No I will drive to Ottawa to check it out, rent a hotel to think about it and let you know.
If I wanted a flanger I would just play my guitar on an airplane.

How much though?
Can't cut down on quality lol.

I had an alter ego for a while, I miss it.
Yeah, it wasn't a problem for me until this pedal introduced a solution.

#placebo #bigpharma

You should try it though, solid pedal plus it looks cool. Only beef is battery requires you to unscrew 4 screws instead of popping out.
Only reason I'm keeping it is because of the PrimeTime feature.

No other pedal in the world has this, except gas pedals in cars.

40 seconds he explains PrimeTime.

But otherwise it's a glorified volume knob.
Also got a TC Mini Spark Boost.

Pretty dope it's got dat der PrimeTime when you press the on/off for longer than a second, you activate super saiyan mode and then you can let go whenever, instead of having to click on and off.


Only crescendo they know is rising crust pizza, stupid nerds.
These kids dumb as hell though not knowing what crescendo means.

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lol those were gone in like september man. They warned everybody and everything, even let you DL them for a bit til they took them down.

Shit man. Why though? Cleaning out old inventory?
Also, I'm currently training to be a real life music teacher.

I've been teaching music all year and my grade 6's and 7's are dope especially when I bring in my SG and shred for them.

Currently grading tests #bonusmarks
What happened to my MP3's on my profile???
Jamming usually consists of at least a little bit of improvisation. I would brush up on a little bit of theory to get you started and begin applying it so you can use it in real life guitar center situations.
That is a very good way to learn them. Make sure you are aware of what notes you're playing rather than just running through patterns. Doesn't matter how you do it, as long as the end result is profitable.
I would get the ESP LTD EC-50.
Sick NGD bruv.
I can't wait to see how Mike and Saul start working together.

Maybe more sticker fiascos.
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This is my new sig!

Thanks I haven't been sigged in a while.

Respect yourself and we should be friends.

117 lol danceable lol nerd.

Just kidding, but when I'm composing with rhythmic accompaniment, I prefer an actual intricate drum beat so I can feel the syncopation and essence. A metronome is too simple to draw any good ideas from imo.

You wouldn't dance to a metronome.

On meth you would.
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I need some songs that begginer/ish band can play. My brother is on bass, he can play simple bass riffs. My dad can play nearly anything on drums. I have been playing guitar for over a year, Can play some intermediate stuff but fall short in solos and speed. So far we have played Back In Black, Smells like Teen Spirit, and Louie Louie. I want some songs that are fairly easy to learn and we can fun with. Anything other than Metal.

Sweet child of mine
Comfy numb
A Day in the life beatles
Don't stop believin journey.

I would suggest getting a songbook. There are many great compilations out there, and you'll be able to sit down, leaf through a big selection and be exposed to new music you've never heard before.
Why is everyone not hanging out in the /sg/ thread anymore?
Applying a dominant seventh to each chord makes them cancel each other out lol therefore creating tension but not that wrongful resolution that shit I don't like.

My whole life is a dominant chord.
cool lol sup doe

happy new year
cool strap is that a real belt ayy lmao
Pick caddy good one lol.
What does this mean?
Life is subjective but it's probably 4/4.
New Years /sg/ party.
So what`s up guys?

I'm about to drop this third Romance though mane.

New Years is comin up, any dope planes?
I remember when this thread had personality.

And that's a cool guitar.
I wouldnt get the special, the neck was never right for me.

And Les Paul 100 sounds like a ladies' cigarette.

I would go for it if you like it though.
Just taught my first music class in a real person school.

45 minutes. 22 students. Such attention.
GFTSF is a great series, I use it with my younger students, very easy to understand. Stick with it for learning purposes.

For repertoire, I suggest this book. It's also a method book based on music from the Beatles. The book is organized from easy to difficult and also very easy to understand. And let's face it, you can't go wrong with Beatles melodies, harmonies or lyrics.

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hawt dawg

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Ae fjfsd gaweaoa nadago gskff ohsdfos.

I really like the phrasing you used there.
This issue is resolved.

u stil play gitar?
Oh that, it's coming up for sure, couple days.

Lol yea, been drinking a lot more lately, nothing else. It's rough, so boring. Reach Toronto though.