no they ain't.... im sure you worship fallout boy though....
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having once worked at BK... I can say yes... pretty much.

ya.. its disgusting..i cant stand mayo
who thinks ww3 is on the way? whats the first thing you would do? i would get ****faced and commit tons of vandalism.
why do they seem to put mayo on everything in fasfood unless ypou tell them not tooo?
so my icp thread got closed really fast?

no love?

i also like twistid....

i guess you mods can just go pump some fall out boy....
so i like icp.......

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If they almost died from alcohol poisoning I think the drug-haters opinions would be a lot different.


Because two of his best friends almost died? Did you not read the thread?

they should have known better.
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Yesterday, I nearly lost 2 of my best friends.

I went to a party with a couple of buddies yesterday, and after I left, my friend's cousin got a hold of some ecstasy. I guess it was laced with god knows what, because 2 of my friends who consumed the E started to have seizures. One threw up and got most of it out of her system, but the other guy passed out, and had to get their stomachs pumped. I visited him today with the other girl. It's brutal, he was shivering and twitching on the floor the whole time.

I'm just glad they're alive, and that I got home safely.

and this is important news...why?
care to summarize what this is about?
See I'd like to not form a habit of clicking on youtube links... given all the stupid **** people put on there.
*laughs at your lack of facial hair.*
"an bug"?????

i don't like you.
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You put As I Lay Dying on your ipod, that might be the problem

only if it was an ocean between us... their shadows are security album was good.
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Learn stuff.

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meh over the easter break I had to quit for two weeks when my family and I went to the US and I couldn't smoke there...suck it up

why couldn't you smoke in the u.s?
incest is sick, plus it makes your offspring retarded thus stupifing the population, not to mention the ugliness.

but any wayy..... get er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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imagine how your throat and lungs feel

you've never smoked have you?
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nicotine patches?

im poor lol and im not bad enough for those yet.
ya, nose smoking burns like a bitch i would think. ok what im gonna do is get jacked up on coffee. that should help.
i doubt a police officer would go through that much trouble to nab someone with no previous record.

your bro is probaly making it up hoping people are stupid enough to believe him.
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Quit now. Best time for it. I quit 2 weeks ago, so glad I have!

i know that once im able i will smoke though.....
i got a tooth pulled yesterday and i cant smoke for 3 days... so about 2 days left... but im ****ing fiending for a sweet sweet cancer stick..... im gonna go insane...

i know pointless thread but i got to vent or some ****.
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I actually enjoy smoking more than masturabation, but I don't smoke very much. On the other hand, I masturbate as much as any other self-respecting male and I couldn't stop (for more than a week or two, tops!) for the life of me.

**** i cant stop for more than 2 days... 3 tops.....
so what if they were gardening?.......
my uncle is insane. He says he has millions of dollars yet he is basicly homeless. one day he bought a cellphone, then he said he bought 2 so he would not have a headache... then he preceded to tell me sometimes he felt like he has plastic in his head. he constantly claims to in on some big fed or FBI story claims he used to be in the military although thats impossible due to the fact he got his first felony at the age of 17.

it goes on and on....
hitler kicks commies asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wats up... im hung over how about you?
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Screw that, get tons of booze

i did that already kind of... thats why i dont have much $$
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Looks like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't

ok guys i have a descision to make. due to my recent lack of money cant make my mind up. i will have enough money to buy either the new in flames cd or the new stargate the ark of truth movie... and a pack of smokes if im lucky......

what should i get???
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never heard of spelling mistakes?

what if i'm dyslexic?

tahw fi uoy era????
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a bit out dated don't you think?

yes... do not covet thy neighbors ass.

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Hey Pit,
My G/F of 4 years just broke up with me...
Here comes a twist:
on the night i was going to propose.....
and it turns out shes been cheating on me for like a year

i feel like killing myself

i got all these pathetic mixed emotions flowing,plus im asking the Pit for help...

any idea how to get over this before i kill my--i mean, watch a movie with God?

your not that bad if you are asking the pit for help. my money is you lack attention....
omg lmao that video threw me off.
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he made a lot of good points

-the way the iraq war was handled was also done by the nazis and communists
-the fence they want to build to keep illegal immigrants out could one day be used to keep american citizens in
-every president since JFK has lied to the public

omg.. this guy sounds like a douche.
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world record is > 11 days.
I think.

you mean someone actually made a record of it???

yay.!!!!! i got the record...*dies*
coffin fodder by cradle of filth...

trying to learn dead eternity by in flames.
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Sleep deprivation eventually causes death you know...

EDIT: You will sleep though. The brain goes into microsleep, where it grabs seconds of sleep at a time and you don't even realise it.

somebody watches house.
who gives a ****.... let it grow if u dont want to shave.
wtf was that........... creepy....