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how is b-52 qc i have heard of problems with the at 112....

That was the older models. It's $360 USD, and I also reccomend it. Or a used Classic 30.
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My band has recently started going in an indie direction...we don't want to be indie though. We try and play classic rock that has a modern twist, so I'm not sure what you'd classify it as. We coined our own genre name, spectrum rock, because we have one completely jazz song, one pop song, one metal song, one prog song, and one straight up punk song, so I need something that's really versatile.

I'd really like to be able to get some AC30 tones and some higher gain tones as well (we have one metal song). I saw this: is it any good?

That head won't do metal. For those styles, I suggest a Peavey 3120 (used when they start pooping up, or new if you save up by then, it's $1000). Does everything quite well, and has (IIRC) seperate volumes/EQ's for all 3 channels. Other amps to look at include a Peavey XXX (used), a Mesa Boogie Mark III (used), a used Peavey Classic 50 212 used with an OD boost for metal. Here is the 3120:

Good luck!
I got alot of chicks with Tears in Heaven.
Go for a Mesa Boogie Mark III head used and save for a good 2x12
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I'd have to say MG's are terrible for their money and the Zakk Wylde one is possibly the worst amp for its value. The distortion's sterile, fuzzy and weak while there's little to no tone.

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How much would a good tube combo cost?
And can you recommend a few od pedals please? I got the Digitech rp50 but it wasn;t very good either :l

Btw, I got the pound sign by pressing : Shift + 3. But it might only be keyboards in UK or something.

B-52 AT-112 is great, $360 (IDK how much pounds). Or a Peavey Classic 30, aroun $350-400 used.
Santana has a pretty godly tone, as does Benson.
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I like my Mark III more than the Mark IV's. It's more raw sounding. I'm hoping the Mark V can get the Mark IIC+/III sound as well as the IV.

My Mark III Red Strioe sounds 90% like a IIC+. I can get perfect Heathen tones, Metallica tones, and spot-on Dream Theater tones. The only tone I can't really get is a solid growly Mark IV lead tone.
Mark V's are now shipping!!!!!

Anyone have an extra 2grand layin' around so they could get me one???? Damn GAS
Mark V's are shipping right now!!! Do it!
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during the soundcheck of my show last night, i was busy setting up drums when some kid playing my amp/guitar says "jon your amp is too confusing, it won't work."

seeing that i didn't get to it yet, i assumed he didn't connect the head to the cab. and he didn't... and he was cranking it.


Oh ****, is the beloved Mark IV okay???? I'd kill the kid, either that or tell him it's super rare and it costs $4000 so you can buy a Mark IIC+ and a Mark V.
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atreyu, metallica, bullet... that sort of stuff.

i'll bear the JCM in mind thank you. anymore suggestions??

First of all.... Get some better REAL metal. Second of all, a used 5150 Combo or a new 6505+ 112 would be great for you.
Currently, a Mark V, because I have my hopes up of winning a sweepstakes I entered to buy it. DAMN GAS!!!!
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The answer is obvious, you need to burn your wife.

It depends what type of toanz you want. DC's are voiced sort of like Mark Series.
Mark Series/DC = Tight tone, lots of mids, better for leads (IMO)
Rectoverb = Loose (but not as loose as Dual/Triple Rectos), better for rhythm, fall short on leads

It all dpends on what voicing you want.

DC tone:
Rectoverb tone:

I'd try it out.
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Black Sabbath's on Masters of Reality
Iron Maiden on Number of the Beast
Exhorder on Slaughter at the Vatican
High on Fire on Death is this Communication
Eyehategod on Take as Needed for Pain
Crowbar on Lifesblood of the Downtrodden
Corrosion of Conformity's on Deliverance
Pantera on Vulgar Display of Power
Down on NOLA
Acid King on Zoroaster
Weedeater on God Luck and Goodspeed
Gojira on The Link
Mastodon on Remission
Lamb of God on Ashes of the Wake
Death on Leprosy
Metallica on And Justice for All and Kill 'em All
Motorhead on Overkill and Orgasmatron
Sepultura on Arise and Roots

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

I ****ing love you
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I'm really pleased with how it is coming. I returned the DMC loopers for one Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL looper and I am much more satisfied. I just need to get my Axcess F1 and another expression pedal and the rig will be done (aside from the wiring and case buying)! I am getting a used g-major next month for my birthday.

No, I did not get to do SNL. I am still trying to learn all the songs; however, I am pretty stoked to be playing to slide part on Tim McGraw.

Are the songs actually difficult?
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Nothing more than small talk. She's really friendly, though.

She wants your dick. I can sense it. Or maybe she just wants your amps.
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Rehearsals suck. Other than that, she is a very nice (and quite attractive) woman. She took the entire band out to lunch at a pretty nice restaurant in Nashville after an incredibly long day. She is also really small. I'm 6'4 and feel like a giant next to her.

Haha nice, did you get to talk to her any?
Look at Splawns if you want brit tones.
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That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw those amps.


Hows Taylor Swift treatin' ya'???
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I'll have to check that album out, as I've only heard stuff from it a couple of times. Isn't that when Jesper was using an ENGL Savage?

They were using 5150's on that record IIRC
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The Absence has an insane tone.
As does Michael Romeo on "Paradise Lost"

And Bodom's guitar tone on "Follow The Reaper" (album, primarily the tone on Northern Comfort though).


+1, along with In Flames Jester Race.
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I don't play metal, but Brendan Small/Dethklok's guitar tone is so ****ing awesome.

Thats cool
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^i hate my keyboard(and my lack of English knowledge) soo much...
im not face palming you im face palming my self.......

Oh ok, sorry.
for me
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Agreed, but the three tones at the bottom were the ones he didn't like, if I interpreted his post correctly.

No, I think he meant thrash metal.
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im more of a metal core guy....... soooo i'd say anything by BFMV, As i lay Dying, KillSwitch Engage, Underoath, A SkyLit Drive etc...... please dont flame teh Fly.....

but for trash i'd say early Metallica, Pantera and Iron Maiden

Bold=Great tones
I listen to Killswitch for the toanz

But Pantera's tone is dick. Whatever floats your boat