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Left on 27/03/2011 for 3 years.

Returns 10/03/2014.

Obviously AWOL.

Everybody gets their last month as a paid vacation.

which would be way more awsome if they paid us more than ~200 $ a month.

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but for real how many palestinians did you leng down?

Not one.

Got out alive.

dat pain man when you see a beautifull woman. unexplained.

feelin me?

its like a smile from a beautifull girl can break your heart.
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I can't see that video on that site is it a women with a tattoo down her arm?

yes it is
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dude I thought you left and joined the Israeli army?

I am in the army, I get off though every other weekend.
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You could maybe try some dewey cox songs.

It crossed my mind at some point haha

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do you share food?

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also for your dad to sing by himself

Yeah, Tom Waits is dead on, they sound really similar and my dad worships him. Thanks for reminding me!
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So no duets?

Nah, I cant sing very well. but I could get a lady singer for some tunes if you have any ideas for a duet
Yours truely has a show playing guitar at the local pub, an intimate little place in which young people go to in order to get alcohol poisoning, or try and get sexy time. Also, Drunk old people.

Im going to perform with my father, a blues singer. The show will consist of me on electric guitar, and my dad on vocals.

I come here asking for song suggestions that you think would work in this duo arrangement. My dad has a very raspy low and deep voice, and he is fond of slow blues, not to so much up tempo stuff.

Were going to play original stuff, but id like to hear your cover suggestions.

what songs could work in a duo show witg just guitar and vocals in an intimate pub with drunk bitches.

6 hours of scales a day or no dinner for them.
when like, 4 people came. We still played awsome, but it was kind of a bummer.
Hasidic Jazz artist Daniel Zamir:

It starts around 0:54

If anybody can identify that time signature, Ill forever worship the ground on which he stands on.
hello everybody my name is joe and i am jewish
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3,000 miles? I think the US is 5,000 miles further than that, man. Which doesn't really help, sorry Well look at it this way: At least you live in the best country in the middle east. Besides, you can visit each other from time to time and thanks to the internet you could keep in touch

Haha yeah im not that great in geography :P
And yeah I really hope we can stay in touch, she says shes coming again to Israel in July, but only for 2 days...So I guess it wasnt a goodbye, it was a see you later

still sucks though
hey guys
I just came back from a week long trip around Israel with some student from America(Michigan University), I joined them with a project called Birthright, where soldiers join americans who come here to tour Israel.
Anyway, it was an amazing trip! There people were truely amazing people, wanting to come here and learn about their jewish roots and this country. It was such a memorable expirience.
ANYWAY - Yeah, I had a thing with one of the girls from the group...and this chik was unlike everything I have ever seen ! I know Im not inlove with her, but I cant get her out of my head..she was just amazing, and the time we shared together was so beautifull, even if it was just a summer fling...
Anyway, I just came back from this trip as usual after a lifting expirience like that you get a little down...
cheer me up? Im mostly bummed out because I feel like I miss her alot, and I dont think girls like her are easy to find...Pitty we live 3000 miles apart

I feel like she fixed something in me, since I havent felt anything like this for about 2 years, ever since an ex girlfriend of mine broke up with me, and since then I cant say Ive felt anything towards the girls Ive been with after that....until now!
So I really thing she was something special...But alas, it cant be. Ill just have to face it

Get a girl to seduce him.
When she goes to take his pants off, she will then place a condom on his erect penis.
Little does he know...that youve filled the condom with glue...and after she bolts ofcourse, your brother will endure a great deal off physical, and emotional despair.
Serves them right for having wierd eyes and shit.

That just aint kosher.
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Goebbels would do a much better job.
wait...there are other forumes on the internet?
That is fly
There isn't a single thing that pisses me off more than someone being condecending.
Where are the boobs?
This friend of my I gig with sometimes is a genious saxophone god. I admire his playing, and I think very highly of him and his taste, as he brought me into jazz and playing it. So whenever we have a show with our Quintet, and I hear him going "Yeah man!/Yes/etc" in reaction to my playing when Im soloing, I feel soooo amazing. Its so good to have someone you look up to and admire enjoy your playing so much as in hollaring stuff in your solo haha.

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In attempt to convince my best friend to quit heroin I came with him and his housemate when he went to beat someone up for the £140 they owed their dealer, in order to get £10 worth each. The guy opened the door to his shitty house with the chain across and asked who it was. They said "you got the £140, or something of that value?" and he tried to slam the door, when the guy my mate went with kicked it back repeatedly, snapping the latch off of the door. The guy came running back with a needle with a few drops of blood in the syringe and on the end along with a knife. He started trying to stab them with the needle but the housemate crushed his hand against the wall, and they both punched him repeatedly until he was on the floor. The housemate pinned him down and asked if he had the money, he said no. My friend pulled his arm behind his back and I think dislocated his shoulder before going in and grabbing his laptop. The housemate held him down there whilst they asked for the password and checked it was correct, then popped his shoulder back in and ran off. All the while I was waiting at the end of the driveway with a knife for each of them in case they needed it. My mate burst into tears repeatedly on the way back and whilst he hasn't done anything like that again, just shoplifting for stuff to sell, he still uses heroin and has cut back a lot since. That was by far the most ****ed up thing I've ever seen.

Damn...Thats one of the most depressing things Ive heard in a while.
I had a thought about why cats/dogs do as they do :

A dog sees you giving him food and taking care of him, giving him shelter - You are god to him, he must worship you and always look up to you, try to interact and please you and so on.

A cat sees you giving him food/shelter thinks - "If he does all that just for me, I must be his god" He must worship me so I can do whatever I want.

And the reason they cant get along is racism.

Just a thought I had.
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Oh my ****ing god

I cant stop listening
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I've never played Castlevania. Watching this and egoraptor's Sequelitis vids now I think I should. 9/10. Loses a point for that retarded finish on the Viper.

Metal remixes of video game music... well, it's not real instruments, but I still like it:

pretty cool. well excecuted and all, also nice ideas. I have to say im not a fan of the genre but i still found it nice. 7/10.

Asaf Avidan. This guy's amazing. and his cellist is a god.

This is like a Rock/Folk thing i guess, but id classify it under "Amazing":
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is this a suck dick get ****ed kinda thing or are these dicks severed? I think sitting on a cake while someone sticks thier dick in your mouth for a second would be a little less harsh than getting ****ed in your ass while trying to finish a cake.

Severed penises? You are one sick man
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It is if I say so.

well you say so?
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How about you stand up for yourself and say you don't want anything to do with dicks, but only cake.

not part of the deal
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Can I not sit on a dick and eat a dick?

Wheres the fun in that?
My friend tackled me with a tough one:

Sit on a cake, and eat dick - or sit on a dick and eat cake.

Choose one.

Such a philosophical quary has yet to challange the pit. Give it your best.

I will not add a poll. I hate polls.
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If you want modern pop-ish jazz you should check out E.S.T. Amazing stuff.

Judging how you liked Art Blakey and seem to be more into the older traditional stuff i would recommend you to check out some classic Charlie Parker.

If you want something older but more experimental and batshit crazy check out Thelonious Monk.

Also look into Hank Mobley, he has a lot of great albums, start with Soul Station.

If you want to try Coltrane start with Blue Train, then give A Love Supreme a try.

I personally would stay away from a love supreme. Id say give Giant Steps a listen first.