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A quick look at your profile tells me that you're not a true dyed in the wool classical player.

Have you looked at, seen, or heard Cordoba's "Fusion" series guitars? They're equipped with cutaways, shallow radius fret boards, interesting finishes, (their jet black is cool), and available in 12 or 14 fret models.

Just the thing for someone jumping back and forth between steel string and nylon string playing. It seems to me like it would smooth out some of the culture shock.

Heh, yeah.. Just re-visited my old UG account, things have changed since 2007, but my profile had not. Interests develop
But thanks, I'll check out the Fusion series, but I already got a nice Martin guitar, so now I'm just looking for a decent classical guitar.
Have you tried the Cordoba c10? And what about Alhambra 8P?
I got an answer from the importer I talked about, and appearantly this model has laminated sides and back, not solid wood! So that settles it - no 1GR10 for me
Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm leaning towards a classic guitar, non-cutaway. I really don't have a lot of experience with classics, but your ears should definitely be your main guideline.
I sent a mail to a known Esteve importer, but yeah, maybe I should contact Esteve directly. All I know is that the model is obsolete
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So you'd like to buy a classical acoustic guitar for 1000 USD!? are you nuts?

Does anyone here know anything about the Esteve 1GR10? What is it made of? Anyone have any experience with Esteve?
I cannot find a single word about it on the Internet! I was offered it for about 600 USD, but my budget is at about 1000 USD.
I am currently also looking into the Alhambra 8P and Cordoba C10.
Anyone have any experience with these?

I tried the Esteve today and it's really nice. Fantastic sustain, bass and treble. Really warm and 'Spanish' sounding
Great.. just received some pictures of the Subway Blues he wants to sell me - and what do I see? No reverb potmeter, no record-out jack. How can that be...? He must be having a very old version of the amp? It looks very good, and it has got brand new tubes.

Ah, it annoys me. Dunno what to do now... reverb was like one third of the reason I wanted the Subway. Really not sure about this trade anymore. Is it worth it, without the reverb? Is the rest of the amp still worth it?
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i'm out of my league here but isn't the AC more british voiced where the Subway is more american voiced? or are they the same basic circuit/tubes?

yeah im' lazy.

what is on your craigslist/kiji/bay/local?

Both use four 12AX7 and two EL84s.

I get the amp through my job, and I live on Norway. If you pay 500 USD for an amp in america, we have to pay about 800 to 900 USD here, cause of taxes. So, with a discount I probably end up with the same price as you.
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free bump

I have not played the Subway Blues but I personally would take it over the AC15 sight unseen. Don't get me wrong, the AC15 is a great amp but it is no AC30.

Also the AC15 and the Subway Blues will be very loud too - just sayin'

good job with your thread OP, I'm surprised no one chimed in. Maybe someone who has played both will see this.

Are you open to other amps too? Where abouts' are you and what is your top end budget?

Well, yeah, kinda of open for other amps too. I tried the Fender Blues Junior, but I personally found the AC15 to be sounding a lot better.

Seems like I can get a brand new Vox AC15HW1 (hand-wired as you probably know) with a nice discount. Would that be better than the Subway Blues?

My budget is around the price of a AC15C1. About 500 USD.
Hi guys,

Selling my Bugera 333XL 212 combo, since it's waaaay to much power for me to use at home. Can't play loud enough to get anything out of the tubes, since I'm moving in to a apartment.

I was looking at the Vox AC15C1 to replace it, but I got an offer to change the Bugera with a Mesa Boogie Subway Blues (with brand new valves).

I'm looking for a amp with very good cleans, who can handle pedals well.
I don't need a high gain amp (anymore), but it should be a bit versatile.
I do realize that the Bugera might cover more genres, but the Vox has better cleans.

Playing with a Ibanez JPM P3 with DiMarzio pickups. Probably getting a proper Fender Strat later on.

Any of you guys tried the Mesa Boogie Subway Blues? Never played it before.

