that rally? My boss used to have a 1.2 micra and it used to keep up with my old 1.6 focus They're so light.
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Oh deary me! No damage?

Yeah I figured it would be a similar issue what with the shitty weather today. I spun front wheels in 1st and 2nd. Might take a look and see how much tread is left.

Also - S2000's are so tempting.

Do it, get that JDM goodness!
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photo mode is ****ing awesome, that one track that has the huge steeped ring with the jump at the top is like the best for taking pictures. Nothing like seeing a smoked burgundy Audi R8 flying through the air at 140mph lmao.

Cape Ring Periphery, love that track.
I play in a classic/hard rock band and can get led zep tones right through to george lynch dokken era tones.
Picked myself up a nice Ej9 2000 Civic yesterday. 57k, clean as a whistle. £1400. As I'm new in these parts, who's the JDM heads around here?
Straight up Rock n Roller who dabbles in the heavier side of life time to time.

Charvel So-cal ProMod Black.
Look at the Blackstar HT-venue range. I bought a HT stage 100 (already had cab) for 600 sheets. Made by the old Marshall engineers, check them out!
Ashdown Fallen Angel 4x12 For Sale
8 Ohm and 16 Ohm input
Few nicks and tears but fully functioning and sounds great.
Only selling due to downsizing as it's a logisitcal nightmare for me and my band
£200 ONO

Would be willing to trade for a Hardtail strat. ESP, Ibanez low end. (I only drop tune now and again )
The only thing I've got to trade is Ashdown Fallen angel cab, but how much you selling the 360 for?
I've had My RG350DX for 3 years. I've upgraded my pickups, but it's a absolute trooper. It's good for metal, but if' youre playing live a lot, you'll want to swap the pups.
They're both guitars at each end of the spectrum for what you want. Fender for cleans obviously and Ibby for Metal. Throw up a budget and I'm sure we'll be able to find you something that can cover it all.
'And remember folks, herp that derp. Good night!'
BLS drinking game. Put a BLS ablum on and take shot every time you hear a pinch harmonic. I done it with the live dvd, I didn't make it to town....
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Should have wound the window up on his head, like in the movie Snatch if you've seen it.

"It's sadly ironic it's that tie that's got you into this pickle, mullet!" I ****ing love snatch
George Lynch Bones ESP 'Mom' or Billy Duffy's White Falcon.
I have 3 pairs and don't often wear anything else. I always get good comments about my boots aswell. Incredibly comfy and go with most things. Just buy 'em.
Fair enough! Don't ask, don't get! Hope you get a good deal man
I have an Ibanez RGR08LTD that I'm looking to part with.
Would you be intrested in a trade?
Sorry, forgot to post £250 ONO plus P+P. Looking for UK buyers really.
For Sale!

Ibanez RGR08LTD

2008 model
24 fret wizard II neck
basswood body
Reverse headstock
White binding on body
Seymour Duncan ABH1 Blackout Active Pickup

Very good condition
Selling as I recived this in a trade with a friend and I'm looking to put a deposit on a Prestige!

I can't put any pics up currently as I'm at work, but will when I get home.
If you have any questions, or would like any specific pictures, let me know!

Lack of 'High Plains Drifter' in this thread.
I managed to make a 7 shift, turbo Toyota yaris in GT5 last night, I'm not sure what else to say.