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divinorum69Do you have motivation for other things? If not, you may be depressed or have health issues. Most of the time I'd say it's just motivation and lack of time that affects decision to play, but my son has serious problems with depression. When he's feeling OK, he's a playing machine, when he's depressed, he has a hard time doing anything. This seems to vary over time. Just a thought. Good luck with the playing!


Hey thanks for worrying, and sorry for taking long to reply.
Im not depressed, I have motivation for other things, as car related stuff, love pulling apart engines etc...

But, anyways, I think I got motivation back. I started mainly by listening to some guitar music again, and I started playing over backing tracks again, ive practiced a lot the another brick in the wall solo, I think I even play it better than before. Built up my calluses, and now im enjoying a healthy one hour at least a day, but I look forwards to it. Sometimes to learn something new, a quick 10 minute lesson from youtube, sometimes just to jam. Hope it lasts. Thank you all
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Wow, that sucks. Did you play just after taking a shower or something?

What I was supposed to say earlier, is that when I started losing interest in playing guitar, I realized that it was due to my musical taste veering away from guitar oriented music. After I realized this, I switched to bass full time, problem solved.

What I mean here is, that your taste in music will develop, and your own style should probably follow. If you start losing interest in guitar oriented music (which I recall you mentioned in that post I killed), maybe you need to approach music from a different perspective. I know that feeling, when you're no longer motivated by your favorite bands and you kind of feel bad since it feels like you're abandoning old friends, but trust me, trying to fight it and clinging to that nostalgia might not be what your musical hobby needs. I think you should embrace new styles and new favorite bands and focus on things that motivate you. If you gain interest in piano music, maybe you need to play piano. If you don't feel like playing guitar, you probably shouldn't force yourself.

Just because you started as a guitarist and a fan of guitar music, doesn't mean that you have to force yourself to be a guitarist for the rest of your life. Maybe you need to try something new.

Hey thanks for this! No, I didnt take a shower, maybe I just pressed to hard on those bends.

It might be proabably this, the music im hearing right now, its not guitar oriented at all, in fact most of them dont even have guitar, at some point Im hating my music taste,, but I cant fight it, im listening a lot of electronically generated music, lot of pop, before I used to hear what everybody that plays guitar usually hears, Acdc, deep purple, led zeppelin etc. I still like them, but I dont hear them....

I might grab the bass that I have here, though what you said about approaching music from a diferent perspective seems like what I need to do... maybe I should just start hearing what I used to hear before, Its not like I dont like that music anymore.

But at some point Im dissapointed by myself. For example, 2009/2011 ACDC was most of what I heard, then up until 2013 I remember I only heard the eagles, I just fell in love with that band, frickin awesome. 2015 Avicii ! what a sharp turn!

Thanks for your reply man.
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I'll see if I can fix it before Jet fires me, you have my apologies. I had some good advice in store for this thread, but I'll get back to it in just a moment. Sorry about this.

EDIT: Ehh, there really is no way I can think of to view post edit history and a page this new doesn't have any cached versions either... really sorry for murdering your beautiful post. I'll check in with Jet and Neo if they know how to reverse this.

Well no problem man, I said something along the lines that the first post I was suggested said to literally quit If I didnt have motivation.

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Unless you have musical obligations or professional aspirations, why feel bad about not playing? I played non-stop when I was high school and college, and now that I'm in my thirties, it can be hard to find motivation some days, even though guitar is a significant part of my life and income. It's just a natural part of growing up and realizing that you have a lot of things competing for your time and energy.

Music doesn't have to be non-stop excitement for you to get great joy out of it. Take the opportunity to see how music fits into the life you have. Set longer term goals that are attainable without hours and hours of practice. Start enjoying the stuff that can do with music, instead of lamenting what you can't.

Well, I dont have any obligations, neither musical nor professional, neither aspirations. I never aspired to be a great guitarist or whatever, just got better enjoying what I did, though I wont lie I dreamt of playing like larry carlton, or any great fusion player, of course, I had other goals, went into college etc.

I Just want to be able to be motivated to play guitar, on my free time. Currently im on vacation, but on a daily basis I would be burnt out from school and work that I would only want to lie down and watch tv or play games on my free time, now, one would say its okay, you work, study dont beat yourself, but last year I did all this and I also managed to mantain a relationship with my girlfriend and aswell I got to buy an old car with a friend and we tore it all apart and put it back together. Now this year, the car is gone, so I should be able to focus my mind on other things, but I cant find the motivation to get the guitar.