Playing blues/rock, prog-rock music. As I've said - I looking for some proper clean sound!

Thank you guys
I justed wondered if I should put my Delay (EHX Memory Boy) or my Phaser (MXR EVH Phase 90) first? Or maybe I should run the delay through the send/return FX-loop?

Yeah. I'll unplug the power, but it's nice to know for sure that I don't have to unplug my effect chain (the jackcables).

Thanks a lot everyone
Thanks for all the responses

Yeah, I know it will drain the batteries, but I only use adaptors.

So.. I can leave the jack-cables for my pedals for a couple of days without worrying?
I'm just curious.. because I've heard different rumours, so I'm not sure what to belive -

Can your effect pedals/amp/guitar get damaged (the inputs/outputs) by leaving your jackcables (and power-cable for effect pedals) plugged in for days/weeks at the time?

I have this rule that I always unplug everything but the power when I'm done playing. But it takes me such a long time to plug everything whenever I want to play again, with all those pedals and such..


My Line 6 Floor POD needs a 9V, 2000mA adoptor (AC-AC).
However, I tried a 9V, 800mA adoptor (AC-DC), and it doesn't seem to work with that. I haven't been able to try the old adaptor again, so my question is:
Will the lack of ampere and the direct current (DC) damage my Floor Pod? Or will it work when when I use the right adaptor?
The Phase 90 (block) compared to the Script Phase 90 sounds a lot more distorted and louder. Hmm, that's not a really good thing on clean-channel, but that might be on overdrive? How is the Script Phase 90 with overdrive/distortion?
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Get the script phase 90.

what makes it better? What's the differene in the sound?

I've listened to a lot of different clips of the MXR Phase 90 EVH, the MXR Phase 90 and Scrpit Phase 90.

So, the EVH pedal gives the ability to switch between the so-called "block"-version (normal Phase 90) and Script Phase 90. Script version is a little more mellow, and the block version has a little more treble. (
But I honestly can't hear much difference... so I'm not so sure what to go for. Is it worth paying the extra money for the EVH version, instead of the Script Phase 90, og Phase 90 (block)? It is quite a lot more expensive..

Have you guys got any experiences with either of these?
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I think Boss's strongest point is their indestructibility. Run it over, it doesn't care. It'll laugh at you. Very good for live situations.

Other than that, they do sound very good for the price you pay for them. They get the job done, and chances are you'll never have to replace them for any other reason than wanting something different effect-wise.

Yeah they are known for being very reliable, or as you say - indestructable. I'm looking at some Boss pedals, thanks.
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i would almost never go so far as to say one brand is always better than another brand. boss made some fantastic pedals back in the day, and some of the stuff now isnt half bad either. lots of the current production stuff is kinda bad though, especially a lot of the modulation. digitech on the other hand, seems to be getting better. they used to be ok, but something you only went for on a budget. now theyve got things like the bad monkey, which is a very nice tubescreamer clone, and those hardwire pedals which people seem to love.

so especially with things like pedals, you go on sound, not brand. like i love my boss ph-2 phaser, but i wouldnt touch a ph-3.

so for recomendations, i would look at finding a used boss fl-2 for flanger or maybe one of the mxr flangers. delay could be boss dd-3, or maybe the ehx memory boy/toy. for chorus, maybe a small clone, or (i havent tried it though) mxr micro chorus. the boss chorus pedals arent bad either, but nothing to write home about.

if you want phaser, as i mentioned, older boss phasers (ph-1, ph-1r, and ph-2) can be great. otherwise, mxr phase 90 or ehx small stone are popular choices. tremolo, well i dont like the boss one too much, so id go with the ehx pulsar.

i tried to keep all recomendations under $100 per pedal, but there are some other options that are a bit more that could suit you. so keep that in mind when you go try things out.

thanks, I really appriciate this.

