Anything in series is always cool.

Especially dominoes.
Back then: "Hendrix didn't learn theory"
Now: "Skrillex didn't learn theory"
u get it rite or nah
It's 8 hour custom.

Nice that sounds dope my whole life is /sg/.
200% shred 0% knowledge.
Looks like a regular A Major chord to me...

I think the tab says 6th fret on the G, not 8th...

Blurry though.

EDIT: Lol yeah.
Barre the fifth fret, ring and middle finger on 7's, pinky on 8.

A E A D# C A

Looks like an AmAdd#11, but that's with no context. Given then amount of dissonance it's not the best chord to play with distortion.
I don't turn off reverb so...
I didn't listen because no headphones, but harmonic minor is usually to go to scale when you need a major dominant (which is most of the time in Western music). It's used in conjunction with the natty minor.

Judging by the name, it's probably classically-influenced, so it'll be beneficial to be familliar with the following concepts, and know how to apply them to your playing and composition:

Diatonic chords
Construction of embellished chords (7-13 and everything in between)
Use of basic chromatic harmony techniques
Key changes

Like I said, I couldn't listen right now, but in terms of technique, in order to convey a "relaxing" feeling, I would go for as much legato (smooth) playing as possible. This means slides, bends, hammer ons and pull offs, etc.
Only thing I fry is omelets.

Yeah, the Mark V is in my top choices. I've actually also been looking at Hughes and Kettner and Egnaters. Been getting suggestions about Matchless and shit like that.

Still a toss up. Thanks for the advice, 311ZOSOVHJH. I mean, on board reverb isn't really a must must, but it's a strong deciding factor. If I find an amp that has everything I need, but doesn't have reverb, I'll still take it.

Shit's dope, beaurocrats, etc.

EDIT: There's also actually no underscore in my name. It's a space.

No specific type really. I play everything from metal to classical to blues.

I need an amp that is versatile in all styles, but dope cleans are a must as I play more clean than distorted.
Probably gonna Mesa soon.

Don't know which one yet.

Which Mesa is best for dope cleans? Onboard reverb almost a must. Saturated distortions. Probably a stack too.
Still though, my solos need to sound far away.

So you're saying Stiletto Duece is no good?
Do they still even make Mark IV's?
So what, Mark V is my best option?

For versatility that is.
Learn Eugene's Trick Bag from Crossroads lol.

It's loosely based on the 5th caprice, and was helpful to me. Not so much for learning "about" arpeggios, but learning how they are played all over the neck, and what to expect from future arpeggios you will learn.

Or be a bad enough dude and learn the theory first.
JK lol honestly I need clear as hell Fender-like cleans. Fat and saturated leads.

I'm looking at a Mark 5, Stiletto Duece, or Lone Star.
Sounds I'm after include wanting Mesa Boogie on my grill so guitar noobs know that my amp is the best pretty much. I don't really care about tone.

Question: Which Mesa Boogie is best?

I am set on buying a Mesa Boogie amp. If combo, 50 watt. Another possibility is a MB head with a fender cab.

I am looking for versatility above all, I play all styles. When it comes to metal, I play lead more than rhythm. On board reverb is a huge plus, practically a must.

Budget is probably $2000 CAD.

I use a Gibson SG '61 Reissue and the following pedals: Fulltone Clyde Wah, Ibanez TS 808, Krank Maximus Distortus, TC Mini Spark.
Lol nice. I'm thinking of getting a mark five.
aight fuk u den
I don't know if you're familiar with basic theory yet, but you should master that first, completely.

If you really want to master jazz, I recommend taking at least a few lessons with a jazz teacher. There is a lot that of "reading between the lines" that you may miss from textbooks/videos, etc.

I'd say get yourself a Fake Book and learn some melodies and harmonies and try to improvise based on them.
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Also, never too old. Who cares about making money from music. If you want to make money off it, become a session musician or something. Still dope.
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I just noticed mine were gone a few days ago.

Goodbye, "/sg/ Dream."

What the hell lol you're still here??

I want everything new. I honestly have a pet peeve about "vintage". Yes it may sound great in some cases, but I can't get over the fact that there is vomit inside the circuit board and it's not mine.

Yea I will check out Keeley definetly. If not then maybe just go for a Boss. Can't be that bad.
I've been trying to get an 80's Ibanez Compressor for the longest time though.