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We already have a few nuclear power stations so in theory we could acquire nuclear power weapons, we have the stuff to make them.

No, we dont. we have 1 nuclear reactor for research and medical purposes. No power generation though
1: I kind've wished theyd stayed apart. They broke up at a really high point and it was good to see them walk away while they were at their peak.

2. Im not, maybe Sydney

3. Rhapsody on a Windy night.
nothing makes me more angry than this show. honestly, it makes me wanna kick sh it.
Boss might have a list on their website. if not, try their customer support.

EDIT: This -
It might be an unsupported card.
Kramer used to (might still) make an Al neck guitar. a body as well i wouldnt betting would be lighter than a les paul at least. tone would be really bright

EDIT: Also, this:
thanks for the tip bro
thanks for all the responses.
moody, thats the thing, im not recording anything loud at all. even strumming an acoustic guitar from 2 metres away will clip the signal. the iO|2 doesnt have a pad so im thinking of just buying a new interface, which sucks coz its not that old and already need a new one. im getting a rode NT3 as well for xmas so ill see if its the same story with it before replacing my interface
So i just bought a rode NT1-A. and its good...a little too good.

this thing is impossible to keep from clipping. if i have the gain on my interface (Alesis iO|2) turned to zero, it will still clip from about 3 meters away with an eager strum. its awesome for eavesdropping and such, but for recording, especially guitar, its completely impractical.

ive got a feeling this is an interface or software problem and not the mic itself but any clue would be appreciated
its not stripped, its rounded out.
try clamping some vice grips to the head of it, if not that then drill a hole through it and use screw extractors.
whereabouts are sample rate settings?
do you mean in project setup?
as far as i can tell they are, i mean im pretty noob at cubase but im fairly sure they are. im not getting anything on any level indicators and dont get any output even when i just import some audio into it.
it sounds like the only thing it could be are VST connections or device setup but im sure ive tried everything in regards to that.
could there be anything else to try?
thanks guys.
any ideas on what im doing wrong in cubase? im putting up with adobe audition for now but its really awkward to use so i'd really like to get cubase working
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yeah im pretty sure its the same speed. i can only confirm that by ear, because i havnt checked with a metronome but it sounds like any difference is negligible
so that i can play in the same tuning as the original recording which was recorded half a step lower...
lol but then to play anything over that, i need to tune back up to standard to play over it, and then its going to be a semi-tone higher than the first recording etc etc
it doesnt matter what program i use, it even happens in MS sound recorder; but when recording through my Alesis iO|2 everything sounds a bit over a semi-tone higher than what I recorded it at. Anyone know what the wang is going on? i dont know if it does it on all computers as ive only tried it on 1 but it makes it impossible to record anything with more than 1 track.

Also, anyone have any experience using the iO|2 with cubase? ive tried it with LE4 and the full version 4 and i cant get any input or output from it. ive read every tutorial on device setup and VST connections in existence but i still cant get it to work and i cant understand why. im prob just way too nub.
it works fine with ableton live and adobe audition though (apart from playback being higher than recording).

Any help appreciated
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Sorry for the double post. I found some earlier sketches in my notebook and I manipulated my body design to match them. Not sure which one I'll go for.


Inventor ftw
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He's an 05'er, i don't think he did.

couldve changed it...
but if hes as much a fan of Neil as I am, we can share it i guess.
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I drive a Mini Cooper

She's lovely! Although she is getting traded in December for a 1 series

WTF MAN! you stole my avatar!
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Awesome! My little bro has a 156 also and my mum a 159. Alfas FTW!

we should start a UG alfa club i reckon. one of the most underrated makes ever
soon to be a 156 as well!
my dad has an '85 GTV6 and my brother has an '82 GTV 2.0
too late guys, the iO2 has been bought lol.
further down the track im going to get a dedicated room for recording etc instead of just my bedroom so ill be getting something bigger then but the iO2 should suit my needs just fine. i might see if i can get myself a firepod sometime down the track, that would be fricken sweet.
So im getting into home recording.
i have a budget of around $350AU for an interface.
i have an SM57 and 58 to use for mics, and further down the track will get a condenser so built in phantom power would be nice.

I will also be using Cubase, so that rules out any M-box's coz as i understand, only Digidesign software can be used with them?

it will mostly be for just acoustic guitar and vocals so 2 inputs would be enough, although i would like to have around 4 as recording in a band situation is certainly not out of the question.

ive been looking at the Tascam US-144 and Alesis iO2, but both have fairly mixed reviews, especially the tascam.

so any advice would be good.

I will most likely need Vista compatibility too as the new computer im getting soon will most likely come with it, and not XP.

im used to controversial humour too, but im sick of these dicks. they were funny back in the days of cnnnn and early chasers war, but they only do it to offend people now. half of the people they offend dont deserve it at all (such as the latest outrage).
its time they stopped bothering aiming for publicity and started doing something else

the end.
any mic is going to clip if you run it straight into your computer. get an interface to run it through.

sorry if you already have an interface, i only skimmed your post. in that case, dont listen to me.
compound interest.

ax^2 + bx + c

EDIT: that actually isnt a formula but whatev
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I've never understood the appeal of a strat.

id have that schecter over a strat anyday
****ing annoying little ****.

at least thats what i call my cockatiel. that little bastard doesnt deserve to live
this isnt Ultimate Tennis. how are we to know?
what sort of wheel is it? just pressed steel? shouldnt be much of a problem, as long as your tyre isnt losing pressure from it.

pics would be moar helpful
haha journeys... that was a fun year