Yeah, I'm looking into the MXR EVH phaser and the EHX Small Stone - they sound really nice, and I've heard a lot good about'em.
I'll check out the other things you mentioned aswel.

What would you recomend for solo/boost, with sustain?

thanks to all of you
The EHX pedals look really.. ehm.. not reliable. They look like they break very easily, but that might not be the fact.

But the MXR's and EHX's have really few options/knobs - ain't that kind of a minus?
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i love mxr pedals, they are great, the smart gate imo better than the isp, i also love the flanger and phasers by mxr, also electro harmonix is good. Dont forget about trex, they are a bit more expensive, but the quality is there. The trex replica is one expensive but reliable and good sounding delay. it all depends on your use of them. do you want just a jam pedal? live gig? studio?

I'd use them for all - jam, live and studio. I'll check them out

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For us to give you proper recommendations we will need to know your budget.

Well, I'm not sure wether to buy single pedals, or a multi-effect pedal. I bought a Line 6 Floor Pod a while back, but I was not very happy with it... however, I do not have that much money right now, so I figured I'll just buy several single-effect pedals over the time.

But I', not sure.. hmm.. maybe around 300 USD
I'm looking for flanger, chorus, delay, and maybe a distortion and phase, tremolo.
What other optional pedals would you guys recomend?

Btw, nice picture D0B0_Ninja (Hocus Pocus) =D

I'm just curious - what pedals do you prefer?

I've heard many people saying that Boss is much more reliable and better built, but that they are pretty equal when it comes to the sound quiality.

I'm looking at many different pedals, so I'd love to have some of your advises
My question is simple - does Pro Tools LE 8 work with Windows 7?

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Well first of all make sure ur adapter is working. Sometimes it may send power to the units but it may be bad. Take one of them to a music store (Lismusica/Musifex if ur in lisbon) they will let u try one to see if works. The boss adapter is not bad, no need to get away from it

Right now I have a huge multifx that has power connections for my pedals. The voodoo work in Europe if u get the 220-240 one.

Here are some options for You from musicstore in germany (they ship to Portugal) by price descending:
Carl Martin

This one is from MrJackGuitars in lisbon (Benfica) but it also ships to you if needed:
Artec Check the last pedal on this page.

Hope I helped.

There is no need to go to a tech to check your adapter. Just make sure that you have to correct current, with a multimeter (like this: ). If you have a 9V adapter, the outputcurrent should be 9V when you measure it
Yeah, as you can see on your pictures, (the three big burnt soldering-joints) the power supply input has been damaged. If that's the only problem, then you might fix it with just getting a new power supply input. That's cheap, and easy to fix. But if you haven't been soldering before I suggest you get some practice first - so that you don't damage more things.

EDIT: You should try the pedals with a new battery. If it's only the power supply inputs that's burnt, then it should work with a battery. The one you have now is probably flat if you left the jacks in
Checkout the Pickup Picker (bottom right)
ehm.. is that even allowed?
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I would love a 30 watt but the problem is finding a good cheap amp for metal thats 30 watts tube. The krank rev jr is the closet thing and its over my budget. My bedroom level isnt really quite, i can play loud but not like blood coming out of your ears loud.

the problem with a 100/120W amplifier is that you wouldn't be able to crank it up higher than 2 (3 max) - for bedroom-use. And the sweetspot of these kind of amp are at about 7-8. And the valves won't do you much good at 2-3.
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Hey guys i posted a thread asking about what amp to get between the randall rg50tc and flextone. Well i tested the randall rg50tc and was set on getting that but now when i look at other thread it seems like a bugera maybe a better match for the tone im looking for.

But first off, has the reliability on the newer models been good? i dont want a amp that constantly breaks no matter how good the tone is.

Also would 100 or 120 watts, watever it is, be abit much for bedroom use? i want a decent tone at lower volumes at home as well. I dont gig yet but i do rehearse with a drummer. Is the bugera to big and heavy for one person to constantly transport? seeing it is a 2x12 i dont want to have to break my back putting it in the back of the car all the time.

last but not least, what model is best for a tight sound. Kind of like arch enemys older tone.

