thanks guys for clarifying this. was struggling to keep up playing them 7 notes to a beat
Thankyou! ^
So i have my grade 7 exam on guitar on monday and i have a timing issue. Basically i have to play some scales but they're not being specific on how to play them. so this is an example. (The bpm is 70). sorry about the size

I'm not sure if i play them how you normally would play them, as in play them in groups of 4 or do you play them in sevens (like septuplets).

Help is much appriciated

newton faulkner
i dont know what mine is...
had my first drink at 11... 5 years later. i drink every other day...
ye i used to play that with my dad
why is she out the kitchen

Edit : dam beaten
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fix'd for me

Here's the poster:

And is it just me or do they look like twins

is it just me or is the one on the left playing Dmajor wrong
come to the west country!
No. You are not interesting. At all. I don't know if you are cute, but it doesn't matter. You aren't interesting. * 26 minutes ago

this made me lol
invincible- muse
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we joined at a similar time.. *joins PlayMadness in reminisces*

I joined when it was at its peak.. Good times
If you look at the top 40 metal is not mainstream but it is by far a minority...
I'd tap that...
just turning up all the knobs on the Amp, and turning on Distortion pedal while on the overdrive channel to make it sound Br00tal
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I would seriously think back about a watch. You can get some really nice Citizen watches that are powered by light (any light, not just sunlight). I thought watches were a bit of a boring gift until I was given a decent one.

this.... or anything that you will keep for a long time and you'll remember... im getting an SLR camera for GCSE reward
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Hey everyone

I've got a standard mex strat but i feel the pickups are a bit dull, i've adjusted them but they're still not 'quite right'

I'm looking for something much twangier but that could also be driven for classic rock, any suggestions??

I have a mex strat as well, i dont mind the pickups, I guess it depends on what you play really
Audacity is NOT reliable recording software
The Body on the Epiphone looks horrible compaired to the Gibson
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oh, damn. What do you people think of it?

i dont mind it but if all of resistance is like that... ill be dissapointed
Once more with feeling is my favourite of their albums and pure morning is the best track
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Some n00bs might be scared off by Micro Cuts.

and Muscle Museum
i lurk alot... to scared to say anything noobish
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I'm going to show this to my girlfriend
She's Estonian

EDIT: I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

I think the real question here is 'could a woman rape a women?'
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*None of the Above*
Theres players in Non-league better than that lot.

If they were better than the ones in the poll. why arent they in the top leagues?

serge from kasabian... he is my man crush
"if you're having female problems I feel sorry for you my dear chap, I've got nimety nine issues but a female dog isn't one of them..."

used to play but i found it to be a expensive irratating sport
kasabian's new album is amazing...'west ryder pauper lunatic asylum'

and muse's new album is out in a month or two so ill have a new favourite
i had a wet dream about one of my teachers a while ago
Looking through Itunes...

Rebellion-Arcade Fire
Buck Rogers - Feeder
Are you gonna be my girl- Jet
Closer-Nine Inch Nails
Golden Brown- the Stanglers
The Great Escape- We are scientists
cool story bro...
"today im going to show you how to whammy without a whammy"