''Crank it up to 11.''
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Love it. Using a VOX AD50VT, no pedals.

The ADVTs are actually damn good amps. It's a shame they don't make 'em anymore.
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People that go to a restaurant and order a well done steak should be forcibly thrown out of the establishment, Uncle Phil style.

Buying single strings for an odd tuning where a standard set wouldn't work, and they don't quite have the right gauges, so you end up with .19 instead of .20 or .25 instead of .23 or something.

Totally agree. Don't even get me started on people who order it cremated.

Also, the fact that I have to change every string when one string breaks.
I can't stand having strings that aren't the same age.
Still searching. I've come pretty damn close to what I like. But due to monetary constraints I can't afford to buy everything I want.

Edit: My gear consists of an ADVT, Hardwire TL-2, Customised Les Paul with Suhr Aldridge humbuckers. Occasionally a Big Bad Wah is added.
Hmm... A bit more high. Tiny bit less mid.
S'my personal opinion anyways. I think it sounds a bit tinny.

Chorus part is awesome though.
When girls think they're being funny and cute by messing with the tuners.

Old strings.

Band members with no stage presence.

Well done steaks.
Slash and Jimmy Page.

I love EVERYTHING about those two.
Guys. I'm in the first one.
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Carrie Fisher, gold bikini.

Every man's dream.
I farted and no poop came out.

Edit: Gratz on comin' off the medication though.

All the more reason to drink.
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Wh- What?


Well they don't, but when they say 'our' they pronounce it 'are.' I've seen heaps of redneck ****s write 'our' as 'are' because of the way they pronounce it.

Regional accents differ.

I lived in Manchester for 7 years and they pronounce it as ''aaaahr''.
Swimming or Karate.
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Learn English from the English, not the Americans.

It's 'our,' not 'are.'


Yeah. Americans totally use ''are'' instead of ''our''.
It's not really due to the immune system. If anything, it's probably slightly better due to better food and more awareness etc.

However, due to medicine, it's diseases that mutate and become say resistant to treatment.
Or even in some cases, non pathogenic diseases are more dangerous/more frequent due to advances in technology/lifestyle.

Best. Game. Ever.
Slash, Randy Rhoads and Ritchie Blackmore.
Oh and Jimmy Page.
I can't click my fingers on my left hand.
Bill & the Hickies.
Big Elf
Dream Theater
Black Stone Cherry
Iron Maiden
Rolling Clones
Sacred Mother Tongue
Part of a cult. Not a gang.
I don't like how y'all have forgotten me.
Nawww. I'm chill with it all.
Well talk to him. Tell him he's compromising the success of the band. If he was a best mate of 4 years he'd see that what he's doing is very selfish.

If not? Find a new drummer and gig.
Find a new drummer?
I'm from Korriban.

Now die motherfuckers.

That one scene where he's pretending to wash his hands after putting on the surgical gown.
It fucked me up man.

Fuck yeah.
Those were the good ol' days, eh?
1. I'm a dude.
2. I have a dick and too much testosterone that's causing male patterned baldness.
3. I'd fuck shit up.
Solo to Crazy Train. :3

Excuse the shitty quality.
I don't know how to work cameras.
This was just my laptop webcam and mic.
My max is about 15.