Sorry for all the text i really need to find the right amp for myself.

I'd recomend you get a 30W for bedroom-use.. 120W is way too much.
check the saddle screws, and adjust them. If it doesn't help you should look more into the neck. See if there is a problem with one of the frets, or adjust the truss rod - the neck might be a little twisted, which might be because of dry wood, weather changes, etc.
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im very careful when it comes to using the amp >__>.
i always turn on/use standby when necessary and i dont even crank volume be it channel or master past like 5. what reasons are there for fuses blowing or giving out?

yeah, but if the factory has miss-biased your tubes it won't help.. Bugera have had a lot of customers complayning about their tubes going dead. In many cases that's because your tubes either receive too much or not enough voltage. And since you've treaten your baby nicely this would be a sensible conclusion.
You can bias your tubes your self (check out BeerChurch's methode), but if you're not familier with it, I would recomend that you send it back to the factory, and make them fix it for you. But this might take some time..
shouldn't you be at the Electric Guitar forum?
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New member, reporting for duty in this militia!

I am the lead singer/rythm guitarist i a swedish Glam/Sleaze band..recently wanted to go from solid state -> Tube Stack and eventually bought a 333 head along with the Bugera 4x12 cab. I must say that the tone, for all three channels, were everything I could hope for after reading all the good reviews it has been getting here. I hadn't heard of many paople attempting to use this amp for anything else than metal, so I'm chuffed to have been able to incorporate Bugera to our sound..

None of the tracks on our page include any Bugera-clips, but that should not stop you from listening in

are you happy with your cabinet? I've heard that the speakers Bugera make isn't quite top noch, so I'm just curious about your opinion Might be hard to make up an opinion if you haven't tried it on any other speakers though. If you have the ability to do so, I would recomend that you try it out (: for example if you could try some Mesa Boogie, Orange or something like that
I really, really need some help with learning We All Need Some Light by Transatlantic, from their album SMPTE. I would appriciate everything from the intro to the solo or just a vers or a chorus.

Thanks a lot


For the song on Spotify:

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So, heres the situation.

Ive got a Epiphone Les Paul Studio, here it is:

Now, i noticed the other day that it looks similar to the Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional:

Anywho, i figured that i may as well keep the look going, and as i already wanted some new pickups, ill get Zebras.

Heres the actual question - Its a decision between Dimarzio PAF/ PAF Pro, or Gibson 57 classic plus pickups. Also not sure whether to put it into neck or bridge, im leaning towards bridge. At the moment, im considering the Gibson 57 classic plus, because of fantastic reviews, and the fact that i can get them cheaper.

So what do you think? DiMarzio, or Gibson?

Also, what position, and what pickups go well with whichever you suggested. Im looking for a classic rock tone, you know, ACDC and the like.


DiMarzio PAF Pro
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Not if you use a good amp simulation.

hmm, ok - so I run it through with a clean signal and edit and add effects with Pro Tools afterwards? But it does give better sound if I mic up the amp ?
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D.I. = Direct Injection

Emulation will be better than pissing about with amp line outs.

Mic it up if you get the chance.

won't the sound be crappy if I run the guitar directly to the box and from the box to the computer? I mean wihtout an amp
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Ah you want to D/I?

Do you have Amplitube or GuitarRig or are you getting ProTools 8 with the new Amp simulator? Because if you don't all you're going to get is the line level clean signal. Not very pleasant.

But what you listed is all you'll need if that's the avenue you're taking.

Yes, ProTools is 100% compatible with Vista.

Pardon my lack of knowledge when it comes to recording, but D/I means "Direct Input"? I got a nice Bugera 333XL 212 tube amplifier - can I run it all through the amp? like with a jack-cable or something? Or should I buy a mic, place it inf ront of the amp and use the Mic Input on the box?