But, your lamenting what you can't point seems good, I mean, I think I get what you say. Ill try to go from there. I actually enjoy improvising over backing tracks, I dont see any point in improvement without actually studying, and that was always something big for me, improving, but Ill just forget about it and just enjoy playing.

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divinorum69 Have you tried recording and composing? It can be much more motivating to write music and work on it. Get a DAW, like a Reaper, and a cheap audio interface and look into composing. Another sure fir way to get more motivated is to find people to jam with.

I do have the things necessary for recording, I did a while of recording back on the day, but it took such a long time, and I had the time, I dont see myself setting everything up for just an hour or so. But maybe I should, you know, get a notebook, write some chords, compose some licks, record. Ill give it another shot. Problem with finding people to jam with is my music tastes, none of my friends like exactly what I play, and since im moving in 6 months Ill most likely shouldnt invest in people around here.

But thanks for your advice, ill try and see if I can start recording to motivate me again.

BTW, I just fucked my fingers up yesterday, I was playing another brick in the wall solo, which I completly remember and the two tone bends made some huge blisters on my fingers, I started to feel that my fingers were damping the sound and when I took them off the strings I had huge blisters. I lost my calluses of course. Now I cant play because it hurts quite a lot.
I screwed up with modding tools - give me a sec

Hi people, I used to have a band, but then School happened and we dissolved the band. I played from my 13's to my 20's and I was fairly decent, not your sweep picking machine, but I played fairly nice. Im 24 now, and I love watching guitar videos, I love guitar building (though I dont have a place to work on guitars currently) but I just lack the motivation to actually grab the guitar and play and practice. Ive lost a good amount of practice, though I can grab my guitar and play almost all of what I used to, but I play for 30 minutes or so and I get bored. I try to learn things and then maybe, I dont play for a week and I forget everything.

I used to play almost 6 hours a day on my nerdy teen days.

help? tips? I want it to interest me again.

TL DR, i used to play a lot, now I cant focus for more than an hour and I just lack motivation on picking up the guitar and playing.
Wow mi user is old
nice work reviving a guitar! nice work table by the way
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Lots of things could have caused the problem: too thin of a finish coat (which is what it looks like) paint incompatible with the primer, improper curing, heat, cold, humidity, dryness, etc...

but if it were mine, I would simply sand it down and repaint it.

this. Simply refinish
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Nope, not banned, just chose not to play the silly games some mods felt like playing

Ombsby, do you post in other forums where I could check your builds? I enjoyed very much your work.
Wasnt ormsby banned from the forum? lol

I always loved his posts
Im gonna come out of the blue and say EVH is one of my all time favourites. This was once my dream guitar
thanks, the one on ebay costed 200 dollars cause it was hand made and real skin...

mmm there isnt much difference. 20 quid only
How do you rate my vibrato? (the guitar was on tune, the thing is the strings were rusted as **** so it sounds off tune. Actually only sounded on tune on open strings) (disclaimer guitar was intonated and calibrated after this video, also changed strings)

Tell me where to buy a copy of that strap!?
How did you do the pickguard thing?

I saw the snakeskin strap in ebay., 200 pounds.
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Yes I dreamed of that when I was starting guitar playing.

Its a les paul copy. It was made in japan.
It is a two piece mahogany body. no maple cap. Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard. It has binding like lp custom. The horn is pointy on this one. Originally had all hardware like the LP custom. I changed the knobs, and I changed the pickups for duncan designed detonators. Im gonna sell this guitar to get a real gibson studio les paul....

But hey, its MIJ! it was my first electric guitar.
I cant comment on the execution of the song because I never heard the real song.

The guitar looks great, I like the bigsby look.

Audio saturated a lot though poor mic in the cam. haha
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Yes it is.

With all their shouting and insulting, they outcome would be very different in real life. Sure I'm making a judgement, but in all likelihood the reality would be very different from the portrayal. The irony is that they are the opposite of what they seem to be.

it is irony.

It is ironic how hipocritical people are on the internet?

(or in the internet) IN or ON?
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I really hate having a guitar as good as my Standard. Every time I buy a new guitar, I play it for the first two weeks or so then I go back to my standard. I've never played a guitar as good as that and every guitar I buy, I never like as much...

