This site sucks anyways lol who cares
Reported for racism.
Where is the control panel?
What the fuck happened to this site?
Graduated is a casual term, you know?

My life is alcohol.
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Allan, don't tell anyone, but it's Alex's birthday tomorrow. Well, you can maybe tell Alex, but I'm warning you early so you'll have enough time to drive to Etobicoke and surprise him.

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I would but I work full time (and I don't have a car anymore)

*tips fedora*
So Steve's sucks lol.
I seen that you guys have a Steve's lol. Is it any good, and do you have a L&M?
Might be going to Quebec City or Ottawa in late april as a volunteer on a grade 7 trip ayy lmao time to get drunk with the Allanmeister.
Just drinking vodka, eating Sicillian pasta and Cholula flavored beef jerkey at my university library.

I have two papers due last monday so I gotta get started on them.
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Yeah, I'd rather take a 800$ laptop that crashes every now and then than 2000$ one trick pony mac but I can't deny that if you can afford a high end mac, it will work wonders. It's still horribly overpriced.

True. And it's not even an issue anymore. Only was in the 90's really. I don't think any Mac can out-perform a PC.
Unless portability is a huge issue, or you dont know how windows works, a PC is the best financial and functional choice.

The only reason designers and music producers favored Macs a LONG time ago, was because they wouldn't freeze when several high capacity programs were run at the same time. Also marketing and sponsorship.

Get it? Blaze.
I wanted to go out with a blaze.
If I change my custom user title to "Banned", do I get banned?
Gotta LOCK that FRIDGE, there's an ALIEN at the DOOR.
Gotta Locrian that Phrygian, there's an Aeolian at the Dorian.

ayy lmao
Although morally, I don't agree, but I think you should exclude most theory related things, it just confuses the student and often discourages them.
Austin is SG Man Forever.
No one cares about guitars anymore, face it.

Counter-strike is the new meta.
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To be fair, I sample Jamaican products quite often before I go to Wendy's so that might work.

I haven't done any composing in a while, but I do have some juicy E minor phrases for the next Romance.

Should be ready by 2018 lol.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Just got back from Florida. It was okay.
Now I'm really curious about what that was...
I drilled holes in my SG.

Same here.
Almost 10 years old. Mine is 2007.

They will probably start gaining value in three more decades.
Spec-wise, the 2013 SG Standard are almost exactly like the '61 Reissue.

But honor and dignity-wise, the '61 Reissue is much better.

Also inferior electronics and cuts of wood.

Jk sounds dope dude.

What is this, the SG thread?
Lol I don't play guitar anymore either.
When did this thread start sucking?
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Alex used to use Avant Browser because he said it's for composers.


How do you even remember that?
Guitar was always stupid.

I have to admit, anything I ever recorded and posted here, was done so on a turntable.

I'm actually a DJ.
Anyone else drunking vodka and eating "Harvey's flame grilled cheeseburger" Chips and eating beef jerky right now?
Blind post, I did not read any of the other replies because I am vodka.

Music consists of three main concepts: rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Whether or not you are playing with a rhythm section or not, should not affect your musical output aside from "collaborating with the actual rhythm". If there is no rhythm at the present time, there should be "implied rhythm", which can be free form (if there is such a thing, [subjectivity, etc]). Same as there is "implied harmony" that goes with unaccompanied melody.
With regards to Whole Lotta Love; yes, a rhythm section makes everything sounds fuller, more controversially "better".

I believe that every piece of sound has the three qualities of music (rhythm, harmony, melody), whether it is a Chopin piece, or a tree falling in the woods. In which case you are playing alone, follow your nose.

Selling my UG account.

Glorious May 2007 join date $420 best offer but debateable.