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thats not funny, one of my brothers mates died during it

... Did I mention your brother's mate?
Did I make fun of any individual who killed themselves?

Your response to what I wrote is invalid.
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homosexuality is also detrimental to the survival of our species and yet that wasn't taboo in ancient times.

srs answer:

because modern religions have made it taboo. along with homosexuality, pornography and everything else "sexual".

How do you know that in ancient times homosexuals didn't reproduce with females in order to maintain the human species, BUT seek romantic and sexual attraction elsewhere with individuals of the same sex?
It's the plants getting their own back.
I'm telling you.

There used to be a time when I was a 10.
Also, on a serious note, I do suppose it's some sort of genetic predisposition that forces us to mate with other individuals to create a global diversity amongst genes.
I suppose as well as decreasing the level of mutations that could occur between offspring, it's also a way to see which characteristics are most likely to benefit humanity and - back in the day - code for a higher survival rate.
It's all about who has the best genes.
Jimmy. I remember you from a few moons back. 7.
She's still having therapy over the fact that she can't be with me.
Because if incest wasn't frowned upon, we'd all be Greek Gods and Goddesses.
... Sorry, what?

Since when have nerds looked bad?

You obviously have not seen me.
How dare he piss awf Slash.
I use my profile. I wish I had comments to read.
Jazz bluegrass.

Eviscerated C*nt Snot.
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Funny you mention that as it is currently top of my list. You go there? Could do with some information about the quality of the uni, the campus etc.

I don't, no. My friend is doing a History/Philosophy course at Lancaster and it was his first choice.
He loves the campus and the course.
I'm going to Bradford to do Biomed.
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I'm doing another year which is pretty depressing, hopefully can improve my grades though.

On another topic does anyone know any good Universities for History with a standard offer of AAB/ABB?

I like getting bitten, slapped, having my back clawed off.

I also seem to love some muscle aches. Y'know when you haven't worked out for a while, and you start stretching and you get that flash of pain in your muscles?
Yeah I love that.
Anybody going to University of Bradford? I'm studyin' Biomed there. ^_^
For UK students:
Anyone going to Bradford? I'm doing Biomedical Sciences there. ^^
Ah, Dire Straits. Now we're talking.
Likes his whiskey.

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.
Thug ass African-American.

Avantasia - The Scarecrow.
Hendrix was a good guitarist.
Technical to the standards of Vai/Satch? No.
Influential? To many guitarists, yes.
Innovative? Definitely.

Whether or not you like his songs is different matter, but there's no denying that he was a decent guitarist.
I might turn up then.
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I'll **** anything. But if it comes down to relationships, i need a smart girl.

7/10 man. 8 for having a Les Paul.
I thought they'd shut Kitchen down. o__O
It really doesn't bother me at all...
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I think you will find that the sun is a much larger contributor.

... Well, true. But the point I was making is that global warming will happen no matter what. Sun heats up the oceans and the water affects it more than anything we spew out into the atmosphere.
Greatest contributor to 'Global warming'?

The oceans.
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Anyone else signing up for "Vengeance for beginners"?

Already enrolled.


ripped from his mother's womb on the corpse-strewn battlefields of his war-torn homeland, Cimmeria, and has been preparing for academic life ever since

Maybe it's a combination of my weird mood and the fact that I'm listening to Floyd, but its face made me giggle hysterically.
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Life seems so fucking pointless right now. All around me I see people enjoying their comfortable, happy lives while mine is stagnant and devoid of any fucking worth whatsoever. Time again I hear the same words from people "It will all improve soon." "You deserve better", and it all just goes over my head. Maybe a few years ago I would have made the effort to change things, but I no longer have the means nor the will to see it through. And every time I'm around people I have to force smiles cause I know that even if they knew what I really was they wouldn't even give a shit. I can't even be at peace alone, my own conscience makes sure of that. Each day the few things that still hold me to the world seem more distant and irrelevant. It would be so easy just to give up now and end everything. There's very little left to carry on for, way I see it.

I dunno what I'm looking for with this post. Maybe just a reason not to. Something that will give me the hope that nothing else seems to be able to offer.

I'll give you reason not to if you tell us what's wrong exactly man.

In the meantime:
Finally. Now everyone will know how badly I was treated by Våd.

He wasn't very tender.
Whole Lotta Love solo onwards. I just LOVE it.
Currently, I don't think anything can top the scandinavian/german music scene.

Overall however I have to say England had the better scene.
Deep Purple.
The Who.
Beatles etc.

Although Rush are from Canada and are still going. I like them.
I don't know. If they haven't made it big yet, then there's the dilemma of which one does he focus with and how he handles the one that doesn't make it far.

Depends entirely on the situation.