Knew you guys couldn't let that ham shit go I'm out of here see you in a never.
That's cool. I'm gonna check out some of your music. What do you recommend for someone on a time budget.
Nice hatchet, post it in /sg/!

I can never get the initiative to do one of these things unless they're in the /sg/ thread and I'm in charge. Sounds like a great idea though, I played some of Bach's inventions last year, I'll look over them again and try to get something up.

Cheers on the initiative to start this too.
I've been chillin how is everyone?

Doin a business Ecommerce course right now. Lots of wisdom.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
Anybody ever try one of these?

Really sorry to hear that, Shamer. Hope you're coping well with it.

One of my students passed away too recently. Left behind a Les Paul Custom, and Hughs and Ketner stack. The wife was ready to sell it to someone for $200, but I let how know how much it's actually worth, so kinda dodged a bullet there. It's kinda sick how people would take advantage of a widow to get some gear for cheap. :/

Anyways keep on rockin dude(s).
Quote by Johnny_Ibanez

Yeah, I remember that one.

Minisodes are awesome.
For a guy labeled as "dumb", Badger sniffs out that undercover cop right away.

And still sells to him.
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they're solid guitars.

Me too!

I tried snuff in Jermany the shit's dope I'll do the jam tomorrow.
Yeah I was in the Dam for a bit. Beautiful country, great weed.

Would've been nice to leave the airport but I didn't have that much time between my connecting flight.

But I'm back now and I'm gonna do a jamn soon.
I'll try it when I get into my country.
You can't just not be here the shit's dope.

I'm on an airport right now reaching Amsterdam, then Toronto.

Then jamn time.
Did you email it again cause I didn't get it.

Actually I'm gonna need you to send me yours again, because the link expired or something.

If you could get it in before the weekend that'd be shit's so dope because I'm leaving for 2 weeks again to Europa on Funday.
You could put the Police in your rear view mirror.
Oh are we only doing music stuff.
Sick combo guys keep it going.

Put Blackberry/RIM logo on rims that's an easy one.
Put a Windows sticker on your windshield.
Put some music gear related sticks on your whip.

Fender or Gibson would go over well.
Get the little kid pissing.

And then get something you don't like for him to piss on.

Like PETA.

EDIT: Dammit beaten to it.
I've acknowledged everyone else's posts, the shit's is dope.

I'm working on the jam now, and waiting for a resubmission, so if anyone else needs to get it in, hit me up.

Ed, I'm sorry to hear the terrible news about your mom. My deepest condescension goes out to your family.

Seriously though, I hope you get only good news from now on and a fast recovery.

Yeah I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Making jamn.

Sorry for the long wait doe.
Walker, can you send me your jam again, the download link has either expired or YOLO happened.
Buddies are for completing jams I'll do it this afternoon.

^ That's cool bru, I have a performance on the 15th.

All kands af thangs happanan.
Damn, Ed.

My best wishes go out to your family, bro. Hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Knocking on all kinds of wood for you.

But seriously I was really close to buying a Tech21 Roto Choir today.

Next time. I'll find a better one. How is that one?
Knew it was a dildo or vibrator or something like that.
What's that purple dildo looking thing?
I'm gonna reinstall windows and then I'll do it.