This is something Ive struggled with for a while. It seems like something pretty popular in funky styles for example, that fast, sometimes 32nd note strumming.

Guitar part that comes in at the beginning.

at about 1:05 (small example but it came to mind)

Any tips for getting that kind of technique? My pick has the habit of sliding right out of my finger at that speed, and my arm kind of goes into a stiff "raking" motion...
Yesterday I realized the pin inside the output jack on my strat (MIM) was a little bent out of place. It was making it so that my cable would constantly fall out because it would never click into place. So I open it up, thinking it would be an easy fix, and to my surprise, I barely touch it and the whole thing falls off.

Is there anything I should be aware of buying and replacing my output jack? Its a stock MIM strat, so Im sure that there are sturdier output jacks out there to replace it with. Can I just get the normal 1/4" ones at radioshack? Or are there things I should look for?

Also, is there anything I should know about changing them out? Im pretty new to soldering and stuff but I know how, I just dont want to mess up and have a really noisy signal or something.

Im loving Bygones alot. The first album that really turned me onto math, took a while to sink in then I was just blown away. Since then Tera Melos have been blowing my mind. If you want a pretty good place to go for a lot of mathy music, check out the label, Sargent House. Its home of Omar Rodriguez Lopez (from Mars Volta) and his solo projects, but has an insane amount of other great stuff on their label.

Oh and Zach Hill needs to be added to this list. He has some solo stuff. Oh and Carson Mcwhirter is an insane math guitarist that plays with Hella and Zach Hill I believe. Check em out.
I just defriended a good 40 people on a whim. Apparently there are alot of offended people now.
Awesome, this was a big help. Ill try playing around with my mids, thanks.
Yeah super slinkies are 9s. Im playing through a little Blazer 158 amp. So its the mids mainly? Thats one thing Ive never had a good grasp of, how the mids affect my tone, probably something worthwhile to know haha.
Ive been trying to get Colony of Birchmen down, and Im having a little bit of trouble with the tone. Does anyone have any advice for getting a good sludge metal tone like this?

My ds pedals are an Ibanez SM-7 and a Boss DS-2 (through a strat, never been much of a metal guitarist) just to give you an idea what I have to work with.

And also, any tips for playing drop tunings like this (whole step down) on a strat? Im using Ernie Ball Super Slinkies right now, considering maybe trying a heavier gauge, just not so much that I cant use this in my schools jazz band :P.
Lately Ive been trying to work on some more technical stuff than I usually do, and I have noticed some straining after practicing. I was wondering if I could get some tips on my picking technique specifically, but also get some tips on staying loose with my left hand too?

If this video doesnt work well as an example I could post something different, I wasnt really sure what format would work best.
Thanks guys, Ill check them out.

Anybody know about these. I love Vox, never heard about this amp. Adjustable wattage too, this is really appealing just looking at it. 2x12, 100 watts, adjustable wattage, and 20 some amp models.
Thanks for the head up guys.

I really like to be budget minded. I guess 500-1000 would be possible though. It would be nice to have a nice in between about gigging and playing at home. I can make plenty of noise at home, but I know that some massive stack wont sound good turned down to house volume... I play hard rock, progressive rock, hardcore punk, and even blues, so Im looking for something somewhat well rounded. As for new or used, I could go either way. I live in Montana, so there arent many opportunities to buy used... Closest city is 300 miles away (which would be POSSIBLE to go to, just really inconvenient). Right now I just play an MIM Strat, so its not like im looking for something mindblowing. Just looking for something that will last me a while, be appealing to me for years, and be able to gig.

Its way easier to think of solid state amps that fit my specifications... its just so tempting to go tube... haha

EDIT: What about the Valvetronix VT100? Im not particularly looking for a modeling amp, but hell, why not? (really, are there reasons not to?) Im a pedal guy personally, does anyone know if this amp would work well for that? Fits very well in my budget .
So, Ive been looking around at some marshalls lately, mostly just for fun, but I saw the MHZ15H (, and thought it sounded somewhat reasonable. All I own right now is a tiny Peavey Blazer 158. I have access to bigger amps (which are bass amps... but they dont sound bad), but they arent MINE :P. Also, Ive been buying effects lately, and Ive been angry at how bad they sound on my Peavey...

