Main man twisty
How do I sell stolen jewellery?
I miss SG Man Forever.
This has been opened in my tabs since I learned how to use the internet. I don't feel at home without it. First one on the left.
Thank you Murk!!!
I like those dog pillows.
15 years later, and this still gets me horny.

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Congrats! Does he/she know about us?

Bruh come on now, enough of that political correctness. It's obviously a woman.

God hates fags.


I wish I was an American

Abortion is murder


No one died at Sandy Hook

To all the people saying Trump won't get elected for a second term: Bush did two terms.

Will suck dick for citizenship

I wish I could be edgy without feeling bad about myself. 
Congrats brother! 
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The Walking Thread...

We kill the thread every time it reaches 10k posts, plus 10k for every thread already made lol.

Well, might as well keep this one going lol since it's dead anyways.
We haven't had a discussion here since the golden age of /sg/, but welcome.

Remember when this thread was an important part of our lives?

This shit was my social media back in 2007

Also Sandy Hook never happened.
Bro SG's are the only thing we have left. Democrats are chambering Les Pauls to take away our tone so we buy more pedals. It goes all the way to the top, man. 

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Is Romance No. 3 ready to be uploaded soon?

Not even close

But definitely some good ideas in the works. They've just been around for so long that they seem basic now. I'm just overthinking things.

Can y'all guys give me 10 clicks each and pad my views.

I'm really into memes lately.
Thanks guys.

Ippon is a admin too

Omg lol people coming up in the world.

Who's following the elections???

Can I get some clicks please


You're a mod now??? Nice!
I'm gonna be applying for my green card in the next while and joining the US Army as an Intelligence Officer.

Russian is one of the top languages demanded right now.

Sorry to hear about your puppers.
Etsy is for hipsters lol.
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Crow will probably name his daughter Amanda Lynn.

You could incorporate cult classic type music references, both subtly and blatantly.

Perhaps a Spinal Tap reference or two? Play a guitar solo with a violin. Classic.
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Good luck with school etc...

30k GOT nice.
What's the closest thing we have to a user control panel now?

And what is this IQ thing?

Nevermind, so we're basically reddit now.

*tips fedora*


I think we should just go ahead and upvote each others' comments and become UG-smart.
LOL I miss him.
I remember when I looked forward to posting here and we got involved in each others' lives. Now it's just guitar bullshit.

Such disrespect.
Looks nice! Yeah, /sg/'s are neck heavy.

Why are people posting guitars in this thread I don't get it.

Anyone wanna close this thread down? I basically invented /sg/ I have the right to end it. Let's post anal gaping type stuff. Or whatever you guys are into. I'm into anal gaping.
How do I find all my subscribed threads now?