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I have OCD. I don't like it when things are slightly out of place. XD
I have depression. I'm a teenage girl with lots of hormones. XD

I don't believe anyone unless they have a medical diagnosis.

Even medical diagnoses today aren't as credible for mental disorders.
For example with depression, all you need to get diagnosed is if the symptoms have been persisting for a minimum of 2 weeks. That's it.
Then they hook you up with 20mg of Prozac and that's it.

The problem with disorders like this are that you can't objectively measure anything seeing as it just goes on in your head.

But for the most of it, I agree with you.
I don't believe the amount of people who claim they have it have it.
But they definitely exist as disorders.
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what the **** is an oud

it looks like it's trying to hypnotize me

An oud - if I'm not mistaken - is basically a lute but it originated in the east.
Not sure if it's a direct mental illness, but I have to some extent insomnia and I display some sociopathic behavior.
I'm sure most of it is just drug induced though.

Edit: My lead singer has been hospitalized due to bipolar induced psychosis though.
He's also one of the greatest men I have had the pleasure to become friends with.
Actually recognise the username.

Happy birthday, fucker.

Edit: wait wait wait.
You and Laid-to-rest live in Manchester?

My stage name's Ram.
OP, would you like the number for the wahmbulance?
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It's actually me. Well, me last year.
My father acts as my wingman at random ass times.

Say we've gone for a coffee, he'll just stand up and go to the nearest hot chick and literally say stuff like ''See my son over there? What d'you think? He's gonna become a doctor y'know. He's also a guitarist. Good with his fingers.'' etc. etc.

In no way do I hate it, but it can be awkward at times.
Abstract stuff scares me the most. It doesn't even have to be purposefully scary.
Like that 99rooms or whatever it is terrifies me even though nothing actually happens.
And shit like the video in The Ring. It's abstract and makes no sense, but fuck is it terrifying.
I do not.

How are you feeling?
Yesterday I came back to uni after 2 weeks away at home and saw my door smashed down and my room trashed.
Nothing was taken. Everything was just destroyed.

Needless to say I was pissed.
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You're welcome.

This is my latest ink. Hope it's still funny tomorrow.

Always been attracted to intelligence and someone who is logical and NOT childish. Nor clingy.
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For some reason you remind me of Wayne Static a little, though I'm honestly not sure why...and I'm not kidding by the way ahaha.

... What...
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I like it a lot! That's a good spot for it. Even if down the road you don't listen to Zeppelin you'll remember a time when they were a big part of your life.

Thanks! Personally I can't see myself never listening to them again, because they've been so big in my life. Besides, if you look at the individual symbols they have other meanings apart from say just being John Bonham's sign etc.

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Nice tat but I have to say my first reaction was omfg, that must have hurt.

Thanks! Some parts when he went down to more fleshier areas I couldn't feel a thing, but the Z and other parts that were on the ribs were disgustingly painful!

You guys tell me.

Although not a celebrity, I've been told I'm literally like Dean Moriarty from On the Road.
Yes. I ended up naked and abhorrently drunk.

What do you guys think? It's my first tattoo. Contrary to the picture, it is actually very smooth and I took the picture a day after it was done, so there are a few smudges on the skin hence why the circles don't look very... circular.
That's kinda awesome.

I've been thinking of doing something similar with my two of my friends. One of them is obsessed with Superman, so we were thinking something along the lines of having the Superman diamond thing without the S in the middle.
My name's Ram, so we'd give it Ram horns and then fill the middle with something relating to our third friend.

I think it's a great concept, especially since we're all in university and it'll bring back great memories in the future.
Layla and Melita.
For once I agree with a TS.

''u jelly'' and ''u mad'' never cease to irrationally piss me off.
Especially when people say it in real life.
I met this guy like 2 months before his video went viral.
He's kinda an ass.

He pretty much insulted everything about me as a guitarist in his seminar. It was a case of ''Oh yeah I picked up my guitar, and there's all that tapping that Van Halen did which sucks and any amateur guitarist can do really easily, and I developped my own technique.''

''Yeah also 90% of the rock guitarists nowadays and back then had no talent and it's generic stuff everyone can do.'' etc. etc.

I walked out halfway through his workshop.
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You sir have never had sex.

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Kneeling at the edge of the stage and making out with a hot audience member as you play a guitar solo.
Then hearing the crowd roar as you do so.
I'd go back and **** that chick I hesitated to **** 'cause she had a boyfriend.
Write a song and become a one hit wonder teenage heartthrob.
'08 was beautiful.
I thought it'd be another one of those effect guitar pieces of shit so I came into the thread to say no.

But after watching the video, **** yes I would.
Repo!'s so good!
Should be funny if they get it right.
The surrealism aspect of it amuses me.
Get her to fornicate with an alligator in front of you.
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When other guitarists think that 7 minute long improvised solos are 'brilliant'...

In a gig setting, if done correctly it can be brilliant. Go to ANY live band show. I guarantee that at some point the guitarist'll just go off on his own for about 7 minutes.

OT: Valves that blow.
I am, yes.
It rocks.
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You with my penis.
I Know It Hurts with my penis.
Enlighten Me with my penis.
Trampled Under Foot with my penis.
Out Ta Get Me with my penis.
Sucking My Love with my penis.
I pay... and I play? What the fuck?
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I wanted pizza!

Besides, for the 3some I would've had to go out clubbing.
And club music makes me wanna kill people.