This is awful, I apologise. But I didn't have much time and wanted to contribute something!
Some of that is fucking brilliant. I miss this shit. Will find time one evening this week to jump in a ruin it.
RedDeath9 I'm up for it, I can dedicate a solid 15 - 30 mins a day to it, and that's roughly 10 times what my breakdowns usually take to write...
We should take solace and be happy in the knowledge that we experienced this forum at it's peak.
We were the right people at the right time with just the right technological advances and the right technological limitations also for such a forum to thrive.
Unfortunately for most of us life got in the way and this strange utopia faded into the annals of history...

I still listen to our collabs from time to time, it usually ended up as a beatdown competition between Ometh and somebody else (occasionally myself) and then CheesyMozarella would ruin the fun by actually writing something credible.
Really liked a lot about this. The intro riff is cool, rhythm flows nicely.
The 47 transition isn't that smooth and I actually prefer the whole previous section without the tempo change.
The section from 73 onwards has the potential to be really good and really heavy, I think the drums let it down slightly (I would say they are the weakest part of the piece). It's a bit cliché to suggest it nowadays but I do think making that section have some polymetric feel to, it would work well and add a different dimension to that one section.
Section 90 onwards sounds very TesseracT themed, like Deception meets Nocturne maybe? I like it a lot and if I think the themes here can be linked to the earlier and then later themes then that would all tie in nicely.
Over all I like a lot of this and thing it has good potential!
I used to live on here and absolutely loved it, had so much fun with the C4Cs and the silly collabs.
Unfortunately I got old and have a job and a girlfriend and almost no free time, I barely find the time to play guitar nowadays let alone writing a lot and then being active on here!
Definitely agree that it sucks that you can't go back to previous pages, why did they change that?
I'm alive!

I actually still check UG and this forum regularly, but with work and everything I just don't have enough time to get stuck in and contribute properly.

Dereck12 I'd be happy for you to have a go at recording it, would be interested to hear the results!
If you make no attempt to be original when writing original music, you might as well give up.
Barring the odd musical virtuosos, who shake the world of music up, we're all just the sum of our experiences and influences when it comes to composing. But if you knowingly re-hash old ground and make no effort to produce some novel then what is the point.

With regard to the song, I didn't find it generic. The chord progression is a well known one and it leaves little to the imagination but on the flip side some more curious chord progressions are just difficult to listen to, so I have no issue with that.
I thought the chugs were rhythmic and musical, as opposed to a lazy attempt at being heavy, and the technical twiddles spiced things up nicely. Transitions could do with a bit of work and the intro reprisal came a bit suddenly for my liking. The 3/4 4/4 section in the middle really threw me timing wise, the use of 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 length chords really confused me, and I liked that a lot, found it very entertaining.
Anyway, enjoyed it, not generic, want to hear man.
Well I loved it, especially the jazzy middle part, but what happened to the Thomasoman we knew and loved, as you can imagine that's not what I expected to hear!
Progressive? Really?
Quote by btones
It's 4/4 then

Yep two bars of 4/4 with the last chord of the first bar pushing into the second bar.
Nothing like Cloudkicker in the slightest, stop trying to argue. Don't see why that would bother you though, why would you want to sound like a rip off of another artist?
Quote by Illustration
I literally ran out of ideas

I'm not sure you had any to start with.

Recreate really sounds like an Architects song.

Second one sounds like Memphis May Fire.

Both songs are alright though, generic ish but not too bad.
Kudos on imitating them well.
Quote by Cavalcade
Try other genres, and learn to write them.

That's a really good tip. If you can write generic music in a few different genres you can easily start to merge and overlap them to create something more original.
Quote by tac_sundome
It seems like this is what the average -core fan demands from a live performance: breakdowns, and clichés. I think it's hard to write something that works on stage and is still impressive for those who like new ideas and experimenting in music.

Way to set the bar high for yourself...
If you're writing in the key of C# minor, why not just have your guitar in drop C#?
It's sort of well written but at the same time it's just about the most painfully generic piece I've ever seen on here. It's almost every metalcore cliché in one song.
I like the change from 4 feel to triplet feel.
Quote by PatrekurÖrn
Also apologies for my sentence structuring, I'm from Iceland so English isn't my main language.

Kudos on the very high standard of English.
I'd rather saw my legs off than have to endure listen to that again.
Quote by Macabre_Turtle
His point was clearly that he has a bad habit of being in the same key all the time, which most metal bands do.

I tend to find plenty of people try to be different and write in a different key to normal (i.e. the key of the drop tuning they're in.) All they tend to do is write something difficult to play that is just simplified by changing to the appropriate drop tuning in line with that key.

So for example I'm in Drop C. I write in C minor all the time and C major occasionally. To make a change I think I'll write in C# major. All I end up with is a load of difficult to play wank using the 1st 3rd 4th 6th frets. It looks all interested and different in tab form I guess. But I might as well just put in Drop C# and have it all on the 0 2nd 3rd and 5th frets and have it easy to play.

Hope that made sense and wasn't just a pointless rant.

