Did the diamond blitz make an appearance
Hangin out with better ppl
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Kek (also romanized as kuk or keku) was an Egyptian god of the infinite primordial darkness that existed before the beginning of time in a particular Egyptian creation myth.  I know because I played in a band called Keket, named after Kek's female counterpart.  I picked the name because I am an avid Egyptologist but unlike Nile the lyrics have no relation to Egypt.

Somehow though nerds and the alt-right picked Kek up for some reason, probably because it sounds like cuck.

nah people started using kek as a replacement for lol years and years ago because thats what the koreans use instead of lolololololol, they'd have kekekekekeke.

that transferred over to people just using kek

it transferred over into the whole frog thing because of how often its used as a lul type post.  basically memes and shitposting.
really putting that 60 iq on display
use running water to thaw it
Thanks you guys just cleared the games i didnt really want from my list


Ichi if you want one ill buy it for you but you aren't getting one o mine
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momie did you really get 5 copies of whatever that thing you wanted is

send me one

why would i send you one of my own
Does the herm fuck a girl
You guys were talking about a hermaphrodite or something here?
didn't realize you were married ichi
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Will put my thoughts here because fuck it.

Hendricks is donezo.

Wonderboy motherfuckers.  Put a schooling on Masvidal.  So many people were underrating Wonderboy because of the shitty Woodley fights and waaay overhyping Masvidal's striking even though he's barely been dominant in the striking department in the UFC.  Some of the things, like the sidestep straight counter that got the knockdown, were things of beauty to watch in this fight.

Sad to see JJ go out like that but it was bound to happen.  She's been a weak starter in almost all her UFC fights, even getting dropped in some of them, and Rose didn't let up when it happened this time.  Maybe JJ does have a weak chin.  Imo, I just think JJ leaves herself too open trying to be aggressive.  Seems like there might be an instant rematch so we'll see what happens.

Glad to see TJ win.  That knockdown in the first was eerily like the "knockout" video Cody released before the fight.  Amazing to see TJ listen to his corner and make the necessary adjustments and for them to work.  That high kick to shut up the crowd chanting "Fuck You TJ" and then that finishing exchange was amazing.
-Cody will be back though.  Dude's real young and his speed+power just blows me away when he fights.

GSP! GSP! GSP!  Fight went about how I thought it would.  Bisping with the cardio advantage and reach that was giving GSP some fits.  But Georges' speed and overall skills were fucking unbelievable in that first round.  Dude looked better than he ever did that first round and that is saying something.  A bit of gas problem though but that's understandable as he hadnt fought in 4 years + carrying so much more muscle.  GSP was HUGE.
-No shame in Bisping losing to GSP because he looked spectacular.  Bisping may not fight for the belt again but he'll pick up some more wins I'm sure before he retires.

Overall, amazing card.  Even the undercard despite all the weird shit with the ear kick, super late kick, Dan pausing the fight for a mouthpeice after a fighter just got fuckin rocked, still amazing card.  10/10 in my eyes.
the state of the avatars in the GT
league's been too dark for awhile im glad they're adding in a sexy loli
Nigga you can't just go and make a VS thread
the good ol showroom days

how far are you into naruto
also ins wouldnt like berserk
Vic are you watching the concert for Chester
This concert has been some good shit.
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I think I'd really enjoy that friend.

the heck konbini kareshi
Micky is a jew name.
that mouth is all fucked up

have some o dis

That's a more common and known move though.
MJ also performed live a lot as well
 A system and method is provided that drives microtransactions in multiplayer video games. The system may include a microtransaction arrange matches to influence game-related purchases. For instance, the system may match a more expert/marquee player with a junior player to encourage the junior player to make game-related purchases of items possessed/used by the marquee player. A junior player may wish to emulate the marquee player by obtaining weapons or other items used by the marquee player. 
This is fat shaming
How's the evil within game