Then: Guns N' Roses, Zeppelin, Purple, Van Halen, Sabbath.

Now: Guns N' Roses, Zeppelin, Purple Van Halen, Sabbath, Kamelot, everything Tobias Sammet is part of.
I'm pissed because...

Actually, life is alright.
First Genetics lecture:
''The most important medical and genetic discoveries were made by people trippin' on acid.

Now I'm not advocating drug use at all. I'm just saying that it seemed to help every single other person who made a discovery.
Think about it.

Now... Human Genetics...''

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Band name: Acid Doctor.
Preferred colours: I don't particularly mind as long as it isn't bright yellow or stuff like that.

It's a 70/80s style rock band with slight thrash influences. A mixture of Zeppelin, Purple, Guns and Diamond Head.

We're looking for something memorable, yet professional. Something to use as a logo on artwork/banners etc. Hit me up with whatever designs you pros think would look good.
Thanks a lot.
I rarely break 'em. I change 'em every 2/3 months though. Elixir nanoweb 10s are what I use.
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Usually they go up a full step. I can only think of a few semitone key changes. Selkies is one.

I prefer semitone key changes.

Also, fingerpicking the verses and strumming the choruses for an acoustic piece.

Minor harmonic guitar leads.
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Well, me, being a firm believer in utilitarianism, wil lsay that nothing good came out of this war. There is no denying that the Iraqi people have more freedom than they had under Saddam Hussein, but look at it on a global scale: it has been a sink-hole for billions, if not trillions of US Dollars, and has caused even more polarisation in the world. So, in my opinion, nothing good came out of the war if one looks at the grand of scale of it.


No, I just believe that the world as a whole has gained nothing from the war.

I agree with everything.
Okay, guys.

Why do people put water when hitting out of a bong?
I don't want to get into the whole ''Oh it wouldn't be a bong without water'' etc. I don't care.

I'm just wondering, that if one can get high(er) quicker by smoking it without water, why do they fill it up?
I broke my fretting fingers once. It was 3 simple fractures on 3 of my fingers at the joints.

I still never stopped playing.
Taylor Momsen and Ariel Bellvalaire. Mmmf.
If there was a way to make money from being hairy, I'd be a billionaire by now.
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Now now Buttercup.

And Blake back off, your a douche.

The the Original Poster. Id say a nice keyboard/ drum machine and an Interface should suffice?

Sir, I'm actually going to stand up for Blake. He gave honest advice and referred the guy to a forum more suitable to answer his question, and calling him a douche in that hostile manner was very rude of you.

I expect you to apologise to him, now.
Not a very noticable effect unless you're really anal about it. But covers tend to soften highs by a tiny bit.

Personally, I prefer non covered. Ain't nothing' like '57 Classic Zebras.
Practice is the only thing you can do, man.

I mean personally I practiced 8-10 hours per day in my first 10 months. Just keep at it.
Never quit because something's getting difficult.

As for the wall. Everyone gets that at some point. But when you breakthrough... You really do breakthrough.
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I dont want to perma ban any of you guys.


Russian, Turk and Persian.

What an Aussie asshole.
Alright, thanks man.
The problem I had with .avi or .wmv is that the videos go out of sync with the sound when you upload them. Whereas that doesn't happen with .mpg.

I'll try getting a new mic. Thanks a lot.
Also, only problem with paying is that I'm a poor ass student at the moment, hah. So I can't really afford anything.

If I were to buy one though, what would you recommend?
Hi guys, I assume this is the correct forum for this.

I was wondering what the best but cheapest/free method of recording would be for making YouTube videos.

At the moment I have something called the Debut Video Capture Software, and it does the job, but because I haven't paid for it, I can't record in MPEG. I also can't find a good freeware software to convert the .wmv to .mpg.

Am I going by it the wrong way? 'Cause these videos are still very low quality.

What is the best way to make videos?
Fight. It would be awesome.
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I thought when my parents were younger they lived in black and white times and colour wasn't invented then.

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I came here to post Jimmy Page.

OT: If done correctly it ain't too bad.
... I was thoroughly disappointed.
I still play at least 4 hours a day.

You get phases where you lose interest. I've been through 'em. But s'all good now.
6 oz. LSD.

... I'm fine with that.

Edit: The Pokemon.

4 oz. Marijuana. Serve neat. Stir vigorously.

Deourke. Sir you get an 8.
I'mma give you a 10, sir.
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You mean like Come at me, bro? Because I'd say the whole thing would be the meme, not individual words. I guess you could argue that bro has sort of become a meme on UG recently. But then again I wouldn't really call it a meme as such, more of a movement.

BTW never move to New Zealand if you don't like the word bro.

EDIT: ^^ Being cool was always an IRL thing though.

Yeah phrases like that. I don't know. Depends on the situation really.

But stuff like ''u mad, bro?'' or ''u jelly'' really... I don't even know why. But it actually makes me angry.
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this is romantic

wait till the thrusting japanese guy on a skateboard comes in

What the fuck did I just watch?
Quote by thefuzz454

But bro isn't just a meme bro

When added in at the end of a sentence it really pisses me off. Also bro can be one if you use it in that context.
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You could troll before 1999 as well, and there was no need to say, "haHAAAAA, U just got trolled"

No. In fact.
Memes when used in real life piss me off. ''brah, bro, jelly, u, troll'' are all enough to send me into an irrational rage.
I don't believe in your love,
Tread on this bed of roses
I don't believe in your love,
Don't give a fuck for roses

Edit: That was for Eyeforgot.
I don't. I study in silence.
A bigger penis.