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Deloreans suck and you know it.

You suck!
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Trust you to make this thead, Woffelz.
I came here after seeing your Mercury thread.

Conclusion: You're a fuckin' retard.
TS, you're fuckin' retarded.
Excellent. Loved every minute.
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Sorry, I'm too busy jumping off of shit and running around to look at my guitar


+ Making out with hot crowd chicks during solos.
More or equal.

I find nothing sexier.
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I thought he was tweaking because his high was wearing off

Great video, eh?
Domination and submission.
Darker eyebrows than hair.
My name's Ram.

I personally find it pretty badass.
Les Paul - Layla.

I'm building a strat. No idea for the name yet. I'll probably just call it my StratSaber 'cause I'm having a stormptrooper on it.
Avantasia - Guitar

Another Angel Down
Lost in Space
Forever Is A Long Time
Alone I Remember
My guitar chose me.
We are bound in a non comprehensive chain.
No. I'm just confident and right most of the time.
I call dibs on the drumkit.
The ability to grow awesome facial hair.

I can spot lesbians.

I can bed lesbians.

... Pretty much it.
This isn't joking matter.
I've been hit on by a retard before.

I said no.
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There are certainly general practitioners who unfortunately haven't kept up with rapidly advancing fields such as psychology.

However they are a minority. The idea of using SSRIs or any other drug for depression is not to cure the disorder. It is to alleviate some of the symptoms that make treating the disorder itself next to impossible. It's hard to treat someone who sleeps all day for example.
However most treatments for depression include some form of counselling, which often includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy these days, which do aim to attack the root of the disorder.

Depression can't really be fixed by oneself as it is not an ephemeral emotional state. The emotions are a symptom of an underlying problem. Depression is caused, at least in part, by a pattern of maladaptive (if ironically rather realistic) cognitions. It is important to try to change those cognitive patterns, and that takes proper therapy and sometimes needs to be aided by medication to get one out of what is essentially a horrific cycle.
Real depression is not something you can snap out of, anymore than you can snap out of heart disease or cancer.


For long term depression, CBT is usually prescribed alongside SSRIs.

Although, I do agree with other posters. I don't like how everything has a counteractive drug nowadays.
Not gonna lie... I had like the hots for 99% of female cartoon characters. The list is endless.
I totally know how your friend feels.
I'm losing mine.

He'll learn to accept it.
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"My Name Is Practically A Stage Name" huh? Sounds like an indie act, amirite?

Nice try.

Name & stage name's Ram.
My name is practically a stage name. I use that.
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Length isn't insanely important, but girth...girth is important.

I would become one with the force.
University of Bradford.
They should remake I, II and III.

BUT not in the way they did it. I don't give a shit where C3P0 comes from. I don't wanna spend an entire film watching the little shit Anakin moan and not be able to act.

They should remake them with just Obi-Wan and Anakin. Show how those two become practically brothers. Explain exactly why Anakin turns. It'd make that final battle of heroes so much more emotional.

I mean currently, there's that scene where Obi-Wan yells to Anakin that he loved him and he was like a brother to him. And you don't feel anything. 'Cause you haven't seen them go through the hardships.

I don't know.
Just my 2 cents.
SRV's Number One.
Slash's Les Pauls.
Page's twin-neck SG.
Blackmore's strat.
My singer is like 12 years older than me.
It is only respectful. It has NOTHING to do with a woman's rights.
Posts own insights even though feeling shamefully late and will probably get ignored due to lateness.
^ I can actually imagine how horrible that'd be.

Also, when your leather pants rip and your dick flops out in front of a huge audience.
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They don't?

Sucks. Love mine, very versatile and it sounds damn good without any pedals. I haven't even felt the need to get any.

Yup. If I'm correct, they've upgraded to the VT. Which is essentially the ADVT but... Better? I don't know. I haven't used them.

I'm personally a huge fan of Engl and Blackstar amps.