Basically I just don't worry about writing in a particular key, I tend to just write in the key of the drop tuning I use. I have guitars in C, A#, G# and E and I'd make an album out of songs written in all those, not just one, so they've be key variety.
Quote by amonamarthmetal
I knew, even before pressing play, that this was going to be utter crap. Congratulations on achieving nothing.

This would be a funny troll if I hadn't clearly taken ages to put together. It's really just tragically sad.
The oboe (I'm guessing vocal) part REALLY sounds like old Attack Attack.
Quote by Rockul
It's cool. Did you try to record it as a real track? You should. Would be interesting to listen.
..also i love how meshuggah stole title "I am colossus" for one of songs off their new album haha

I tried recording this so many times but it's just too much of a monster. I need to seriously attack it with a schedule and everything, some serious organisation, or I'll never get anywhere with it.

Yeah I wasn't impressed with that, the bastards, ripping off my song names.
Quote by MobiuZ
but it sounds like u just opened gpx once and were to lazy relearn the program , wich if you learned it you would know there's a lot more options now and it actually is pretty good.

and at least crit my song and tell me it doesnt make midi sound like some lame 70's band before saying it makes no difference.

Not at all, I've used GP6 more than enough to know that I much prefer GP5 still. And it's hardly like I'm the only one who feels this way.

It regards to the sound, I don't care what difference GP6 makes. This program is used to tabulate ideas expand on them, not to make finished products. At most I'll add some backing synth or a delay track but if I really want it to sound good, I go record it.

Onto the actual song then, midi first.
Quite like the intro, drum roll could be more interesting though.
It's all alright but a bit boring. Nothing of note is happening.
Triplet riff was a nice change of pace.
None of this is particularly interesting though, it's just kinda passing me by.
Break it pretty.
I'm a fan of long songs but this is outstaying it's welcome, it's just not holding my interest. It's not even that long is it?

Now with RSE.
It all sounds basically the same, better in some ways, different in others, but frustrating thin and airy throughout. Sounds like they record the RSE samples in a windtunnel.
Quote by Rockul
What would be better? Blastbeating throughout?

Not at all, I hate that too.
When writing this sort of music the drums have to hold a groove to keep the music coherent. This is a mess.
I don't think it's great aside from the drums anyway, the whole thing is a bit of a mess. There's potential there though.
Quote by MobiuZ
well , than get it , i dont understand why people still use GP5/4 , you can not argue the sound quality differences and the new UI is just getting used to a bit , after that it becomes just as familiair as GP5/4 , just get ouf of your confort zone and try it ... if your computer can handle it that is.

and no i will not be converting to GP4/5 , i dont want people to crit a version of my song that is a lot more enferior than the original idea and doesnt represent it well at all , so people without GPX can go here

I only listen to midi anyway so it makes no difference sound wise.
The lay out of GP6 is horrendous compared to GP5, nowhere near as intuitive, organised or user friendly.
I never understand why people write like this, in the key of C# but have their guitar in Drop C.
You're not being clever, you've just written it in the wrong tuning essentially, you haven't even used the low C at any point. Transpose it for Drop C# and it becomes a lot more playable too.
Quote by TheGroovitron
the hi-hat shuffle doesn't really work at that slow tempo.

It sounds fine to me, I agree it's much better at 140. really liked it though.
Largely horrendous drum part ruins it for me.
Intro is hauntingly beautiful. Harmonies work well.
1st solo/distorted lead guitar part - very one paced, the constant 8th notes were boring.
The verse is very you, I like it.
Some very jazzy chords dotted around, loving those. Also very epic throughout.
Great use of odd time signatures, felt very natural throughout.
Breakdown is a colossal anticlimax, wouldn't even have considered it a breakdown if it didn't say it. The rapid open hats make it feel like a verse.
Enjoyed the chorus, especially the brief off beat.
Chorus 2 is also lovely.
Very BTBAM, very atmospheric, very epic. Loved it.
Quote by Jacques-Henri
School's ShiEDIT : HOLY SHIT the 7-string is tuned TWO WHOLE STEPS DOWN WTF? Not even Periphery do that

Drop G isn't particularly out there tuning wise. Periphery tend to stay in Drop G# but they have used a low F# on Ragnarok (7 string) and Ji (8 String).
Quote by kylendm
I notice your posts on other peoples stuff and there's a fine line from giving critical constructive criticism and just being an asshole. I see you bash a lot of peoples stuff for no reason and continue to say things like that you won't add more because all you'll do its be a pretentious prick.

Chill out and try and give some actual feedback to pieces people work hard to write.

Very true.
Actual excitement when I see that you've uploaded something...
Definitely has your distinctive feel to it.
To be honest this is what metalcore should be.
Only complaint is that the 7/4 section didn't really do it for me.
Quote by Siriusoull
I'm not sure if your aware, but the "40" is rim snare, and will transmute to that in midi, "38" would be the more desirable snare.

37 is snare rim, 38 is acoustic snare and 40 is electric snare. I can tell you from experience that 40 works fine for all midi snare purposes.
The bass line is from this song.
Quote by RedDeath9
EDIT: Wow, Animals is VERY similar to Wave of Babies.

Haha yeah it is... I think musically it's actually not similar at all but on a superficial over all sort of sound and feel kinda level it is very similar.;