He wants more views apparently.Of him losing his hair because he bet against the Steelers. Don't ask.
Midland accent, which is another way to say I don't have one. I agree, but my non accent comes of as an accent to other non accented people.
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It's genius, but it would make the worst encore ever.

But the whole song just really gets the crowd riled up.
95%, I accidentally clicked put secretary of state serves when the president and vice president can't serve instead of the speaker of the house. I even knew that, I clicked wrong. *facepalm*
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Cover 4:33 by John Cage.

Especially as an encore.

I love that song!
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You dont have to say all that to stop wasting gas. "No" will work wonders. If you dont want to give them a ride, dont.

I know, I know. I was just joking about the gas part. I have many a problem with said person aside from using me for rides.
Get over yourself. You don't go bitching about your stupid ass "problems" to someone who's waiting to see if they have CANCER. I know you've been using me as a ride, to hang out with other friends even though you're pissed off at me. If all you do is wait for everyone but one person to shut up, why don't you shut the **** up? I liked you once, and you know that, but now I'm not even sure if you're worth being friends with.

*sigh* Now if only I would grow the pair to say it and stop wasting my gas.
Apple, even though most of their stuff is retarded and overpriced people like it because it's Apple.
I stumped it on This Bike is a Pipe Bomb to Mozart. It came to A Mozart but not THE Mozart.
I'm not the moron that starts 9 trillion threads about Fall Out Boy; I got that Les Paul Studio after all to piss off those who said I wanted it because of MCR, uhh....I'm less annoying(possibly) and I'm the kind of stupid that blends into the pit as normal.

Oh, and plus one to the Hayley thing. Personally, I shat bricks.
Just go on /b/, it's all over the place there.
The seniors put 18 live chickens in the courtyard, and when many people thought they were called to the lunch room to get yelled at, the whole senior class got breakfast.
But I am a junior. Fail..
I listen to Ke$ha but only ironically, so it's okay, right?
The term sold out is sold out.
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Me too.
You forgot to ban Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and REAL Nazis. Wat.
Why do we have to choose between a liberal or a conservative bias? Why can't education be neutral? Bah, it's stupid. Liberal bias pisses me off as much as conservative does, because neither side is inherently correct about EVERYTHING.
Make cancer wish all you did was kick it in the nuts!
So, it has been decided that I'm going.
Ballin' white tux with red tie and handkerchief thing and red chucks.
The theme is red carpet affair. Should I add anything for extra win/lulz?
Okay, just remembered my real weirdest. I had gone under for surgery, wearing a gown and stuff. The surgery was on my ankle, so no need to take the gown off, right?
I woke up in nothing but my underwear.
Meh, we have forms to turn in, and I can't be bothered to beg the principal to let me turn them in late. XD
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Bloomington? What school? Take me as your gay date and I'll get you laid. By girls. Not me.

maybe me

North. If you're at South, you're screwed. Who be you?
You live in Evansville. Too bad.
I was on the bus on an orchestra trip, and the guy next to me had fallen asleep. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, my head was on his shoulder, and he was still asleep. I causally sat back up, and stayed awake the rest of the night. I had drooled all over his shoulder. he was sooo confused when he woke up.
This thread makes me consider attending my school's prom, if only for the lulz.
I see no good reason not to.
Meh, shit was cheap. I'll figure it out. XD
I have a B-52 AT-100 head, and a stigtronics fat classic drive, and I've been trying to figure out some good settings. What I've been looking for a is a good distortion for metal/mathcore-ish music, such as Botch and DEP, something with plenty of distortion but keeps plenty of clarity. If that's possible with my set up. lol
I fecking love their name. lol
As long as it doesn't say hey listen, I don't know what I would do.
Apparently Mexican Americans are more or less America than European Americans because on their native holidays American flags cannot be shown.
I have the ability to not drink it.
I was just saying I need a topic and I've already done that on the off chance someone would suggest it.
Freebird. 'Nuff said.
So, I'm in composition right now, and have hard core writer's block. All I need is a topic, and I figured you guys and supposed girls could help with ideas. I already have done a paper on Ben Franklin's 13 virtues and how they can apply to pimps.
Everybody is a little bit hipster
$15 dollars.
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I like a mexican girl and she likes me
my parents wouldn't approve

Are you watching me?
I can't stand that shit, they rape good songs all over the place.