I just can't sell anything at the moment. Got so much stuff I want to sell and some bits I want to but in it's place. Frustrating as hell.
Think my El Cap is going on the chopping block! The amount I use delay I just don't need it. Thinking about a Cattybread or a Malekko.

Also, Tim, the Chuleta rules.
Anyone ever used an Ibanez Power Trio? From the demo I managed to find on youtube it seems to sound pretty good..
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so i just spent an hour and a half looking up replacement bridges for my cabronita because the saddle screws are too high...and then went 'wtf am i thinking' and ordered shorter saddle screws.

so easy to get caught up in forum hype..

I keep eyeing up new ToM bridges. Which I absolutely do not need

Now to find some sweet lower gain pickups...
Getting super itchy with the GAS at the moment. Think some new LP pickups are in order. If J want better clarity & chord definition should I go higher or lower output?


Sounds awesome but I'm fairly certain if I play it in my flat one more time I'll be evicted
Anyone had any experience with the Buddha Superdrives? There's one of the newer 6v6 ones come up near me and I quite fancy it.
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oh, well i've put my pitch fork in front of it, so that must be it.

oh my god, i'm in too much pain to even play gta 5. knee reconstructions suck.

Words no man with terrible knees wants to hear! That sucks though man, the repair on my cartilage absolutely sucked so I can't imagine what a full reconstruction would be like!
Ugh, gear is not my friend at the moment. Can't sell anything, can't seem to buy anything either.

Bought a vintage 5 watter from eBay, plugged in and turned on and it violently burst a fuse in the plug. Replaced fuse, turned back on, wildly fluctuating volume levels. Think maybe the power tube is dodgy.

Also the 8" speaker is super bassy for some reason. Sounds good though!
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The tap situation on the el cap is a little odd. Not sure why they made it the way they did haha. But like i said, I've gotten to a point where I rarely use tap. My band has one song where I use it, and now I'm at the point where I give a couple taps as the song starts and just hope that it's close enough haha.

I always found the tap on my El Cap fairly useless, much prefer a soft switch to tap with. Actually considering selling off my El Cap and picking up an ED Dispatch Maker. I very rarely use delay anyway and having the massive footprint/power draw on the El Cap just doesn't seem justifiable anymore.

I'd keep it just to use at home but I'd prefer just one board for gigging and everything.
On an unrelated note, anyone fancy my Stone Deaf PDF1, Moog Minimoog Trem or EQD White Light? Tempted to sell my El Cap for and EQD Dispatch maker as well...
**** it, buying me some new gear. Picked up a vintage 5w tube amp for apartment purposes, Gonna buy myself a Telemaster body and get it sent off to be painted in the next week or so as well. Thinking lightly reliced orange, black pickguard, maple neck.
Even his upload times shouldn't count, because if you're doing it productively you'd do all your pedals in one go, edit it down to separate videos and work on them one by one. Complete one, edit the next while it uploads etc.

It's entirely feasible to expect at least 3 videos a day.
Just my experience s'all. I've tried both EQD pedals and didn't really get on with either of them, but a muff always does the trick for me
Honestly, depending on what you mean by "Orange sound" I'd take a good look at a decent Muff fuzz clone. Something like the Blackout Effectors Musket or Black Arts Pharoah would be a good shout. I just don't think the AC would have that same bottom end response that I associate with Oranges with just an OD emulating the Orange sound
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yay for another breakup! dis one took 2 years to realise she didnt actually care about us. fun times.

That sucks man.
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When working at the prison, I once worked 22 16 hour days in a row.

I did around the same for 3 months as a design intern working a second job because I wasn't getting paid for it. 5 15+ hour days in a row, plus working weekends as well.
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I think Greg has the most fun job as an Event Planner, like a Party Planner, but with scantily-dressed girls, booze, and cars or grills.

Maybe it also brings the mad stacks.

To be fair, I essentially get paid to drink quite a lot of really good beer, thought the girls in my city are like 1:100 ratio of people I would ever like to see scantily dressed

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apparently it takes him 1 full day per pedal..