Do you guys know anything about this amp? I know its a 1x12", which I haven't exactly been recommended to buy. I want enough sound to play gigs... small to medium. Tube amps would be nice...

Does anyone recommend this amp? Does anyone have any recommendations for maybe a good, inexpensive, 4x12 tube or something?
Thanks Rokeman. Ive been trying it out on both settings, both are pretty cool, Ive yet to see exactly how Ill use each :P.

Big Muff is definitely next on my list. My issue with the big muff is I LOVE the tone, but I had to decide for versatility unfortunately. Ive yet to see if my DS is the best choice, but I think Im gonna stick with it, I know it will come in handy at some point. But Big Muff with Tone Wicker, definitely next on my list. Maybe a new amp after that :P.
Rokeman: Wow, I didnt expect the level knob to affect it that much... I guess thats what I get to being new to distortion pedals... Still pretty rough, but Ill have to try it a bigger amp i guess. So I know this is a noobish question, but what exactly will the level knob do for you? Ive always used it (on my overdrive at least) to even out my pedal with my clean tone so there isnt a big jump when I turn it on or off...
So I just got my Ds-2 in the mail. It was between the big muff pi and ds-2, and ds-2 won for what ive seen in the way of versatility. BUT. Now that I got my ds-2, Im a somewhat disappointed. Well, it isnt what I hoped for. I was hoping for a full, warm distortion, which is what I heard in alot of demos, but mine is harsh and crunchy. Part of the issue im sure is my tiny practice amp im trying it on though. Now Im debating whether or not I return it, and perhaps get the big muff... Or should I hold on to it, try to make the best of it? I mean, I get its use, and I have no doubt that it will come in handy at some point... but what do you guys think? I know its ultimately my decision, but im just interested in knowing what someone else might do.
Thanks for the tips. I own a bass, and youre suggestion might get me to pick it up and actually try making something with it haha.

Kurdt Staley: Im kind of in the same situation as you. I typically make decent chord riffs and stuff, but when it comes to rock riffs off of scales, Im not so great.

Im getting an 8 track recorder soon, so hopefully that will be a good way to experiment with beats and bass riffs, etc.
Lately Ive been playing around with the blues scale alot more than normal, and Ive come up with a few good riffs, but Im noticing a difficulty with making riffs in general. There are a few preconceptions I have, that I know are most likely wrong or harmful to my own creativity.

First of all, if I make something resembling a riff to another song, I immediately push it away. Rhythmically or note wise, it doesnt quite feel like my own creation, but I also know that inspiration is how you are going to make something.

And more to the title, I have trouble building a riff to a steady beat. Usually Ill continually try something new, but it ends up not having a definable beat. Have any of you guys had success with building riffs to metronomes or drums? Or when you are messing around trying to make a riff, do you have a 4/4 time going in your head as a basis?

Sorry if this doesnt make sense, sometimes stuff like this is hard for me to explain.

I own an Ibanez SM7 Smash Box, and recently Ive noticed that the footswitch doesnt work about, 95 percent of the time. I usually have to step on it a thousand times, or open it up and play with the switch. Not exactly convenient for gigging :P. (And Ive actually had to play with it during one.) Any tips on how to fix this? I might just bring it in to get fixed, but it would be nice to be able to fix it myself.
DP-008 sounds awesome, I might end up getting this. Main thing for me is being able to play around with the tracks on my computer, but the other 4 tracks is a huge plus, and being able to use phantom powered mics could also come in handy. Sounds like a good purchase to me.

moody: Whats your opinion on the DP-008? Just interested to get an opinion from somebody who doesnt like MTRs.
Thanks, thats good to know. I was thinking about getting an audio interface originally, but I kinda though, "Oh I can do the same thing with an MTR, I may as well get one because its more portable". I guess my mission now is to find a good audio interface that will work with my laptop...

Ive been looking at this 4 track, and I have one question really, do recorders like this allow me to edit further on a computer? Because it would be kind of limiting to not be able to tweak eq or add some effects. Plus, Im used to recording on audacity, would I be able to tweak tracks like that? Do these recorders export each track seperately? Or as one mixed audio file? Looks great to me otherwise.
There is some pretty decent software called Fretpro out there thats free, which got my foot in the door to memorizing the fretboard.

