Those weren't sweeps?

I was planning to do sweeps.

During the part with drums.
Driver San Francisco.
Yeah I know I was just displaying my knowledge of the subject.
He just did exactly what I was planning to do at a certain part.
I've been around since 1.3, played em all 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, CZ, CSS, CSGO.

I'll do it this week for sure.

I just gotta record mine, and edit out shamer's plagarism.

CS1.6, it's a really old photoshop.

And I just signed up on
If you guys teach me this stuff I can get a job at a music store and give you discounts.

EVEN BETTER. I love Emma Watson.
Well, separately, it sounds good.

I haven't put it together yet.
Yours, everyone else's is crap.
I like your avatar lol.
Yeah kinda wierd.
Whatever it was it sounded good lol.

I'm pretty sure naw though.
Shamer you stole my idea, I can't let this air.
Oh it was in my smap folder.

I didn't get it.
Been waiting a while to use that one in context.

And I've literally watched all of this guys videos today, they're addictive.
Well you can't just breed hate all the time.
Lol no I like it.
Your Honda clip.
This is dope af.
I don't know you but hbd.
Don't sacrifice comfort for looks.

And who cares if you have a pickgaurd protector on your guitar. It doesn't make you a nerd.
Maybe you're depressed lol.

And as much as it might not be the answer you're looking for, maybe take a break for a week. You have no idea what a fresh mind does for inspiration. When you pick up your instrument again, it'll be dope.
Oh, the apologies you make the next day caused by drinking...

So jokes.
In all seriousness though, alcohol is good when you can control yourself and not drink til you're puking.

Then again too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

See what I did there?
I have a problem with opiates.

I think you're already aware of this, but using famous known melodies to memorize those big intervals is a good method. At least it helped me out.
Thanks I wish it was real.
All that comes to mind is Roy Gallagher's "Wanted Blues".
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TS, I think you're MissingSomethin from your progressions...

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I agree with establishing minor tonality. When I harmonized the Dorian mode, and the 1 chord was minor, that was the first time in my life I came up with a decent sounding progression that included a minor chord, and sounded natral. And that's because it was the i chord. Like Dm C G.

When I start in 1 major, throwing in a minor chord always sounded forced and fake.

If you're going to play modally, you might want to try using vamps and embellishments. A "progression" like that could find it's way back to the parent scale.

But regarding using minor chords; they are an important part of playing in any tonality, and although not every song has to include them, you're definetly missing out by not using them for 20 years. There are many different functions in which a minor chord, whether diatonic or not, may be used to great effect.

EDIT: As for finding opportunities for incorporating minor chords, you can start by using diatonic chords like you said, half of them will be minor. Incorporating the relative minor is the easiest way. In a major setting, using a minor subdominant can be very effecting following a major subdominant, or on its own. These are just some techniques that come to mind. You can use any chords you want, just always look for a way to incorporate it using something like secondary dominants, etc.
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This is true....

but learning all the theories and learning to implement first them is the best way to do it. Why grope around in the dark, when you can learn from others who have already illuminated the way?

I think Charlie Parker (who went through a long period of practicing 16 hours a day) sums it all up best:

You've got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail.
Charlie Parker


You have to know the "rules" to break them.
Lol, I found one of these around my old crap. Gonna use it as my go-to pen. Should make some dope conversation starters.