That's a whole lot of jerking off...
I wish! Managing a craft beer bar doesn't bring home mad stacks. I did get moved into my own place though which is pretty awesome.

Been doing it (one way or another) for about 2 and a half years now, been enjoying it for a year and a half haha.
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I swear burgs is becoming one of those people in the industry that promises much more than he delivers. He's taken 3 months and gotten nowhere with my demo video, said he will get mine done after the paid ones he has backed up from 6 months ago.. If I paid him to demo a pedal and he took 6 months I'd be pretty pissed.

Surely he could bang out pedal demos in fairly quick succession. I mean if you put effort into it one demo edited together takes about 2 hours at most?

As if a standard working week of 55-60 hours wasn't enough, I've just taken on some contracted design work, gear fund ahoy!
Anyone ever tried anything like this?

Wanna put together a Telemaster with a standard Tele control set up and still have a killswitch available.
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****ing gmd bitches.

Want/need. How much is international shipping Tim?
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pfft leave it on. bitches love bloodstains.

Might have to, gonna be a right ballache to get it off
It's a shame because it sounds ace on clean but I just don't use it enough to justify it being on my board.

Any tips on getting blood off a guitar as well? Mine currently looks like a murder scene.
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Depends on what you are playing, man. In the loop sounds more mechanical, out front it sounds more like natural echoes. For some things I prefer the delay out front.

It's difficult though, I finally retired the El Cap because if I wasn't using it into the amp clean it turned everything into a swooshy nightmare of incomprehensible notes. Still my biggest gripe with the Rocker 30 that an amp built to be played dirty doesn't have an FX Loop

Saw a Gaslight Anthem rig run down the other day which really made me want to do the whole stereo thing again but it's just not feasible at the moment.

Also, How goes it guys?

Any recommendations on apartment amps? Ideally pedal friendly!
Just came here to post that Very tempted to grab one of those and a smaller dedicated slow gear clone instead of my POG2.
Fuuuuck, there's a Splawn Competition come up at a really decent price. Wonder how quickly I could shift my Rocker 30...
Guys, I'm mildly confused here. Wiring a stacked humbucker into my tele and it's got a high output and a low output wire so you can split it. Not fussed about that so do I just wire in the high output and leave the low just taped up?
Are there any power supplies that give out high mA on each output? Like one power supply that could power the POG 2 & the El Cap.
I spent too long convincing myself I needed one of those RW thinline jags and I missed them, gonna have a look around and see if anyone else is selling them off. Wanna grab one, stick some firebird pick ups in it and then just admire how beautiful it is.
Goddamnit. There's a '74 Marshall Superbass just popped up at a pretty reasonable price, already got the PPIMV mod. Would immediately snap up if I knew what was going on with the band.
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Wait, really? Wtf Ben, I just bought your EP lol.

Our singer's just quit on us, leaves us pretty much in the shit haha. Doubt we'll find anyone with a similar style going round here so we've pretty much had to call it quits
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Your POG is broken. It shouldn't add any noise.

****. I didn't think that was right that it was kicking up all that hum

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Yeah, no noise from mine. Also Ben, if you haven't swapped out the preset switch with a momentary one, do that shit, it's totes humpable.

I would, but my soldering is absolutely god awful.

Also, I doubt I'll be using it since it looks like my band have just split up...
Anyone else find the POG 2 noisey as ****? Constant hum from it when it's engaged.
Makes for piss annoying recording sessions!
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Sweet jesus, this working 3 jobs thing is killing me...


S'up guys.

Working one is doing me in, when 45 hours is a quiet week there's probably something not quite right there...

My gear fund looks ace though, just reluctant to spend it at the moment because I may not have a band anymore.
It was an SD-1. So it was an alright deal, he got it off me for a fiver cheaper than the general going rate for them. I'm with Dustin, great doesn't mean it's a perfect pedal, it means it's in great condition for a used pedal

I kinda wanna put an arm contour on my Tele, can't decide if it's gonna be a massive ball ache though.