Whoa I almost thought I was looking at a picture of myself. I also have a rams hat. And I was accepted to UCSC (but declined to go to UCD)

Am I... going to lose my hair?? D:

edit: wait no I checked with people. It's just the facial hair.

Congratulations on your good looks. Those letters mean nothing to me. Living in the UK here.

If you want to feel liberated, I would highly recommend losing the hair. I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm bitter.

Finally lost the hair.

Edit: What the fuck is IQ, and why do I only have 41 of it?
It's been a while. Someone bring me back up to speed.

Is posting the pear still a banable offense?
Who the fuck name's their child Jonothan?
What the fuck?
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fuck todd

team jesse

Blow it out yer ass.
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we todd

Wait, so you're like... we?

I define myself by the Shai-Hulud between my legs.
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Can anyone think of a name for a Chinese/Oriental restaurant that is quirky/punny but sensible? Pls no City Wok mmkay.

Wok This Way

Can You Smell What The Wok Is Cookin'?

Wok & Woll

We Will Wok You
My e-hand in marriage is based on a first come, first serve basis.
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what up dude

Still hanging. How've you been?
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digifemme follow4follow

Fuck me. You're still active here.
I've been to strip bars.

Titties are awesome.
Coochies are awesome.

Over priced drinks, not so much.

You're welcome.
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I'm the worst

High five to that, asshole.
I was once severely under-prepared for an open mic night, so I decided to boost my confidence with 1 or 9 shots of tequila. Forgot the words on stage; messed up the chords; then ended up walking off halfway through the song.

Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it.
Firefox. I tried Chrome and it just wouldn't work.
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Most people reaction for depression:

"that's not depression, just get over with it, lol"

Which is equal to:

"you don't have broken arm, just get over with it, lol"

Whilst I agree with your statement, you also have to realize that the word Depression has weaved itself into the English language as a synonym for ''feeling a bit under the weather''.

We have to distinguish and differentiate between feeling sad and actually being depressed for starters and alongside doing so remove the stigma. Another incredibly important thing is education, as with everything else. We can't expect people to suddenly start acknowledging that actual depression is an illness without offering a framework of education first. Of course this requires funding and now we're at the crux of the problem.
Everywhere. Just look for starter bundles.
I saw it the other night. It turned my frown upside down.
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If the photo in OP is you, Philip... well, I can certainly see why your threads are so terrible

I can't think of anything nice to say, this thread is terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself for ever thinking it was a good idea >.>

Play nice!

I hope this doesn't turn into ''Oh look honey, the gays are crying wolf again.''
Revolting, disgusting, vile piece of filth.
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This post makes me sad

Those were the days, eh?
I'm 20 on the 27th.
Massive fan of Van Halen's or Slash in Appetite.

I just love that raw, burned to the bone, gritty old tone.
Yes go on Stockport!

But seriously, how the fuck did it get number 2?
Crappy self shot I took a few days ago.
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This shit is NOT cool. Colorado is supposed to be making a good example of their new legislation. People need to take this more seriously instead of thinking it's party time, and everything is going to be alright.

If more stuff like this happens it's going to wreck the legalization movement. I hope those dumbshits go to prison for a long time.

Basically came to say this.
I want to have a threesome with hot twin chicks.
Let's hope the video helps.
Wrong forum, dude. You won't get a serious answer here.

Try this place.