Dont buy anymore guitars. It happens with my fender. My MIA strat is awesome. But I leave it in the case and just use the other guitars that I have laying around.

But its time to make changes so Im gonna sell some. Tomorrow Ill post photos of my MIJ LP...
Im obnoxious allright, but im not a teen ager, im already 20, and in Nov. 21!
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Yeah, but they were still building old VW beetles and split-screen campers and selling them as new until a couple of years ago down there

its not cuba you know! haha

My car, brand new is equivalent to 1.2 gibson les paul customs.

(Invalid img)

I mean, I know it does not have AC. but its still a car, and I know some folks going to alaska with that car right now. All the way from here, from BA.
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I can kinda understand your point, but I do not agree with your line of thinking. People customize things to make them more personal. Yes you may loose some resale value, but most don't count on resale value.

Like I have said I have customized several $1500+ guitars in my life. My PRS I completely striped the finish off the neck because it is more comfortable for me to play on.

A lot of people like certain aspects of some guitars, but like or want something slightly different than others. To make this happen they mod them.

we live in different contexts of course. I did not take that into account earlier.

Here a Gibson Les Paul Custom costs as much as a brand new car. Read NEW.

But well.
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Because its obviously not what he wanted, don't tell a man his business. Not everyones plans on reselling everything he owns.

Im not telling him what to do, im just saying that I cant believe he modded his guitar for the pickups when they were actually intended to fit without mods.

And its always my opinion everyone is free to do what they want. Its a forum to express opinions, if you dislike what I say its allright.

BTW, he said he didnt believe it either.
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Its really tough to say that guys from 20-30 years ago are overrated. EVH and Randy Rhodes and Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iommi can never be overrated. They did things nobody else was doing. They laid the groud for the guys doing the amazing things they are doing today. If not for those guys doing what they did, Misha (who makes my underrated list) would not be doing what he does. If any of you think guitar playing would have gone from simple 1 3 5 blues strumming to sweep picking without a few Jimmy Pages in between, you are crazy.

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Yes I am a nobody, but Slash is overrated. I don't need to be the greatest guitarist ever just to say that somebody isn't as good as everybody thinks he is. I work in a music shop, and when I hear someone play Sweet Child O Mine, it is just like Stairway to Heaven or Smoke On The Water. When someone tries to play it, it just seems like a "look at me" attempt.

Just for you

me playing some of the songs you like

Slash is a great player... you dont need to be a guitarist to understand his playing is great.
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Overrated: Jimi Hendrix
Underrated: Billy Corgan (who has a similar style but better)
Any asshole who has picked up a guitar for three days will say hendrix is god. But he is not. Sloppy, bad live playing, simplistic compositions. So what if he "played" guitar with his teeth. I could do that and it would sound equally as shitty. He had some good tunes, but nothing technically groundbreaking.
Corgan.. Isn't the best by any stretch of the imagination. But he never really gets recognition on a guitar standpoint. He is... Douche, yes, but listen to the solos for Geek USA, Soma, and Mayo. Geek USA was kinda a cacophony, but overall he has a very good sense of lyrical phrasing and rhythm.
Michael Schenker is also awesome!


When you can succesfully play the riffs he played while he sang on top you will then be able to understand a little of the greatness of hendrix.

Hendrix... pff. Clearly you dont take in account the timeframe in which he lived.
He played really good live. You just stuck with 2 youtube videos you saw probably.
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Yeah, dudeman could use the search function. Or maybe he could just make a new thread. It's the internet, guys. It's not like we're going to use it all up if we make a new thread for something that's been discussed before. Big long threads are clunky and get off topic and are filled with old information. Maybe someone has changed their opinion since but didn't think to call the old thread from the grave.

overrated: Obviously hammet. Anyone with half a brain can tell this guy sucks. Buying his sig guitar is like saying "I want to play the guitar like a total jackass".

Cooley. Yeah. He plays fast. What does he play? I dunno I can't pay attention for more than 15 seconds.

Rhoads. Best thing this guy ever did was ask someone to make him a cool guitar.

underrated: Mansoor. Yeah everyone is talking about him nowdays-- but not enough people as far as I'm concerned. This guys solos are always so freaking good and not just pointless shredding either. Super structured and liquid fast without sounding like Cooley making a milkshake.

Muhammed Suiçmez. I don't even know what to write about this guy he's just too good. And I'd say he takes a reasonable amount of responsibility for way too technical death metal.

