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The whole "x-genre is killing y-genre" has been happening for years. Glam rock killed metal, grunge killed glam rock, alternative killed grunge, nu-metal killed alternative, metalcore is killing me, etc etc. Same bullshit argument over and over.

I realize that, I was just saying that specifically on this board, when someone came in here and started the whole "lolz scene is hardcore" or whatever, people wouldn't get so pissy about it. They'd simply say no your wrong and be on with their day. Not some ridiculous lash out that really isn't needed. Hell, this whole thread seems to be rather useless.
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I fail to see how anything's changed.

I don't remember so many people getting angry over this. I mean, I used to remember people posting at most a sentence about how some scene band wasn't hardcore and calling it a day. I dunno, maybe I just never paid to much attention.
Is this how the forums are now?
Speaking of, Micaragua smashes my face in on a daily basis.
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Opinions can't be stupid.

What are you talking about, opinions can be extremely stupid.
1. No Heroes
2-5. Unloved and Weeded Out/ Jane Doe/ You Fail Me/ Petitioning The Empty Sky
bland. Metalcore not hardcore.
I need to watch more scrubs
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Pokemon will never die.

It'll only faint
My mom brought home this massive batch of nacho cheese the other day. I ****ING LOVE NACHOS!
tmv are okay. I don't think they are as amazing as everyone hypes them out to be.
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Nice! They're good dudes.

Aren't they suppose to have an album coming out soon? I haven't checked up them for a while now.
The Carrier
Trap Them
Ghostface Killah
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^ yes that song is f'n pro...
its weird if you fall asleep listening to TSC and it goes real quiet and BAM! Man land wakes you up!

I was about to say. PEOPLE DISCUSSING TSC and S/T?!?! Its always good to see. Need For Repetition anyone? Does not get enough credit.
Frick!!! Every time I try to give obfuscation another chance, that little solo section jumps into my ears and reminds me of DT! GARGH! WHY!
It reminds me a bit to much of Dream Theater

Yes, that's a bad thing
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and "54 duncan terrace" which doesnt exist on youtube.

This is quite possibly my favorite AH song next to City Nights. Pretty much all of Secrets is amazing actually.
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But it's usually done better.

The whole tone of the music is kinda changed hopefully for the better. It seems a lot more playful and laid back.

"On rainy dayz I sit back and count ways on
how to get rich son, show and prove, ask my blitz
Stood up late nights, build with my a-lias
We can pull a heist, snatch ice, or rock mics"

sorry, had to
Mustang Man is right though. Obfuscation isn't that exciting. The solo is actually kind of bad...
I actually really like mirrors though. I'm really hoping the other songs really make up for Obfuscation because I really REALLY don't want to have to experience a disappointing BTBAM album.

Also Mustang, how is Only Built For Cuban Linx 2? I never got around to getting it and 1 was ridiculous.
its a pretty ridiculous conversation to even begin with. Oh wait, I'm ug. Never mind then.
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This may be blasphemy, but hardcore + post-rock lovechildren please? All I have really is the harder post-metal bands like Mouth of the Architect and stuff.

Or you could try screamo + post rock. Cuz envy rules pretty hard.
Why are you guys even comparing btbam and converge?
An Autopsy is good, not the best, but its not terrible either.
been a while, hows everyone doin? (if you guys remember me)
haha, the last bit was ace
New song is beast
Its a skin condition. Don't remember what its called, but it comes and goes.
The Campaign 2/17/09
I know alot of you guys aren't really into this band but yeah new song up now on there myspace.
I'm a bit iffy on the sound but I'm really looking forward to this. They seemed to take a much more slower approach but it still sounds heavy as ****. The only thing I had a problem with was making out the drums at times, but that's just a sound thing.
I actually enjoy Common Man's Collapse here and there
You'll take the ride
To leave this town
along that yellow line
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Well Trivium and BFMV are not really metal are they?
They are just posers in my opinion and opinions of many friends of mine.
Also they are becomifn mainstream trash.
As for opeth, metallica and deicide.
IMO i think metallica have always been mainstream, they have had some good songs but after St. anger they just sucked. even the new album is total sh*t.
As for opeth and deicide i have no opposition for them
But all this "core" is ruining metal.
As another thread stated, all REAL metal is being classed as screamo.
These new core bands are just people screaming, pig squeals and breakdowns.

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Oh and I neglected to mention the jazzed up version of Billie Jean they did...with rap solo by the guy who was playing keys...funny shit.

this sounds amazing
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Dude, you need to get TAO.

Probably my favorite cover album.

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listen to the prepro versions of An Autopsy, All Dark Graves, Leica, and Ghost of a Stranger. WAAAYYYYY better than the album versions. Heavier drums, and just an all around better sound. The non album version of Leica especially. So much more win than on the album.

On a side note, I have fallen in love with Planetary Duality. We have eloped to Greece. If you need her, just leave a message. We'll probably be in the midst of vigorous ear sex, so don't expect a prompt call back.

PM link Please
I had to youtube all of them because the myspace player seems to be not working on my comp. That being said, you need to change the thread title because it is unbelievably misleading. All these bands are amazingly boring. Nothing stuck out at all. The only one I couldn't get any material on was Corpus Christi so they may be alright but I can't say anything until I listen to them, besides that the rest of the bands were mediocre at best.
Does Luke do most of the piano stuff, I think I read somewhere he was credited for all the piano stuff on the albums. If he does then props because the end of spoils is so good.