I live 20 minutes from York and the city is gorgeous, the music scene is great too and you're not far from Leeds which also has excellent music. Some friends go to the uni and they all love it.
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Sure you'll do fine, cassie.

Thanks Kjell
I start my first year tomorrow. Bricking it.
Eng Lang- D
Drama- C
Psychology- D
French- E
General Studies- E

Still got in though!
Well I loved it.
i can be lonely if she's happy, after all.
One narrow tragedy
is a blink in the eyes of eternity
but still, the pleasure of seeing again
will always be as strong.
It may be that happiness is perched
high on top of a colossal mountain,
but for me it is the bottom and the
looking up at your conquest.
We will always go back to what
will hurt us the most, but that's alright.
Acceptance is half the battle.
Love is just the war.
Wonderwall. People will go crazy for it.
Vanilla Sky? It might not be great but i sure as hell didn't see that coming at the end.
You may congratulate yourself
On having dodged the bullet
But you will always have to wonder
Why you are being shot at.
"My love is a clay pigeon with a natural passion for gravity"
and I say
"Sort yourself out. Stop using metaphors.
If your life is your own then there's no other cause.
I you love then you love and maybe it'll end,
if it does then it does, and then you start again.
Life's not a chain, it's a cycle.
that's a fact you'll get used to in a while.
dodging the bullet isn't skill,
it's not a test of your character and will,
you're not immortal because of a coincidence,
it's a test of gratitude and penitence.
There's nothing to feel afraid of.
there's situations to prove what you're made of.
There's sadness and if you try not to mind it,
there's beauty if you look enough to find it.
But mostly, don't try to be saved.
Just try to hold onto some faith.

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sit through it and then youll get some action

haha +1
I love the guy who commented the article saying he'd "Rather live in Afghanistan" so as to get more freedom
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Quick question, when do UCAS applications have to be in by? Apparently it's a lot earlier then any of the other years.

15th Jan i think? But you definitely want to send it in earlier.
I'm sending my UCAs application in tomorrow :|

I think you ought to ring up and check, with something like a uni application you don't want to shrug anything off.

Also, congratulations!
Music Tech for A level as well as just music, and business studies would come in handy as well. If your school gives the option, in Sixth Form do Young Enterprise and maybe set up a battle of the bands thing? For uni, have a look on the UCAS course search?
I'm in.
What about An Oral History Of Rant Casey or whatever it's called?
Sounds like sleepwalking but with a really low level of consciousness.
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i worked til late, got home, wanted to arrange something with my friends to discover they've all gone to the same party.

Get it professionally dry cleaned?
Yours sounds confusing. Plus to be honest if that agents rooting round in the guys ass he deserves to have ten shot guns pointing at his face.
Alexandra Burke and Cheryl Cole have both released annoyingly catchy pop songs recently.
If you said anything on your personal statement which didn't sound very believable, be ready to back it up. A friend of mine said on his he could play the tuba. Walked into the interview and in the corner is a tuba.
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Be the black sheep of your village, it's fun I promise!

Haha ok, but this kind of situation deserves a mask and a cape! Off to the sewing room I go!
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I fail to see the problem here

It would be ok if you were anonymous, but EVERYONE knows your name.
I live in a small town. It's pretty difficult jumping off stuff cause the chances are you'll hit an old lady or pervert.
Just watch the Tod. After a while you'll be a fully fledged pervert
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I fell asleep in a fairy tale.
I woke up in a dream.
I ate the limbs of dying trends,
And collapsed into the sea.
I smeared their faces with crumbling bone.
I can smell your stink through the phone.
I liked the first four lines, but those last two seem so forced and out of place that they ruin it.

Acid swirls of mangled bodies I think the word acid is unnecessary here, it interrupts the flow and without it there's more left to the imagination
Faces upside down
Technicolored thoughts
Have turned all my rainbows brown.

Blinded by the darkness Bit of a cliche... what about replacing the with my?
I've forgotten how to see.
Read me back another story
Force me to believe.
Take away
Everything I've learned
I don't wanna know anymore.
Show me how
To live again.
I've heard this all before.
I think you could take away a chunk of those last 8 lines. it feels like filler.

Put your gun up to my head
And kill me from inside.
Fill me with your liquid lead
Just laugh and watch me die.
Sorry to be pedantic but if the guns to the head it's not from inside... but fair deal if this bit falls under "poetic license"

With my suicide
Around your neck
I'll give you my disease.
With my hands
Around your throat
I'll make you believe.
Absolutely loved this last stanza. the flow and rhyme is easy, and the suicide metaphor is effective. is it just me or is it a bit reminiscent of fall out boy songs? sorry to offend if its not

Overall i liked it. It could do with some work so it doesn't sound as cliched but you have some shining examples of good work there
crit mine?
We were meant to be here.
Glistening willows at the edge of the Earth told us so.
Your boy would say no (but he does that and
That is why you choose me)
And you comply with a
kiss and fingers twisted so I know
There's no truth in your mouth right now
(just his tongue, how disgruntled I must be)
We'll pay for our choices
As you seek out lips and
I hope you will
Embalm me.
I love the books but this looks like a pile of wank tbh.
Has anyone read Shan's book Procession Of The Dead? one of the best books I've ever read.
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I say advert Ive grown up with everyone around me saying advert


I love that new FRANK one- "you look like a bumhole. there, i said it."
I liked the idea of this, the imagery seems to hit you like a firework, which is great. the first line put me off a tad. i know it's about a second, but "fleeting" just seems a bit too cliched. freely disagree with me
overall i thought it was a lovely anatomy.
I really enjoyed this, and got caught up in the description which doesnt happen often. i have to agree about the questions, they ruin the flow and seem to stacked. you could cut a few out. the end made me laugh out loud though, this is a really strong peice in my mind, well done
"Time is money!" you'd say, tapping my nose.
For a long time that phrase caused
your downfall in my mind.
It made you selfish.
I never realised that time wasted
is often enjoyed,
as is the case with money.
You had warped this phrase of hedonism
into a reminder
of how precious life is.
I'd ask you what we'd do today.
You'd wink and say
"Don't die.
We haven't gone for icecream yet".
Venice King= Scottish and fun
Right, I have a bag I made myself out of two vinyl records, an old pair of jeans and a belt, as a strap.
I haven't a picture to show you, but it doesn't matter.
One of the vinyls has broken, so I'm re-making the bag again. I wonder if you guys have any ideas about what to do to make it better? I'm thinking in terms of maybe stenciling the vinyls or something?

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Manchester Orchestra and Hey Rosetta! are both amazing bands

I love you.
I'm going to see these this month.
I really really like this
I can see the tune to it as well.
I can't really think of any improvements.
PM me when its finished?