Why do people keep coming to this thread for advice?

Does this mean people actually still buy SG's?
All the solos were good except undy's.
Yeah, guys sorry. I really loafted on that one.

I still have all the entries in my inbox rofl.

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It's been ages since I've recorded. I'm just waiting for the next (Chulkov) romance to be released.

Winter 2017 hype
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A lifestyle in which I partake in.

Foreal? What's your steam?
I had a dream tonight where I didn't suck dick at counterstrike.
I own a '61 reissue and they are the best guitar.

Only SG worth getting.

Better than an LP standard.
I got an SG befo-

Nevermind, they were never cool.

And never will be.
Let's revive the thread or I'm gonna start posting banworthy material.

I'm done with this.

Japanese people love Marty Friedman.

...Or is it the other way around?
I'm addicted to protein and pre-workout supplements.
I haven't played guitar since this thread died.
Depending on where you live, conservatory books are usually on point.

However, is my favorite online resource.
I can shut this thread down at any moment.
No I still have my penis thanks guys.
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If you're training to be an athlete you'd be better of not doing curls at all.

Also DOMS is a) different for each person b) caused by the eccentric loading. Slow the tempo of the eccentric phase and/or pause at the bottom and you'll hurt more.

Not really an athlete, just trying to pass the entrance exam with ease.

Also aesthetics are important to me. #natty
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I only get sore every now and then, but when it comes to any isolation you need to focus more on form and less on weight. Not being a dick, but you probably don't have the greatest form and that's why you don't feel it in your arms. Most people use a lot of forearm and front delt and that's a lot of weight to curl strictly if you've only been lifting 3 months.

And if you've only been lifting 3 months, I wouldn't have you doing any kind of isolation day bro split, but that's a completely different discussion if youre open to suggestions

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You won't get as sore from working out once you've been into a routine for a few weeks, vs when you first start up after some time away (especially if you started heavy). Had a few weeks off when I hurt my back recently, and after first workout I had DOMS all over pretty much - not feeling so much now, just a little tender in a few places the day after a workout, not much longer.

Cool thanks guys.

Yeah, my form is definetly not impecable. I sometimes use the curling machines to isolate better. But I like to keep it to feet-on-the-ground exercises as everyone says they are better for athletes, and I am training for the army. The entrance exam will comprise of a lot of sandbag dragging, carrying, lifting, etc.
Hi thread, so I've been making all kinds of gains, my diet's good, but I feel the past month I hit a plateau. I never get sore anymore, which was always my benchmark for getting a good workout in.

I even tested myself by literally curling for a full hour, and barely any soreness the next day.

110lb x 10 is my absolute max
90lb x 10 is a decent effort
and 70lb x 10 is pretty light for me to give you an idea. Using a barbell.

I literally did around 400 reps in the 70lb-90lb range within an hour and while I definetly felt a burn and big pump during, but not soreness the next day.

Does the day after soreness subside after time? I've been working out for sometime, but only got into an everyday routine for the past 3 months.

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You can't throw back on a Saturday bruv.

Also, pretty good unbiased reporting on the issue by VICE.

Can't wait for Dispatch 109. #seasonfinale #May9th #KievPeoplesRepublic
USA just deployed 300 troops into western Ukraine for training purposes. Could be seen as a provocation.

But we appreciate the help.

Putin is new world order unfortunately.

Start learning Russian now lol.
I'm Ukrainian lol.
Anyone keeping up to date on the war in Ukraine?
Exactly, you can't just E major your way through life.
Honestly, these "shortcut" apps will just hold you back and give you a reason not to learn theory. And after all, MT stands for Music Theory.

It would be useful, but these kind of apps are also very limiting in their potential to give you what you want. For example, you could fill in all the boxes and pick what style you want etc, but you won't get to choose much else. You'll be left with very "cookie-cutter" backing tracks.

If you plan to use it as an educational segway into learning how to use harmony and stuff like that, then I think it's a great idea. Otherwise I think it will get boring pretty quickly.

What I would recommend for making backing tracks, is using a keyboard and recording through MIDI/XLR output. I make all my backing tracks I've ever made for work or pleasure on my Korg. It gives me a lot of variety, I can add/take away instruments at will, full control the harmony to the point of any crazy embellishments, etc, creating a much more unique backing track.

Just my advice. It's really all up to whether this is more of an educational tool for you, or your main goal is just to make backing tracks. And I'm sure it's a great tool anyways, just saying, these things have limited potential and get played out pretty quickly.

Also, just a thought, but if you need something to jam along with for the sake of improvising, you can make some chord progressions and loop them on GuitarPro. Or you can find countless backing tracks on youtube in any key and for literally any song.

Also for this reason, I'm out.

He'll get #rekt in prison.

And why does execution cost so much???
This is the shit John had to put up with.
First step, I think, would be to learn all the chord formulas, if you're already headed in that direction. It would also help to learn how harmony is written. Try analyzing some songs that you know, then try to take a simple melody and write a harmony to it. Try to do it more than one way, too. Most harmony is very flexible, and depending on the melody, you can write it many different ways.

Name That Chord was always one of my favorite activities, and I also use the concept to quiz all my students. For example, I'd give them a set of notes and ask them to name the chord, then quiz them on stuff like:

What keys can this chord be found diatonically in?
How many different names could this chord be named?
Depending on context, which is the most correct name?
What chords would commonly preceed or follow this chord?
What is the function of the chord?

This is all stuff you should be thinking about when you're analyzing a harmony, eventually you won't have to think about it, and it will be routine. Once you get your ear training up, you will be able to hear it when listening to a song for the first time. is a great resource for all things music theory, very interactive too. They have an ear training app, very useful.
Only time I go over the top is when I take my preworkout.

But yeah, I think I saw that same video. It was pretty cool.
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john cage
pierre schaeffer
la monte young
alvin lucier
morton feldman
yoko ono
george brecht
luigi russolo
curtis roads

that kinda stuff. another hundred years of the same 12 notes wasn't too exciting tbh