Same colour as Applejack. But it isn't Applejack. </3
... Wait, what?
A good 8. Keep the facial hair.
Lots of gigs with originals.
Get demo CDs and hand them out free in the middle of town centre or something like that.
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I really hate the whole "jelly" thing. It grinds my gears so hard.

Tell me about it.
Along with ''u mad bro?''.
In fact anything with ''bro''. They just piss me off.
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Not at all. It's about the people in the country, not the country itself.

I respectfully disagree.
Iran is run by an extremist fascist government who are probably the most idiotic and infuriating people in the world.
It's the people's fault that the country is now like this.
I can't stand the government or their followers, but as I've stated before, I love the land itself.
I don't know but I once opened the door naked.
They screamed at me and told me I was to be greeted by Satan when I died.
I save the world by turning into some sort of Nephilim. I then save the world again. And again. Then I sacrifice myself. But love brings me back. And I save the world again.
Then nail a chick.
I have tried some stuff.

Tobacco (Nicotine)

I've tried all (bar alcohol) once, and never have I felt any sort of desire to do them again.
With the exception of shrooms. I'd love to do them again.
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Most 'cultures' are not worth preserving anyway. Hawaiian culture can stay.

I don't know man. A country and its history is nothing without its culture. Sure if the culture states that every third full moon you have to go and slaughter a family and bathe in the blood or whatever then yeah, it ain't worth it.

But I like the fact that there are so many different cultures in the world. It makes humanity so much richer.
Hell patriotism to some extent (I'm speaking for myself here) preserves the language of your country too.

Like even though I live in England now, I still speak Danish and Farsi and Azeri because of my parents and the fact that I'm patriotic towards Denmark and Iran.
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I think the article is full of shit.

Haha, yeah.
I like Windows 7. It's the closest thing to XP. It's not all bad at all.
I almost got caught ejaculating into a cup of tea I was making for my friend's hot sister.

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Personally the only thing that would appeal to me about a tablet is if it had a firewire connection so you could plug it in to mixing desks and record a mutlitrack output.
And also if it had massively high definition speakers.

A friend of mine does that.
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^That's what I thought as well but I don't see how.

It's just best to ignore them.
Or humour them.

On thread: You get idiots like this everywhere.
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I really like the country but I wouldn't say I'm patriotic. I realize I'm just simply born here, it's not like I had anything to do with all the modern, past and future achievements nor am I in charge in any political policy-making. I don't even understand patriotism, sure you might like your country but it's not like you created it.

I think it's to do with preserving the culture and the history. If you don't have that passion and love about it, you won't necessarily take to the culture.

Please say I wasn't the only one who played this.
See it's funny with me. My parents are Iranian, but I was born in Denmark and when I was 11 I moved to England.

Having said that, I love nothing more than the land that Iran is on. The government I despise more than anything else, but the land I truly love.
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Not really. You're actively acting as an accessory to cheating, hence actively deceiving.

But you're not directly telling him or her/doing it with them in mind.
Just hoping that they never find out.
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It's a difficult issue, sure. I wouldn't say there's a "responsibility" to not be an accessory to cheating, but it's a dickish thing to do anyway. You're passively deceiving that person's partner, just as s/he is.

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Who's to say one wouldn't gain pleasure in that? The only true argument is biology, but if you want to argue that, we would be f*cking whomever, wherever we want, with no regard for social constructs. We have and exercise restraint in all of our daily activities, this should be no different.

Well I'd advise you to see someone if you'd gain pleasure in that. Murder and infidelity are not the same thing.

The restraint should come from the person in the relationship. As soon as they initiate something with the intent of it leading into a sexual situation, it is their wish and will.
And if you want to get into a debate about restraint, who am I, or anyone else to deny someone their will?
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You're still trash.

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hmm maybe you have no idea what is going on, if shes with somebody its for a reason, if shes going to break it off, surely you can wait or find another one night stand.

she could have lost a close family member or friend and he isnt around to comfort her, or is extremely intoxicated and he isnt there, or etc etc etc, sooo many reasons, and you just went out of your way to absolutely cause bigger problems, asshole.