Above all though, I benefited from a year in Jazz Band. Learn chord shapes, and get some lead sheets, and just play, by finding the root of the chord. Play the songs in different places, shapes with roots on every string, etc.

Also, learning octaves across the guitar is very beneficial. Just knowing how many frets away and how many strings away the closest octave is and stuff is also very helpful.
As in bending the string? It shouldnt have to. Alot of your problem is mostly likely strength in that finger. What I did when I was learning them was to barre the string comfortably (even starting out, you shouldnt really be STRAINING yourself) and then play each of the strings making sure they ring out. Work on that as well, because Im guessing thats what you were talking about when you said "crrtch". Just play each string and make sure they ring out fully.
Yesterday I had a gig, and I told the girl I like that she should come. She kept saying "Im coming just to hear you" and "Im so excited!", and I played the gig, waved to her out in the crowd and whatever, and after the gig, she kinda was passive toward me. She just talked to her friends, and didnt really make an effort to talk to me. I tried dancing with her, and she kept looking away or looking around, then she just said something about the people next to us, and she just stopped dancing. I was expecting at least a bit of an effort from her, but I dont know what to think of it. I know that this could probably mean anything, but what does RT think?
Yeah, thanks for the advice. I think I might wait a while, but Ill still keep in touch with her. And I wont say it haha, I figured that, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Im guessing she probably knows by now.

Another thing is, is that today I had a gig, and I told her she should come. She kept saying "Im coming just to hear you" and "Im so excited!", and I played the gig, waved to her out in the crowd and whatever, and after the gig, she kinda was passive toward me. She just talked to her friends, and didnt really make an effort to talk to me. I tried dancing with her, and she kept looking away or looking around, then she just said something about the people next to us, and she just stopped dancing. I was expecting at least a bit of an effort from her, but I dont know what to think of it.
So, there is a girl that Ive been hoping to ask out. Ive kinda hinted at it, but it was always just kinda friend-friend stuff. She is a senior (highschool), and she is out of school now, graduation is in a few days, so I wont be able to talk to her in person. I know its lame to text, so I wont, but what about phone?
I was thinking about just telling her "Hey, I just wanted to say Ive liked you for a long time, and I know we havent gotten to know each other that well, so I was wondering if you want to go to (something)." Would that be clear enough that its a date? Does it sound lame if I tell her I like her?
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
Letting her be certain it's a date is done at the time of the asking. Allowing her to think it's a "friends thing" then trying to make her think it's a date later is incredibly creepy and a major-league turn-off.

Thanks, ill remember that. Ill probably ask her out on a real date to something else after a while.
Quote by TSmitty6
Chevelle/10 Years? better hope she doesn't go home w/ the bassist. A rock show isn't the best to take a girl to IMO. its kind of agressive and has lots of sweaty dudes. i know, im not as experienced or as old as most guys in this thread, but I have been to just about every type of concert (classical, jazz, blues, metal, hiphop, rock, jam, techno, more) and go to a concert every month.

I would say take her to like, a festival, so at least you can pick what bands you wanna see, go eat some food, look at the booths, etc. A jam concert can be cool too if shes a hippy chick and everyone's really nice (and high). i went to Grftl Dead, lemme tell ya...lotsa of action goin on there. but, id actually say a hiphop show is the best. i mean the beat just has you dancing, kinda floating bobbing ur head, grinding, etc. Don't go to like...Flo Rida and that crap of course, go to the good underground hiphop. Or, the party/edgy kind such as Tech N9ne. hiphop shows are parties.

If ur going to Chevelle/10 Years, hopefully it isn't crowded. Find a place where u won't be fighting off big sweaty dudes, dont get near the mosh. I couldn't hit on a chick @ a rock show like that, but I'm sure you will have a good time. Especially if she wants to go and is already into that kind of music ahead of time.

