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what if i'm mexican but i'm white?

If you kill the gay youll be accepted.
Only whites are allowed.

Unless they suck my ****
Gays are not welcome as well
Any whites are welcome
Ok fellow skin heads its time to unite as one on Ug that is I think the Jews, blacks, mexicans, and asians need to be seperated into groups so the decent people can discuss important matters together. What do you think?

ps, if your a mexican, black, Jew, or asian then get the **** out.
I should be getting Eaten back to life in the mail soon.
What kind of metal would Dethklok be considered?
So I have come to the realization that the only way I'm gonna become the kind of musician I want to be is if I know my theory pretty damn well. I already know my minor and major pentatonic scales and my modes and major and minor scales, you know just the basics of scales. I'm training to become a technical death metal guitarist and I am new to it but would anyone know what kind of theory to study and a good website to help me get the information?
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lets see, about 4 years ago, when i had the 24hr stomach flu. it sucks so much. you got diaherria and you throw up alot, sometimes when your ****ting. so i'm sleeping because its the best cure for this. i wake up after a while and flip around. as i do i hear "squish". fearing the worst i run to the bathroom and turn around. ****...all down my spongebob pants....down my legs...spongebob is now dark brown. it was the worst. as if that wan't bad enough...i had a blanket on me and i **** all over it too and the couch i was laying on.

and after seeing the **** i'm forced to go throw up and it was the same color as the ****.

so yeah that was fun.

Thats brutal
Kill was my starting album, now Im into oldschool CC the most.
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the face that people is need to point out falts of others to make up for thier lack of self confiendence is an awful trend too

Judging people they know nothing about is also a very common trend to the close minded ass. Shame on you
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Yawn has beat me to yelling at idiots.

But yeah, reporting stupid threads and using proper grammar shouldn't be 'trends'. They should be fucking common sense.

Yeah but people do that to piss off other people a lot of the time.
I gotta stop going of ug this is getting lame
I think a lot of people are saying " You phail at life", which is lame and its a current trend for people to say your reported which I am also not fond of. What other trends can you think about UG.
Ok heres the answer to the stupid question you've all been arguing about, Females are generally softer than Males and metal is a heavy genre so there yu go.
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You put punk on that list, and you probably don't even know what it is.

Punk is music for people with small penis's
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I was in marching band at my University, and I made the mistake of eating mexican food for lunch that afternoon. Right about when we're setting up to march onto the field for our game opening set; My abdomen clenches up and I'm thinking: "Oh man, not here, please".

By the way, our uniforms were completely white, just a tidbit to keep in mind. My section captain (practically crying with laughter), tells our director the situation, who then tells me to tough it out and go after the opening set. First, we marched a lap around the field, then marched for 15 minutes for our set. The whole time I can't even play my instrument, I'm just trying to keep it in.

Finally, we finish the set, then head up into the stadium bleachers for our game performance, after which the director says I can go. It was the first time I had been in that stadium, so I asked him where they were. He pointed up to the concession stand, where roughly 300,000 stairsteps separated me from my goal. I took off with a flash, just trying to get there. As I'm running, a small child runs out in front of me, and I trip over him. The sudden shock of falling and the surprise of it all...caused me to release.

The aftermath was that I had to go back to my dorm (paying the cleaning bill out of my own pocket to wash the WHITE uniform), adding insult to injury was the guy at the cleaning place who made fun of me. I'm pretty sure the young child needed therapy after a 215 pound man fell on and then **** all over him.

...I quit the band shortly after.

Thats a pretty good story it reminds me of the band geeks on american pie.
Ok people stick with the subject fags, you probably feel cool flaming someone because everyone else is doing it, but your the real tool you punk bitch.
I havent heard the bleeding yet but I know that any Cannibal Corpse cd is good.
Has anyone ever had a blood fart? they hurt bad.
You can buy ocarinas for like 8 bucks, Im definitely getting one.
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that seriously made me laugh

Its an old joke my friend told me when we were little kids, I dont think its been used before.
Sometimes when I have to fart and I force it out I force out crap. I hasn't happened for a year though.
When I was 11 and I was at the park I had to go crap really bad and it was runny, so I tried running up the large hill to the crapper but I didn't make it I crap'd my pants. Then I went to the lake to wash my cornhole and ever since I have had the nick name avacado boy.
I never had any problems being a freshman because I would skip school everyday.
No one looks cooler smoking than slash.
I made an ocarina out of clay once it sucked though because I built it wrong, and I couldnt get the notes to play.
I dont like Mandolines but banjos look pretty fun
Bella Fleck and the Flecktones got me into banjos.
Well I'm feeling quite gay today, I'm gonna go smoke a fag.
No way I cant believe it how much harder can it be than shredding neo classical.
I want an ocarina bad.
Ddude banjos are cool I wanna get one I'm guessing that the banjo is much easier than the guitar so discuss banjos. How much do they cost anyway?
Its all about chewing tobacco and banjos.
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this is really weird but i soak them in milk (about 3) and mush them up,drink the mild and use a spoon to eat the soggy oreos

I used to do that with graham crackers.
1. Split it in half and lick the cream
2. Dunk it in milk(my favorite)
3. Chop it up in little pieces and eat
4. Make an oreo pie
5. Oreo ice cream yummy
7/10 because You have a cool guitar
Oh yes intestines will get you higher than a kite.