What music do you play?

EDIT: I'm guessing SOAD. Then this guitar suits you perfectly. What amp do you have?
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What amp do you have? And we need to know what kind of heavy metal and alternative you play in specific.
Ibanez and Jackson?
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1. It's your opinion. I think the second one looks better
2. Nope, they are all crap. But it shouldn't matter so much at this stage.
3. USB connector thing. Costs 150+ usually. But normally people record by mics.

If you are looking to get into a band. You WILL need to upgrade your guitar and amp in the future. This is just your first guitar. So it doesn't really matter which one you go for. Personally I'd go for the second one as Gio is better than whatever the first one is.

What style do you play (or most likely to play?)

Another thing. You might get more if you go used. Check out your local guitar stores and eBay for used guitars.
Non of them comes with EMGs.

I'd go with the S320 as it is the cheapest. And then change the pickups. Or if you want a cooler looking guitar. Get the S470DXQM.
Yeah. S320 or used RG550/570/770 etc.
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i have an rg370 dx, and i put a seymour duncan JB-4 in the bridge and a '59 in the neck. huuuuuge upgrade.

I doubt it with your current amp...
If you are based in the UK, then I'd say Washburn x50pro. In US then probably Epiphone LP Ultra, it has a chambered body. If I remember rightly, 3 pounds of weight has been taken off.
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^ what CJRocker said basically
Maybe I will try and haggle down the price a bit...

Or should I just ask them to throw in a free pickup? I think a SD custom 5 would be pretty sweet in bridge.
I don't have any pics atm. Should've taken some with my phone. I'll go down there again tomorrow.
No, it wasn't a prestige. RG570EX might be it. I'll go down and check again tomorrow.

Is it worth 300 pounds?
No, it has shark fin inlays. The guitar looked well used. So I am guessing about more than 10 years old?
Just tried out a RG in my local shop. It is Japan made, HSH setup, V8 S1 V7 pickups, shark fin inlay (those 2 pointy thing), Three piece neck (darker line in the middle) and orignal edge bridge.

Can anyone tell me what it is? And for 300 pounds would it be a good buy?

Oh yeah, I remember the hardware being chrome or black. (can't really remember which)
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If you were to get the Gibson, you'd better off buying a plane ticket to the US and bring the guitar back. Works out cheaper that way.
Im looking for amp settings for Trivium and KES. Anyone? Cheers.
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7 string non-strat shaped guitars:

Razorback V
7 string avenger
Viper 407 (hardtail)

That's all I know.
Since it's a floyd rose thread. I will ask a question here that I always wondered.

Is there a 12 string guitar equipped with floyd rose? If so, how the hell do you keep that thing in tune...
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This is irrelevent but...

I am thinking of going to LSC as well! I might see you there next year (Im in yr12)

But I am not entirely sure what you need. (grade etc.) I've got 6A*s, 5As and 1B for GCSE, and probably looking to get all As in A level. Would that be enough, you reckon?
Those things are really expensive!

You'd better off going down to GAK during the weekend and buy this:
Ebay eh?

Try Epi G400
Kramer Focus series
Ibanez RG321 as stated above
Cort X series
There is some difference in quality. But the super high price is probably due to the collector value of the guitar.
Right. I will keep an eye out for Schecter C1 series as well.
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I guess that's the only way.

But I'd like some suggestions and ideas before I go in the store.

Also. I will probably try out guitars in Les Vages, my mum and dad will spend their day in casinos and I will waste time in guitar shops
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Well, I want something with hot passive pickups. Mahogany or basswood body. A hardtail bridge. And the neck shouldn't be too thin.