I'm not sure if I have the MIDI soundcard. I can't find it but I'm assuming I had it because I didn't have this problem the first time I installed Guitar Pro.
I can't get it to work properly. I've emailed the website for help twice but they never reply.

Everytime I try to play a song I can't hear anything unless I play it with the Real Sound Engine and even when I do I can only get a few instruments to work. I've tried to reinstall it but I still cant get it to work. Any help appreciated.
sorry dude, good luck finding them
so im changingmy electric guitar strings and i had a question. a friend of mine told me i had to wind it until i heard a sound like a snap and then to keep on winding. what i dont know is how many snaps do i have to hear. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
let go of the shovelof ice cream
damn drunk drivers

*finishes a bottle of Jack Daniels and grabs car keys*
England cuz i have no idea what 6 nations is and england is awesome
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It missed Mars I think.

and NOW ITS ON A STRAIGHT COLLISION WAY TO EARTH!!! Everyone point fans so it blows away to japan.

if you are japanese and dont want to die, just point your fans so it lands on China
I'd say: wait to get more money to get a better guitar. if you want to spend it now you wont get far from epiphones or squiers
mostly stuff i write
practice the song and have a good time and you'll be more than fine
i know it doesnt help much but all i can say is power chords.
72 telrcaster deluxe. im saving money to buy it
he deactivated lasers with his d***
this may just be me but what's wrong with little children learning about sex. im not saying its right and it doesnt matter if they learn about it, im just asking whats so wrong about it?

they're gonna learn about it eventually anyways.
What a jackass, that's why little kids shouldn't watch rockstars smashing their guitars.
My dad liked zep back in the 80's and he has never tried a dryg in his life
It's not that broken. I just got home from a New Year's family dinner and when I grabbed my guitar I noticed that a piece of wood had stuck out on the backside of the neck. It kinda starts on the backside of fret 3 and ends at the beginning of the headstock. I don't know how it happened. Can it be repaired? If so, will it cost too much.
Are you sure that's not an epiphone?
Try to change your style. Try to get inspiration from someplace else. Write a story and turn it into a song (it's worked for me before). Just whatever you do don't stop writing
I'm gonna have to agree with everyone who said it's too straight forwarded
I started liking it abou a year before I met UG.
I have owned American Idiot since about early 2005 and I still think it's a great album. Unless the John Lennon incident happens again, I don't think GD's gonna stop writing music in a long time.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Damn it, Ii was gonna say that.
Lots of sequels have been coming out lately. Most sequels aren't half as good as the originals. thats not where all bad movies come from, have you seen alvin and the chipmunks?!?!
I think I've also seen Paul McCartney and Geddy Lee play guitar
I think John Lennon played bass on the song "Let it Be" with the Beatles.
wow, that sucks
seduce a squirrel and tell her to give it to me
1 word, quality
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That is a very good point

I'm still hopelessly in love though. Even though she is a female, posting in the pit, about what to make a video of, with her friends. And she doesnt want us to mention the first thing that comes to mind. Over and over again. Because she wants appropriate comments. Which makes her dumb to expect that. And I'm still in love. dammit.

depends on how many pedos there are
My mom made me believe that if you touched the slightest little piece of fire you'd instantly die. I think she told me that to keep me away from it. One time she was cooking something and burned her finger and I dropped to the ground and startd crying.
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I beat Iron Man in expert mode.

I think it's for the song not to sound the same in all it's parts.
Dude, school sucks. They make stupid rules for no reason. For example: 1. Cut your hair. I f you want to have your hair long I think it's up to you how you manage your body. 2. Wear a uniform. Why? So you look like every other student and we won't confuse you with a teacher. 3. Arrest all 10 year olds carrying weapons. She's 10 YEARS OLD. She probably doesn't even know she can kill with that. Maybe give her a week of detention but get her arrested... 4. This list could go forever.
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you havent seen tv over the last months, have you?
of course its not a myth, its been proven and Al Gore is pretty convencing too

Yea, he's "super-serial"

*South Park Quote*
The question is, do you?