Before anyone else decides to lash out, let me just clarify that I personally have never been with someone in a relationship. Everything I've said has been hypothetical and has just to do with whether the guy should feel obliged to have sex with a girl in a relationship or not. -____-

Jimmy. Intoxication etc. etc. would be classified as rape. We're not on rape. We're on fully consciously, someone going and having an affair outside of the relationship that they're in.
All I'm saying it. If the person is doing it, whether one guy turns her down or not will not make a difference if she wants to seek intimacy elsewhere. She'll find another. And the people she find, if they don't know the guy, why should they care more for her boyfriend than she does? Self-sacrifice isn't genetically programmed into us. We act selfishly, unless there is something else in it for us.

Quote by Prototype4342
So it's ok for me to punch you in the face, because if it wasn't me it would have been someone else? It's ok for me to stab your relatives because if it wasn't me it would have been someone else? Do you see your flawed logic here?

Irrelevant. You would gain nothing from doing so. Whereas someone who wants to cheat, both parties will gain pleasure, which ultimately is the driving force behind it I guess.
I'm from 03.
Quote by Prototype4342

Quote by JimmyBanks6
o rly?

id kick your ass if i knew of or could find you if you cheated with my girl and knew we were together, asshole.

What's that gotta do with anything?

If I meet a girl, and she initiates something with me, and I didn't know you, I shouldn't need to care for you more than your girlfriend does. Sure it makes me an asshole to an extent, but if something like that happens to you sir, I'd advise to you to not go through all that trouble to find a faceless - possibly number if the girlfriend has cheated more than once - just to 'kick their ass', but rather sit and talk to your girlfriend.
Kill him.
Along with his family.

Did you get punched, TS?

Edit: On second thought... Bang his sister/girlfriend. Or both.
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That's like saying you are not responsible for you running to a random persons house and breaking the windows because you are not responsible for the state of their windows. You become responsible the moment it's your fault.

But is it your fault? Or is it her fault for initiating it?
^ Answer is the same. Unless the guys know each other.

Quote by vagelier
There's no way in hell that a person is 100% accountable for the sex. That would pretty much mean rape, seeing is he/she is the only person who actually makes any moves whatsoever.

I'm not saying she's 100% accountable. I'm merely stating that the person outside of the relationship who's being cheated with needs to have no moral obligatory to ensure that the boyfriend isn't cheated on.
Sure he's a dick if he goes ahead, but such is life.
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if he knows they are in a relationship he does, otherwise he deserves to get his ass kicked hard

Hardly. It isn't a 3 man relationship.
As far as I'm concerned, SHE'S cheating and the person she's cheating with is just taking an opportunity.
She's the one that should care about the boyfriend's feelings. Not him. He doesn't know the guy.

Quote by vagelier
Although that makes sense, he is still contributing to the breaking of the agreement. Even though he might not commit a crime himself, he is still encouraging others to do so, which in itself is a crime IMO.

If the girl has her mind set on it, he's not encouraging her.

If not him, someone else.
I'd rather know it was me getting laid than someone else.
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A better question is why anyone thinks Emma Stone is attractive.

I think she's damn hot.
The end. I finally got to the end. Slid down the mother****ing pole. Was about to get into the mother****ing castle. PIECE OF SHIT FALLS FROM THE SKY AND KILLS ME.

**** this. I'mma listen to some Zeppelin again.
What The **** Is This Shit!?!
Banned for not using capital first letters after a full stop.

You should do UG usernames and their avatars as stated in the comments!
I've boned chicks with boyfriends. As far as I'm concerned, personally so long as I don't know the guy, I have no obligation to have the moral high ground. That's up to the person in the relationship.

However, I would never engage in any sort of intimate behaviour with someone who I considered a friend.

Which unfortunately, is more than what I can say about a friend of mine...
I don't get any hardcore or post hardcore.
I'd say 8.
Took off 3 'cause personally I'm not into piercings.
I gave you 1 'cause you're from Manchester.