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Extraverted: 33%
Intuitive: 38%
Thinking: 38%
Judging: 67%

From Wikipedia:

It's happening to me. I now your pain.

That's cool.
She has to be intelligent.
She has to be neurotic.
She has to have a good sense of humour.
She has to be able to make up her damn mind.
She has to be pretty. (I don't care what anyone says. Attractiveness attracts you to a person. Personality makes you develop underlying feelings)
She has to be accepting of my lifestyle/culture.
She also must not be clingy, illogical or heavily into public displays of affection.
Edit: ^ What he said.

Essentially, you're asking if I want a penis inside me.

The answer is no.
Less than 0.375Hz. Fuck yeah.
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Period dramas. I can't be alone here, right?

Amen. When shit hits the fan, it's almost a crime if you miss it.
Nuts. Especially cashews or brazil.
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And then shit two pints of blood like a real man, I'll warrant.


Actually, my faeces remain blood free.


... I downed a bottle of tabasco sauce once.
Ask for a picture with a chav.
Edit: ^ Well call them again. I google'd the error code, and it seems to be a Live problem.

Unfortunately if your copy of Windows isn't legit, there isn't much that can be done except for maybe an entire wipe of the system using the same copy that you have.

Edit2: v Or do what he said. Maybe run an anti virus? :S

Also for the record, Glee isn't half bad. I've seen a few episodes and it's entertaining.
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He would have been ripped to shreds, his address would have been found out etc.

Yeah and even if he was trolling, they'd find a way to send his ass in prison.
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I heard about this a couple days ago. I was then tremendously sad until I realised the same thing that JimmyBanks6 just said.

In short summary:

I came to post that picture, but you beat me to it.

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That would probably be such an awkward phone call...

"So, what do you do with cases of statutory rape?"

"Why'd you ask?"


I almost feel sorry for him. :'D
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Did anyone genuinely call the police or was everyone just trolling?

Yeah. He called them himself.
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Since the other thread got deleted I'm guessing he wasn't trolling after all

I'd really hate to be him right now. This place seems to have no mercy.
Casino Royale is fantastic. I LOVE that film. Quantum is good, but it isn't a Bond film. Decent action film though.

My favourite is probably World Is Not Enough or Thunderball.
I reckon you'll also be a bit sloppier when you plug it in if you always play unplugged.
Cunt Fuck.
Piece of shit motherfucker.

I'm a very vulgar person.
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Saying you do manly things is ruining it.


Your manliness isn't measured by what you've done, but by how much people talk about what you've done without you bragging (provided it's manly of course. A million people talking about you having talked a poodle won't make you any manlier).
Even though I go on about being ''manly'' and all that crap, I do have feelings.
Also, I'm terrified of dying alone and I do crave affection and attention of women.
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40 + (40x0) + 1 = 41.

Are parentheses really needed? The mathematical order of operations always applies.

^ A Tout Le Monde was the last song I learned.
Nothing actually. Unless we have a gig where I need to learn a few covers I've taken to writing my own stuff.
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One night you should get busy with a chick and do something funny like put the used condom on his face while he sleeps of empty it out into the milk and wait for him to drink it.

Thank God I don't share a room with you.

What you should do is do the nasty with a girl, then at 2am, ''accidentally'' force yourself in her butt hole and let her scream wake your room mate up.
Mentality and logic of my mother mixed with the loyalty and passion and looks from my father.

Also, I sound exactly like my father.
I want to take
a cucumber and
shove it in
a cake so I can
have pumpkin pie
and a buffet
filled with little
rabbits and
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That's because you have bitch blood and I have beast blood.

I hope there's room on Wes' tree for one more.
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That isn't mutation. That was what I referred to as a "harmful recessive". It just so happens that there are many carriers of that disease. People who are related are more likely to share similar genetic traits, including the recessive things that aren't expressed in the phenotype (whether you actually have hemophilia or not). When they breed there is a chance of a child being born with hemophilia. There's nothing mutational about it. There is a chance when anyone who carries it has babies.

If you really think that it's the genetics, then anyone who has sex without sequencing both their genome and the genome of their partner would be "immoral" for such things.

EDIT Learn what a mutation is and this might make more sense.


I've been checkmated. Your point is valid.
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Mutations aren't the result of incest. Think about what a mutation is. It has nothing to do with incest. It's recessive genes that are the biological issue, and even then, in most cases nothing bad happens.

Sleeping with step parents isn't incest, which is why that was an analogy. An analogy is when you make comparisons between things that are not the same, but have similar properties and similar effects.

In this case, I was demonstrating that incestuous relationships are very socially harmful. This seems to be the basis for the moral intuition that incest is wrong.

Chances of a harmful mutation are increased a lot through incest.
Take haemophilia for example. ''The Royal Disease''.
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i don' you?

I don't.
It's just something to consider.

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Ever known a woman to sleep with her stepfather? That's a sign of a seriously ****ed up family, and the reasons why are the same reasons why incest is wrong. Not because of the babies.

... No I'm pretty sure it's about the mutations.

Edit: Sleeping with step-parents isn't incest.
Shave and shine.

With industrial buffer.
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I think the ancient times most of us are referring to consists of mostly bi-sexuals and not people that were strictly homosexuals.

Also, you have to factor in the ones the cultures that are not homosexual, but commit homosexual acts in rituals or ceremonies related to their culture or customs.

Ah yes.
Well let me explain then.

Bi-sexuals in 'ancient times'; I'm fine with that.

Going back to your original statement about homosexuality being detrimental to our survival, I personally reckon that with today's technology and options and even attitude and lifestyle that affect our future, we don't so much rely on hardcore ''strongest genes'' or ''survival of the fittest'' to survive as a species.

That and with the whole taboo that was once considered (still is in many places) homosexuality, many homosexuals started rebelling, wanting equal rights, and now that it is accepted, some people - genetically - don't have that want, or are even apathetic towards their personal impact on the diversity of the gene pool.