Kamelot, Avantasia or Led Zeppelin
I rejected two girls' attempts at a threesome to go home and order a pizza.

I was having cravings.
I shit whilst listening to smokey jazz.
Yeah don't worry about it. Thanks for the info.
Point taken.

Alright, I'll see if I can hunt down a Traynor to test.
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i haven't tried the blackstar but i have strong suspicions the traynor is better. for a start it's all-valve and has a decent stock speaker. it doesn't say that the blackstar cabinet is plywood, either, which normally means it isn't.

Well the Traynor and Blackstar both have a celestion speaker. They also both have 2 EL34s.

I guess I need to try the Traynor. Thanks though!
Some sort of shitty -core band.

Midnight Nudity.
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If you live in/near London, Andertons has a shop in Guilford - you could try it out there.

Naw man. I'm in Bradford because of university, but I'm in Manchester quite often what with my family and friends being there.
Edit: ^ That's why.

I wouldn't use it.

I don't like others hearing my unfinished/unreleased songs.
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Yeah it's a relatively new American company (2009). Andertons music still have one in stock. As far as I know, that's the only place in the UK (online, anyway). Very nice amp; all valve (6x 12AX7 preamp/2x 6L6 power) and spring driven reverb. I bought mine without trying it (yeah, usually not the best idea), but I love it.

I probably couldn't buy one without trying it. Especially for the price. I mean... I'm VERY fussy with gear. It needs to be PERFECT for me before I even consider buying it.

Quote by Dave_Mc
**** that shit, you can get a traynor ycv50b on thomann for under your budget.

EDIT: far as i'm aware, it's all-valve. i.e. i've seen the schematic, it's just dependent on how i've interpreted it but as far as i could tell, it was all tube-but ss reverb and loop drivers.

I've never heard of Traynor... I'll do a bit o' research on that too. Thanks.

Although, at the moment I am leaning mostly towards the Blackstar.
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The Blackstar's got a solid state phase inverter, loads of clipping diodes and what not.

Oh? It still sounds pretty damn good though. It's valve enough for me I guess, haha.
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Have you considered the Jet City 50 combo? Very good amp for £450.

I've never heard of that!
YouTube makes it sound really promising though! I'll try to track one down to try! Thanks!

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Do you want all valve?
'cos then the Blackstar is out of the question.

Yes I do. Really? The HT Club-40 is all valve, and that doesn't sound too bad though.
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I'd say the Blackstar, or ideally a JCM800 like previously mentioned. I used to own a 401, and they're known for overheating a lot...and they do. Supposedly any model after 2003 was fixed, but my model was a 2004 and had the problem still. Point being, they're unreliable, and if you don't live near an amp tech (like me), then it's damn near impossible to fix, unless you're adventurous or good with that kind of stuff.

Ah, overheating doesn't sound too good. The 401 I think is older than '03. So if that's the case I'd rather play it safe.

I'll have a look around, but if I can't find/don't like the 800 I'll definitely go with the Blackstar!
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Blackstar all the way man. Love the way those amps sound. I would look around for a used JCM800, though. Those things would also do everything you want.

Yeah? I did like the Blackstar one a bit more, just 'cause it was a bit fatter sounding and seemed a bit more versatile.
I'll be running a Hardwire TL-2 pedal through it though so...

The budget is around £500. If I can find a used JCM800 for that, I might see how it goes.
So the time has come for me to buy a new amplifier.

I'm stuck between a Marshall JCM200 DSL401 and a Blackstar HT Club-40.

I tried both out today, and I really like both amps. I just want some of your opinions.
I play mainly 70s/80s style rock and metal with heavy blues influences. Zeppelin, Guns, Dio etc. Even some newer stuff like Alter Bridge.

Do you guys know any pros and cons of both? Thanks a lot.
I'm doped up on mangos and I still wouldn't do you.
Those are pretty cool.

Reminds me of serial killers.

I like serial killers.
Best - Really kinky, masochistic/sadistic, femdom sex with 2 chicks backstage after one of my gigs.

Worst - My ex girlfriend.
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^Mangos, you say?

They boost your sex drive.
I'm even thinking of shortening my last name 'cause it's too long and complicated.

Name's don't mean shit. Just do what you want to do in life and be remembered for that.
Am I the only person in the world that loves Jack?
Without the makeup I'd ravage her vagoo.

But then again... I have been eating a hella lotta mangos lately, so pretty much anything with 2 X chromosomes will be ravaged by me.

Pulse is optional.
If I had 7 days to live this is what I'd do:

- Fly to the states.
- Steal a Mustang.
- Steal a guitar.
- Find a huge gig.
- Crash the stage and put on the best performance ever.
- Stage dive and die.
I'm a brave ass adventurer.

I gotta tell you TS. It feels great.
Those questions were fuckin' retarded.
Uni. of Bradford.
Biomedical Sciences.
I'm growing bald.
It used to really bother me.
Now I kinda don't give a fuck.

Plus, chicks dig it.
Yeah I had a fuck buddy. Everything went great. She now has a boyfriend and is still one of my best friends.

Also, shredred, you're fuckin' retarded.
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Foo fighters are a poor mans Nirvana (and nirvana was overrated as hell to begin with).

Dream theater has much better music. Foo fighters are a lot more popular, thus all these 15 year old hipsters on this site stroking themselves to such a lame band. Learn to RESPECT the better band before mouthing off.

Everytime I see a post or a thread by you it supports my thoughts of you being retarded.
Appetite for Destruction - Gn'R
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
The Scarecrow - Avantasia
Ghost Opera - Kamelot
Because Dream Theater are boring.

And Dave Grohl is a genius.