Yeah it was her idea, so its not really like I can say "Hey lets do something else" haha. Coincidentally, as I was about to ask her out to a movie (i know, apparently a bad idea), she said, we should go to this concert! Its a small town, so it shouldnt be too crazy. Ill try to stay as far away from the mosh as I can.
So I am planning on going to a Chevelle/10 Years concert with a girl i like, (she probably takes it as going as friends, but I hope to make her think otherwise). First of all, Im not terribly familiar with either band, and neither of us have been to a concert before. What should I expect, watch out for, do, etc? I have a feeling I come off as awkward around her, so I want to fix that haha. Or any advice for turning it into a "more than friends" kind of thing? Thanks.
So, Ive really been puzzled by some of the tones on some of the songs. I am a huge noob at tone, ive just managed to get by all of this time, but Im really wanting to learn more. What is he doing to get these tones?

Power Of Equality: The intro (Distortion, compression, high highs?)
If You Have To Ask: The rhythm funk (really trebly, but I cant seem to find a good spot, EQ?)

Im sure most of my problem is the fact that I have a crappy amp and a crappy pedal, but Im sure there are some things to be learned. Any tips on emulating these tones? Any references on EQ?
I guess most of it is because Ive almost always played with bad technique, because I know I have played faster than that before haha. Thank you though, Ill start studying the technique some more. I know that I had this same issue with correcting my alternate picking, and now I feel much more comfortable with it.


EDIT: Wow, I cant believe I thought I was hearing another beat in there. I was playing sixteenth notes, so I feel a little better now. And its not that I am comparing myself to others, its more that I just want to know where I should be aiming with this. I know Im not too fast, but I was more wondering where I should be aiming if right now I play sixteenths at 110.
Ive been going through some of the DVD Rock Discipline (the exercise is pretty straight forward, pretty much 1234 across the strings), and Ive noticed Im much slower than I hoped. When trying to play from the wrist, trying to maintain a good technique, I can only play sixteenth notes at 110 Bpm. Its never been an issue for me so far, and when I have needed to tremolo pick, I always did it from my elbow, but I know its wrong. (I know there is a similar thread about this up, but its not directly applicable :P). First of all, (I hate to ask the "Is this good enough" question) is this an average speed, or a good enough starting spot? Ive been playing for 3 years, and Im just curious to what level I should be aiming for immediately. The main reason I want to get better at this is to improve my legato speed, and do it with proper technique.

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, the main reason Im interested in theory is that although I can write some things, I feel like I wont be able to get to great heights without deep understanding of the music. Ive become decent at playing by ear, without really knowing the theory behind it (I can occasionally say, oh, thats based off of a minor pentatonic scale or something, but not much deeper than that :P)
Thanks for the feedback. I think understand the major scale (I think I do, every time I turn around, I realize Im missing something). I know that the intervals are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and the whole WWHWWWH formula, etc. I guess one thing I dont fully have a grasp of are intervals between the major scale notes, so I guess I could start there.

Would you say having a good grasp of reading music will be helpful? Im trying anyways, and it seems like some things could come easier, especially rhythms, etc.
Im sure that this is asked to death, but I couldnt find a specific answer for what Im looking for via searchbar.

Ive been listening to Fantomas lately, and I was playing around with a bandmate today, trying to make a thrashy breakdown, but I could not get the tone. What are some things I should look for in a tone like this? I know its really trebly and gainy, but thats about it.
Ok, I have been playing guitar for 3 years now, and for two of them, I have been trying to learn theory. All I have left with is a loose understanding of chord formations, reading C Major, and various facts. I really want to crack down and start to learn, (mostly to aide writing, improvisation, etc, I can write basic, melodic things, but they arent technical, nor musically complex). What should I start with? I could learn a scale, sure, but alone, thats not much of an accomplishment. I could learn to construct chords, but without knowing how they relate to each other in a writing sense, that doesnt mean much. Any tips on how to organize this feat?
Part of my issue is that to strum this fast, I hold my pick pretty loosely, and if I move my arms around to much, my pick stumbles and falls out of my hand.
When Im doing something like this standing up, is it ok to strum with alot of motion from my thumb and index? I cant seem to do it from my wrist with this!
Ok, this is something Ive been having an issue with for a while now, and Im starting to really want to fix it. When Im sitting down, I can typically strum quickly fine, but when I stand up to do it, it can get sloppy. What Im playing is 51st anniversary by Jimi Hendrix, and on the last verse, there are some really quick strumming parts. How should I be holding the pick and strumming standing up?
Ive noticed that I have more control with strict alternate picking. Has anybody else noticed this?