Karl Sanders. This guy acts ridiculous. I've seen Nile a few times and he is so fat and drunk and weird. But the stuff this guy writes is crazy. I know a lot of people knock this band for 'everything sounding the same', and all I would say to that is... nah, not to me.

Rhoads is not underrated. He was a genius composer, played classical guitar v.good. Soloed very good, and he died tragically. I do not agree with you. It was rhoads playing that made me pickup a guitar. I worship him, and you just cant say he is overrated, if rhoads is overrated what is left for the rest of ozzys guitarists? Cause clearly randy was the best of em.

And for me being a guitarist is a mixture of skills and composing abilities I hate nirvana and I agree that kurt is overrated, but aparently he was great since lots of people seem to like his music.

How can you say santana is overrated, the guy is a legend, shared stages with Jimi Hendrix, and he invented a style of playing!

It is very unfair to say anybody is overrated, all the guitarist listed as overrated did something to have the fame they had. Yes I feel Randy Rhoads is a god compared to Kurt Cobain, but they played different things, and its always the same here, comparing pears with apples. And of course, there is no correct answer since music is not maths. Its all down to personal opinions.
Ill do it. When I get home today later.
Im gonna throw this there, dont hate me. HOT RAILS for tele.

I think single coils are very limited. And HB are more versatile.
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that was my experience, less than 10%.

it just depends on your local country's import laws. i know from what our guy in Argentina (divin with the wife pic request up there ) said the duties could equal the actual cost of the instrument, so it's different everywhere. (still though, if you import it and pay the D&T, your retail market price locally is probably a lot higher).

yes. The duty calculator up there is not accurate for my country. It calculates a 20% import tax when the reality is 50% tax. So... check with people on a forum from your country. There must be a music forum .ch where they have imported guitars.
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I got a wife when I went there, who eventually bought me a guitar.

niceeeee pics please (of wife)
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Custom guitars have very poor resale value dude. Moot point.

thats the point, if you are ****ing up a guitar, just comission your self a guitar. It will be more custom and cheaper.
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Why not? I have modded $2000 Gibsons because it is what I wanted. I have seen guys relic $3000+ guitars and make them look 40 yrs old. It is called customization and lots of people do it

Because your loosing the value. Its like changing the rims on a ferrari, I mean worst, its an irreversible change, its like cutting a whole on the hood. Of course there are people who do it but its not smart. Plus, why chop wood off when you can solve the problem other way. Its idiotic to mod 3000 dollar guitars, for that price you can comission for the greatest luthiers to build you an awesome guitar and it will be more custom than you ever thought and you are not butchering a guitar, the best? It will cost you less and it will have more quality. That is just my Humble Opinion as someone who has contact with luthiers.
I stopped playing a year ago. Im starting now. Boy am I rusty. Specially in the improv stuff. I lost a lot of mojo
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Thanks! I guess that's kinda accurate. It's meant to be a heavy rock/blues track That's EZDrummer. It's quite good. It costs around £80.

I have EZDrummer. But it was well managed in your case, got me fooled it was someone real.

I got it from a friend, he lives in a bay of pirates.

I thought it was very good sounding, and sounded studio like.
Personally I dont like the rythm guitar tone, but its personal.

Impartially it makes me wanna get that rack

Quote by -Ed-
Hi Phil - sounded good to me. I'm no expert, so the only comments I can think of are to ask if there some way of adding some warmth to it? It's probably just me but perhaps a little sterile? It could be the drums, I'm not sure and am not doing a good job at articulating my feedback.

Sorry - it's part of not knowing jack shit about recording..are the drums supposed to be that loud?

you dont need to know a lot about recording to realise its good! just listen to famous bands, they are all well recorded. (almost)
I remember when I had a Frontman. It was the first amp I bought with my first money. I traded that plus a little money for a valveking 212.

Myself, I do the same, either a LP, or an HSS strat. HSS strats are awesome you can play any type of music. Including Metal.
maybe vinyl? its an alternative to spraying
Escalate a case to paypal?

Btw. I cant believe you routed a fender guitar! Never do irreversable changes.
Hey, a luthier, which tought me how to make a guitar, he made a guitar from solid aluminium. It weighs a lot though... but it looks fricking good. 40mm is the thickness of the aluminium block

Im going to the US in december jan if you want to sell it.